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  1. I am not at all surprised. It would have been harsh considering how many have got away with it in the past but it would have been funny.
  2. Still no judgment? Really?
  3. If it was a huge safety issue on pressures they’d have bunged a Merc body kit on an old LMP2 by now. Or used an AMG1 / the Aston Valkyrie thing or something similar.
  4. Haha now THAT I sure agree with.
  5. All that time Charlie was on him like glue when the car could have been half a second a lap faster. I don’t think it’s harsh. Yeah he kept it on the island, well done for doing at least the minimum. Others dropped it sure, but all the other cars are shitboxes compared to the RB. He was driving waaaay under the potential of the car. Way easier to keep on the island.
  6. I wonder if they are getting held in the cool-down room for the stewards to decide… or not.
  7. Shows just how dominant the car is. Once Perez got his head together and started driving more to the cars potential he took off. All while the sky pundits are wanking themselves off on how great he’s been. Max starting where Perez did would have lapped the bloody field. Perez was average at best in a dominant car.
  8. No chance they’ll take away the win.
  9. And suddenly the race comes alive.
  10. Only just over half distance
  11. Bet George does slicks. oooooooooh!
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