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  1. I want to build one of those remote control trophy delivery systems for my living room.
  2. Lando brings the lulz again. Love it!
  3. Come on Lando get moneybags.
  4. Max is such a racer. Amazing stuff.
  5. Need to invoke the Grosjean.
  6. Anyone else see the scuffs on Max’s Halo?
  7. We need Ferrari lore than ever. With everything going on in the world we need a good laugh.
  8. Notice they didn’t play any Ferrari team radio?
  9. I’m so glad it wasn’t Seb’s fault.
  10. mexos

    F1 2020

    One of the main problems I've had with the last 3 or 4 editions is I get bored pretty quickly. I get maybe a third through a season of career and I end up leaving it there. Part of this is it's all the same. The same as it'a been for the past 2, 3, 4, 5 years. The level of recycled content is ridiculous, it doesn't feel fresh.
  11. That was an LH smack down. Boss. Kudos to Max mind, he gave it everything.
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