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  1. Yeah high five on that. These are the ones that came with my T300. I only just recently threw out the ones that came with my T150 (the T150 itself having died like 2 years ago). I still have my Fanatec CSR... Check out this antique.
  2. Well I give up with my pedals. Party is over. I was hoping they would last till Fanatec ships the PS compatible DD, but alas then are no longer working. I realise I will have to try these again... I plug them in I do a few laps, they are awful. They weigh about the same as a Pret sandwich so they flop about all over the place. And the travel is x2 what I am used to, yikes. 10 years of using a load cell, it's not happening. I think about just packing away everything. But I know if i'm going to do any more MNRC this year it will be with these pedals or nowt. I've got too much self respect to play pad. So I continue, and ok I am now keeping it on the island. I didn't think I could lap consistently using these but it comes. A few more laps. Ooh. ok, I am getting faster. Oh quite a bit faster, hang on thats pretty good. No idea if i'll be able to do it again but I set some pretty good laps in the dailies. With 50p (at a push) pedals. I almost threw them out a few weeks back... At least I'll be able to play on Monday.
  3. What they should have done: Create a strong hero's journey arc (with his failings + redemption) from what they knew of the events we all saw and their discovery / research. Pick out key moments and bring them to life with insights etc we've never heard before. Go and find the unseen, most cinematic footage that supports it. What I think they did: Go and speak to the family members and do general vox pops talking about Michael through the years Grab some low quality broadcast footage + family snaps to roughly intercut where necessary. Bung it all together loosely in chronological order. They clearly watched the Senna doc - as the very start feels very much like it. But after a couple of minutes you realise it's not doing the same thing at all. They took the bog standard, low effort route and it shows.
  4. Yup. It's such a pity as he was fast enough to win without it. For someone so talented, so good I always thought it was a massive pity he had so many dodgy moments. Sometimes his driving standards, sometimes the team he drove for being fast and loose with the rules. Sometimes preferential treatment from the governing body (Although you could argue that 94 knocks a lot of that off his tab) and sometimes just blatant cheating.
  5. So then. I've watched the Netflix Schumi doc. I'll spoiler what I think. The bar is high after seeing what is possible with the Senna doc.
  6. F1 is running surveys on Sprint races. Some screen caps of things they are asking... It's not going away.
  7. Found this on Reddit: 20 car lobbies. Not amazing but I'll take it! GT planet forums also saying Watkins Glen and Daytona are coming. ut
  8. It sounds like it involves piss. I dunno I don't watch football anymore.
  9. I want to see him get brutally killed in the opening montage and the entire film is actually about another character like Moneypenny just going about her everyday duties.
  10. Sure, but I don't need to know that. I bought a console to remove the need to deal with all that crap. Going OT here but... f it! There is a lot of lazy design and dev in there. And yes there will be a thousand reasons why, some which will be complex and can't be overcome. But a lot of them can be if they actually try. I see this all the time at work. Take downloading and installing of updates. I give you permission to keep everything up to date. Now go away. Do it all in the background, you have access to my internet and power always. If I ever boot up my console to play and I can't play because an update isn't downloaded and installed you've instantly failed.* I'm not playing with my console for 99.9% of the time but the one time I do want to and instead of playing I'm sat watching a progress bar for 30 mins. Fail. *unless it actually got released during or just before I start using it.
  11. I have zero interest in replaying old games so needing internet doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is needing to manually connect. I’ve designed reconnection flows like it at work so I understand why they do it but damn just sort it out. When I play on a console I don’t want to see any PC type behaviour. Reconnect, copying update files, do you want to update etc etc. I don’t care, I don’t want to think. Yes to everything in advance unless it will cost me money, do what you need to in the background. Just make it work when I come to play a game ffs.
  12. Ha! You'd need some sort of modifier so that it's not Mazespin starting on pole every damn sprint race. If I was Ross I'd be tempted to make it for a set time for the race instead of distance. Silverstone felt too long and Monza too short. What I'd really like to see on Friday though is... Each manufacturer gets a turn in supplying the cars for the weekend.. 20 race calendar. Each driver gets their turn to have pole, second, third etc on the grid till they've started in all starting positions. Relaxed stewarding - so it's not a demolition derby, more BTCC. Use that as your grid order for a sprint race! Ross is still ringing engaged, @kiroquai pls hurry up I need to speak to him quick!
  13. I am a fan of a second race. HOWEVER Right now the format is not right. Let's face it reverse grids will n e v e r happen. I would like to see it though. Based on championship order + some other modifiers. The sprint race is a race. Forget using it for qually. Give more points. etc. I would also protect the current GP format at all costs. I don't want x2 1 hour races. Sunday should be a long race imo.
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