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  1. I'm not gonna be able to make it, work emergency. have a good race everyone!
  2. I have zero idea with setups and was very grateful when someone mentioned setting the fuel to 45L in the pre-race loading screen as I'd totally forgotten about that!
  3. Yeah thanks for that but basically, I was having a great race in second behind Santos, catching him at one point, suddenly feeling in tune with the Porsche, lapping in the low 45s when I obviously then span and drove into a wall on the final chicane. My car was buggered after that and slow in a straight line and worse in the corners. My 16 second lead on 3rd place dwindled down and on that last lap, I lost 2nd place and then you were going to cruise by and so I desperately tried to brake deeper into the corner of turn 4 such was my lack of pace so you needn't have given the place back tbh! Overall, in the practice earlier this week, I was so rusty and the Porsche a handful but by race time, I started to click with it. My fastest laps were competitive and I just need to get the consistency in the car I think. Oh and not drive into the wall! Since I'm late the Championship, can I still go make a custom livery? Or does that bugger things up? Super fun and shout out to Dave for all the work organising this!
  4. This is purely cos he has such a good radio voice!
  5. wow is that what Ivo looks like?? For some reason I pictured him looking like this!
  6. quick question Mexos, did you qualify on inters? I think the rest of us bar GwiDan qualified on the wets. I went about 4-5 seconds a lap faster once I switched to inters on my first pit stop?
  7. I actually stand by it to a degree. I was testing with the grip level for wet track set to 'real' and I don't think the physics in GT Sport really hold up that well in those conditions. Certainly on the wet track at the later time of day it was totally infuriating. That said, with grip set to low, that time of day at Spa, I had an enjoyable race and was 2 tenths of the fastest lap and was once again let down by not once looking at my fuel situation until it was way too late. I'm not clever enough to calculate what to do and just lost it.
  8. I really enjoyed how Noble attempted to utilise the McSpeed Ghost meta to his own advantage and it nearly worked!
  9. leave ABS at default, try to not use traction control if you can. Pick a track you already know and have a decent lap time with and then just drive it for an hour on the wheel and don't give up hashtag marsh
  10. it were proper good fun last night. Just can't wait for GT7 and bigger lobbies though please Polyphony. 16 people around Dragons Tail in GT3s. Moar please. Much moar. Liking having tyre wear as a kind of default as well. Brands was getting really funny by the end! Shame my game crashed in the last race but watching the new GT Sport Meta being created by Joe was excellent. Deliberate penalty to allow ghosting into turn 3 to overtake Noble.
  11. I agree but I just worry that given how long they take to do things and there being a perception amongst a lot of gamers that GT Sport was a sort of 'not proper GT' game that GT 7 as a PS5 system seller might shift focus back to the old ways. It'd be stupid IMO but I can't help but wonder. They really need to get on with it. Why does it take soooo long!
  12. got it. FOV controls etc would be good in GT7. Number 1 though has to be enormous lobbies. I also want dynamic time of day and more extensive race setup options. Gimme all the ACC customisation. I'm actually concerned they'll sort of not have all the Sport mode stuff in GT7. I like the 'Daily' races etc.
  13. You can already do this in the cockpit view in GT Sport at least. Do you mean for all views?
  14. yeah that's kinda where i'm coming from though. I don't want to make it so like everyone needs to practice for the weekly race but just having a kind of 'test track' for car combos so you know you're driving that class of car to something resembling a competitive time, sort of like Barcelona winter testing in F1 might be a compromise. I mean it wouldn't hurt to just get Pimp to set a lap on a track we barely use in the mazda so we can compare...wouldn't make Mondays less mixed up I'd guess..
  15. Ah yeah, enjoyed all three races but Mazda race was brilliant. Shame McSpeed decided to be consistent rather than mixing the scrum behind him. Actually, that's something I've been thinking about. Might be good to have like a non daily race time trial type thing that runs longer than a week, just some benchmark lap times in our most used cars to try and gain consistency. Like a benchmark set of lap times for the Mazda Roadster round I dunno Tskuba or something. I get the concern it could mean the gap widening but I feel like if we're all at least consistent or have a target time from just one track/car combo so you'd still need to learn the weekly track via practice, could mean more close racing like we had on Monday. Thoughts? Bit of a ramble I know...
  16. This is making me hate the entire gaming industry. Although Little Nightmares 2 looked alright
  17. really stuffed up last night putting the hard tyres on. Even with 8x tyre wear, there's no justification for that tyre versus the softs. Just made the car unbearable to drive. Understeer into every corner, oversteer coming out and the reduced degradation got you nowhere. Sorry I cut my losses and bugged out but I was annoyed with myself and not having fun at that point. Well done to the rest of you. Until next week!
  18. nah you're good pal. i done a slow corner but in the moment, you don't feel like that, you just feel the contact. i'm always crap on the first lap!
  19. lol i should do this. when doing the time trials, i end up just staring at the bloody delta the whole time.
  20. Well, that's kinda the point. You turn on more assists and gradually turn them off as you no longer need them. Like, racing line, maybe three laps, just to get an idea of where to vaguely position the car. Your driving style and the car will dictate the finer points of the driving line as you get familiar. I'd leave the braking cones on a bit longer though just so you can concentrate not *when* to brake but rather how. Focus on either trail braking, little dabs on the brakes, finding the brake bias that rotates the car the way you want or even just lifting off the throttle. You'll be mixing it up with Noble in no time!
  21. I can't recommend a stand enough tbh. I got a wheel stand pro for my G29 and being able to adjust the height, angle to the pedals etc and also bring it in and out of the living room is essential to me.
  22. ooooff yeah i think i'd have spent the post race with the stewards there to be fair...should have saved the replay myself. touch and go. good racing though Junker!
  23. I did my time this week on the pad and it's horrendous. When you finally transition to the wheel, you're going to be a real threat...so err....
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