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  1. This would have been easy in past years. I’d pick the FW11b. But I’d have wanted car number 6 and… well it’s not got the appeal it once had. The other F1 car I’d like would be the 2014 Merc. I know it’s one of the narrow weird spec rule cars but I really liked it. But the racing car I’d pick today would be this. Pop down to the local family mart to get some Asahis? Sure.
  2. Why Why do they bother. The car looks like ass and you could slap the badge of ***literally any*** of the manufacturers in the game on it. It's crap, pointless and takes away resource that could be put to better use. It's like they have a 'generic future car' generator.
  3. It really looks like Binotto is going to go eh? I hope he doesn't exit the team completely, maybe they can find a way for him to go back to being car focussed and Fred can do the political 'leading' guff.
  4. Yeah if they can be bolted on only for wet conditions I have no problem with this. Beats waiting around forever and I want to see the best drivers in the world tested in wet conditions. If mudguards mean that they can actually see and race under those conditions I am all for it. I just don't want to see them at all unless it's a wet race.
  5. Anyone remember this? I liked Lola. I even went to their factory back in the day as I designed their website. It felt like an old school, certainly no high tech.
  6. Sold all my duplicates. Apart from the 51 Honda NSX rally cars. They only let you sell 1 of any car per day!
  7. Out now and it's an EDGE 5!11oneone!
  8. Perez has clearly had enough of that though. RB are not blind, IMO he is on watch.
  9. What do we think about Mclaren next year then? A little part of me expects (wants) Norris to smash Piastry as hard as Ric got. Turns out the Mclaren is worse than hass dogshit on steroids, Lando just happens to have developed to the next level, far better than anyone ever gave him credit for - masking how bad the car is. And Ric is actually still the same old Ric. RB put him in the sim and he’s the same sort of gap to Max as he always was. He never went away. Lando’s stock goes through the roof just as Mclaren’s plummets. /copium
  10. Whoops, I completely forgot this was on lol.
  11. Yeah, I feel this a bit. I've had a bit of a break from the game. Been away a bit so it sort of just happened. Nothing that I didn't do from time to time on GT Sport mind. More new stuff would certainly help, it needs more content for sure. Not even touched this TT. Might have a cheeky go tonight before we get started and see if I can get gold as it runs out soon.
  12. That's very unfair. But... ok.
  13. It really is a no-lose situation for RB to put him in. He'll be cheap as chips, motivated and they have all the data on him historically, where Perez is and soon they will have where Ric is. If he's miles off, show cars and little else son. If he's faster or similar to Perez then they have an easy replacement should they ever need it.
  14. Great news if confirmed about Ric imo. Perez needs to be watching his back and mouth now - by doing this RB have in one stroke will have got Perez back into line when he *could* have become a problem. Tactically RB really do pull off the moves. F2 has had this problem forever. F1 teams don't want to risk it on new blood unless they are outstanding. I can't see this changing unless a rookie is mandated in a 3rd car (never going to happen) I agree on Hulk mind, I don't get that. Mick on the other hand, if he hadn't crashed as much I bet he'd still be there.
  15. According to Alex Wurz it was his idea, so I guess he set the dress code and no one else followed through. Everyone smiling except…the Ferrari drivers.
  16. I think the optimum tech review has sold me on the NR200P MAX. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lltz-heW2LU For a n00b like me I think it will do the trick. Less stuff to think about.
  17. It's here and it's xbox HUEG! I had no idea it was all metal, I assumed it was just plastic. Build quality feels super luxe! How do I switch it on tho? I can see the HDMI to the telly but I don't see an on switch or where to plug in the kettle plug.
  18. It was the 4080 or some of those magic beans I’ve been hearing about. Don’t suppose you have any?
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