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  1. mexos

    Formula One 2021

  2. mexos

    Formula One 2021

    Who does he have dirt on? Who is he blackmailing? It is the only logical explanation.
  3. mexos

    Formula One 2021

    Yeah, you are probably right. I don’t think this is for you. That last race was terrible!
  4. Ignore the silly table - THAT is a new fanatec wheelbase...
  5. GR3 at the Ring! If that doesn't tickle your fancy then I don't know what would!
  6. Annoying. If he doesn't brake harder he'll end up braking for.. a while everywhere.
  7. If I can use this with GT7 properly (in GT Sport VR was basically a demo) I am 100% in. Day 1.
  8. @Ry I did think about the lobby situation. It's difficult in a way to do anything different. We have the elites - the nobles, pims, rally dudes. Typically killing it Then we have a HUEG spread of those who can absolutely win races... or come in 9th depending on circumstances. Then we have a few who are maybe little less experienced / improving, soon to be in the middle group. I don't think it's possible to have a clear distinction - fast lobby, almost as fast lobby. And I don't think we should. I would say its true that you get faster going up ag
  9. mexos

    Formula One 2021

    I have a feeling the car looks nicer because its nicely lit in a professional studio. Pretty sure it will still look naf out on track.
  10. mexos

    Formula One 2021

    I switched it off as soon as he started speaking.
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