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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwROVMZ7Sts here's one. Glad to see the 'dive' feature is still in there. Looks better than 2008 but it seems clear that in comparison to Fifa 09, there are simply things you cannot do. The right stick flicks come to mind and also in terms of your teams AI, there are moves, attacks adn things that don't appear to be possible. Hard to tell from one video i grant but years of experience of proEvo makes me feel like I've already played pes 2009 just by looking at that. roll on October 3rd.
  2. you could create a club on pes6. it was great fun. My team's sponsor was 'Booze Nest' which is the name of the off licence down the road. Started off in the Master League with a team of superstars (a la Man City) like Willem II's Kevin Bobson and the indefatigable 'Snake Derick' aka Northern Ireland's Steve Davis. The stadium was always pretty much empty cos it was a new team. I put myself in there as well and made myself Captain and played regardless of form which I liked to think irked the other players.
  3. i never even noticed the manager mode on 08. there's too many features in the game! really can't wait for 09 to come out.
  4. that's all well and good but what you really mean is that as a seasoned pro evo veteran you learn to adapt your play around the flaws...For me, shelling out nearly £50 for new frustrations when a slick, dynamic, playable alternative is available doesn't make much sense anymore. I was as stoic in my anti-fifa stance this time last year but I didn't realise how ingrained i was to pes' way of thinking until we tossed 2008 out of the window and gave the enemy a chance. Fifa 08 probably won't change your mind but not giving the 09 demo a whirl would be a mistake in my opinion. I'm decided on fifa 09 this time but I will definitely be trying pes 2009. Demos are free after all.
  5. played this in two player for like an hour last night. even though the matches are too short, swish through the menus back for another game. It's a great football game. Really looking forward to it. Just what I was hoping for from EA. Nice one.
  6. someone else mentioned this as well - couldn't find the quote. What an extraordinary comment. Go back to your ps2 proEvo and compare the 'delay'. It's probably 2, maybe 3 seconds delay to load the player if that. If i worked at EA and read people moaning about that I'd be tearing my hair out. Ludicrous.
  7. yeah the reviews were really so so bad that surely they could qualify as fraud somehow...deliberately misleading the consumer or something. All about the demo this year for pes.
  8. oh agreed. i love how if you mistime your header, they awkwardly jump for it and just get a little bit on it. Heading is actually *fun* in midfield.
  9. To an extent. It converted me and some of my friends but the number of people who refuse to give it a chance is staggering. My housemate works for Sony Games and has been banging the Euro drum all summer and none of them will even try it. 'Fifa's shit'. It's depressing.
  10. played two matches. it's good. probably won't convert any fifa haters though.
  11. the important thing to remember is that it really isn't anything like pro evo and all the shit you've gotten used to doing in pro evo isn't necessarily applicable. Definitely needs time to bed in just like when you first played pro evo and couldn't score.
  12. Well said. sadly, don't think i'll be able to afford to buy both this year. My early money is probably on Fifa 09 but we'll see.
  13. we were thinking that during our first long session with UEFA last weekend...then we started trying to aim a bit more, trying different power levels/positions and we were a lot more successful. they're still a bit too good though.
  14. all good points. will be interesting to see how it works. that said, they deserve credit for thinking about things like this and trying to expand the game.
  15. was doing the same yesterday. this post made me chuckle; http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showt...p;#entry4128846
  16. I think that 'feature' is one of the most staggering design decisions I can think of. Nobody was expecting it. It wasn't needed. Nobody could come up with a good reason to have it. Nobody could explain why it was the only angle and not just an option. Who? How? Why? What??
  17. it was a step back from pes6 with a far more arcadey approach and horrible imbalance of attacking dribbling to defending compounded by a very poor job on the graphics/framerate/presentation. Whilst the a lot of 'gamers' say that the aesthetics aren't important, I understand that but I draw the line at rubbish framerate and find it especially rubbish when if you do score a good goal, you get a piss poor replay. There's a myriad of other things that are annoying/rubbish but overall, in UEFA, i can play the sort of one touch, attacking flowing football without feeling I'm not in control, coupled with slick presentation and a great football atmosphere.
  18. uefa 2008 is like Lassie then. except err a lot of her fur is missing and you find yourself missing Messi and Ronaldinho, the dogs from next door...I've confused myself now.
  19. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/38750.html posted this elsewhere but it is more relevant here. You'd be right to say that watching a video is no comparison to playing it but when I watch this video, I see lots of scenarios and animations that I've seen thousands of times when I was actually playing PES...in fact pretty ancient versions of PES. That said, looks better than 2008, graphically and in the way the players are moving and the pace of the game. The fifa 09 trailer isn't particularly helpful in judging the game I'll agree, but the gameplay video of it shows it to play and move with sophisticated AI much in the same way as UEFA 2008 which is, as Miner Willy said, the finest football game so far on the current gen consoles. He's also right to call you out on the fact that you've clearly not played both games an equal amount and as such, makes your accusations of bias to us a fair bit hypocritical. Hopefully both games will deliver good demos and even more hopefully, both games will provide competent and complementary football games with pes more likely to fill the arcade side of things whilst FIFA pursues a deeper simulation experience.
  20. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/38750.html just looks arcadey.
  21. this announcement of new features doesn't sound encouraging. I'd rather hear from Seabass how they were trying to improve the core gameplay. They mention it in passing in the press release but I'm not too interested in superfluous modes until I can get a better impression of the general gameplay. How long until this is released now? Fifa 09 in October I heard...
  22. yeah no weekend delivery. They can deliver it to your work if you ask them though. They took three working days from when MS said it was with UPS for me to get it back. I am in London though and I complained on the phone to MS and they said they'd put me on a priority list. Not sure if that would affect UPS though.
  23. lots of people are confused by this movie, mainly because of a combination of break neck speed, quick editing, mumbled dialogue and the story relying on people making assumptions of story points. I'm certain that the Joker lied to Batman for the reasons outlined but I've been amazed by the number of people who missed plenty of obvious things. For example, people saying 'What happened to that Chinese guy Lau?' errrr the Joker sat him on top of the money and burned him. he even threw some money at his head...
  24. There's plenty of people out there who feel this way and despite your most reasonable (and in my view, convincing) arguments, you won't get through here. Just had the xbox away for a month and we reverted to PES6 on ps2. Initially, we were enjoying it. very different, good fun, some laughs. But after a couple of weeks, the shouting and irritation came back. I realised that what happens with PES is that as you learn the 'flaws' or the idiosyncratic behaviours of the game and then you adapt yourself to them until you sort of don't notice them. That doesn't paper over the horrendous cracks in the A.I, particularly the defence. When we got back onto Uefa 2008 last night, it was a relief. The variety in the ball physics, the weight of the players, the responsiveness and not being in a total panic that your squad players had been artificially made 'weaker' by simply giving them horrendous control stats. Pretty much everything was better.
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