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  1. aha well I'm glad you didn't find it annoying or off putting. Was just spectating and couldn't keep my big mouth shut. Still annoyed I went off at Spoon at Suzuka, I had Noble beat. Damn him!
  2. So it’s in the campaign, Group 1 Cup. monza, no chicane. 1st place gets you 220k but a ‘clean’ race doubles that to 440k. i use the SRT Tomahawk VGT. This race allows tuning so go into car settings and upgrade power and weight to the max. Also choose soft tyres. you should be in first place by the end of lap two and in total the race lasts about 11 minutes.
  3. I’ll post the settings car choice for a race in arcade mode that takes like 11 minutes and nets you 400k on average later. Should make the cash grind easier for those of us who’ve done all the circuit experiences already.
  4. yeah lets do 60 minutes... warm up race then enduro then see if any is still breathing... anyone who doesn't have me on PSN: scarliley add me cos otherwise you can't join the lobby.
  5. on a controller, yeah for sure. Been a blast on the wheel though, medium tyres! plus trading hundredths of a second with pimp has been interesting.
  6. Aha yeah the concept of there being anything other than Race C TT has been alien to me the last few days
  7. who what where? We racing 911s somewhere?
  8. yes and in GT Sport getting on the power as early as possible in a corner is the next step. That's only really doable if you're trailbraking and loading up the car with grip. Basically slow in, fast out. Wish I had better pedals though. And a better wheel.
  9. You do your time on a pad tho? Cos that’s an insane time on a pad imo
  10. Bathurst punishes you for overdriving. Think that’s why people get frustrated. You have to let the cars momentum do it’s thing and a weirdly a light touch on the brakes as you crest the hill is crucial. You give it 50% brakes down to 25% before some heavy braking as you try to take that initial downhill bit. once I got that I started to just let the car roll down instead of trying to force it. that’s what makes getting on the power for the second straight feel so good.
  11. Nah cos it’ll suddenly click and then it’s fun! Burpees can never be fun! ... I’m never gonna change anyone’s mind am I.
  12. Oh come on! bathurst is amazing, just put the laps in and reap the rewards! Makes you a better driver I reckon. Just go easy down the mountain! feels incredible when you go over that quickly. Two epic straights as well. The 12hrs at Bathurst has some of the best gt3 racing I’ve ever seen. Pinnacle motor sport event imo. Right up there.
  13. Is this the sort of thing I should include in my CV? I think I could squeeze a couple more tenths out but at that point it's so many laps. I'm happy to be within a tenth of Pimp. In terms of getting faster, honestly, trail braking in Gran Turismo in the Gr3s is the thing. If you trail brake correctly in the R8 you have more grip in the corner and then mitigating somewhat the power oversteer. Also, GT is all about getting on the power as early as possible. I'd say since i started learning to trail brake and using the wheel, I've taken nearly 2 seconds a lap off my times. That and also forming rivalries via the TT with Vlad and Pimp. Knowing you could go faster is a good motivator.
  14. Bathurst endurance in Gr3s at some point please!
  15. another shout out to our man Joe as well, putting up with all the moaning followed by admissions that it was actually quite fun. We appreciate you @McSpeed!
  16. congrats on the win but we already did a LeMans endurance....(not that it has anything to do with me not having any idea in GT3s at Lemans) but yeah epic win dude nice one.
  17. lets do it. i'm sure we can figure it out. when is the question?
  18. PCars 2 is on sale on Steam right now, it's only 12 quid. Presuming it's worth a pop? That's the deluxe edition.
  19. yeah wow. that's so good, thanks Kiroquai!
  20. I think the most important tip is go get some meme liveries ready. go to discover>liveries>search
  21. You can better practice the handling/tyre aspects by creating your own lobby set to 'Endurance'. You can make it private, set tyre wear/fuel etc.
  22. You have to if competitive lap times are going to be achieved. It's absolutely essential.
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