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  1. It's all just a bit of fun. If some want to do just 3 races then that is fine, but if others want to do more then that is also fine! Personally I enjoyed the session length, felt just right to me. We don't always have a lobby like that (a month or so ago we did some nights with just 3 of us!) so when we do I am happy to keep on racing.
  2. I tweaked my Merc literally about a year ago, maybe more. Since then they've update the game and tweaked the cars go knows how many times. TLDR - it was a handful! On reflection I think I would have been better just using the stick set up. (Pretty sure I'd added downforce). At Spa I overtook Mr Noble 3 or 4 times, pulled out a second plus only to watch him destroy me down the straights and pass me with ease by the time we go to Les Combes. And in the last race the only way I could stick to Pimp was to drive about 3 feet away. Just not enough grunt to safely try and make a pass in the end.
  3. Aw man it was great. Kudos to Pimp, it was a ding dong (lol) fight all race long. Ill try and upload it.
  4. Full respect to Mercedes, this is amazing: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-52087002 Forty of the new devices have been delivered to ULCH and to three other London hospitals. If trials go well, up to 1,000 of the CPAP machines can be produced per day by Mercedes-AMG-HPP, beginning in a week's time. 1000. A DAY. I thought it would be a dozen a so and every little helps. Amazing work.
  6. One of the best. I’ve been suckered in. How it’s all changed since them. So many names no longer around.
  7. It's the first option - Nurburgring Nordschleife.
  8. mexos

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    I was reading the game is a bit of a grind for new cars, is that true?
  9. mexos

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    Allegedly this is on PSN plus for April.
  10. Then I'd add in Kyoto or Dragon trail or Maggiore. All are too fast for slower cars (imo) Laguna Seca is doable in a slower car so drop that. Spa is a GR3 circuit imo Barcelona - save this one for Super Formula How about: Dragon trail Maggiore Nurburgring GP Spa Thinking about it Kyoto is so fast with flowing corners it could be great in a SF or LeMans.
  11. I wish we could do custom grids. In a championship to be able to do points for qually then run reverse grids would be amazing.
  12. Yeah that would be cool. I'd love to to be GR3... Since I had the rig out again i had a quick blast on Laguna in an Aston GR3. Wow, you forget how fast and good they are. If I were to propose some tracks they would be fast flowing tracks that cold use the GR3's grip and speed: Laguna Seca Spa Nurburgring GP Barcelona
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