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  1. No F1 this weekend, if it wasn’t for COVID I’d be tempted to go and watch the formula e. It’s only 3 and a bit miles from me. The circuit is proper lols, some what were you thinking stuff. The race will have some huge F1 game style Monaco pile ups at about 25 mph. Hope they come back next year and that the Gen3 is a more dynamic, faster car.
  2. Straight from the F1 website. In my mind this all but confirms he is out. I don’t think Toto would say this if he was staying.
  3. It's all a bit sad really. I turned it off.
  4. Pls tell me who is the baddie and who is the goodie? I'm so confused.
  5. Red Bull now scrambling like Boris's spox team did to make the timeline of when he went to Chequers to fit the narrative.
  6. I'm worried that lineup would finish me.
  7. I don’t know why Ferrari persists with AG. It’s not like he’ll ever get the nod for the big time. Time to farm him off to the WEC project. I’d like to see Bottas and a rookie in the Alfa. But it’s probably going to be Bottas and Kimi isn’t it.
  8. He hasn't to my knowledge. But he has used... questionable judgement from time to time. And he comes out with a lot of lol worthy made up stuff. Put it this way, if I learned that he had done something like that I wouldn't be overly surprised.
  9. Joe would never do something like that...
  10. The only person that has something to lose here imo is Max. Without variables, without this kicking off Max is going to win the WDC. The smartest thing Max could do is stay clear of Lewis all weekend. Don't watch or read anything he says. Don't do any passes on him (if needed) except a safe DRS assisted one down the straight. I really hope this doesn't happen.
  11. It's exactly this. Max has been doing it for years and getting away with it. Bullying the other car into submission. He expected Lewis to jump out of the way. Well not this time. Frankly I think that will have shocked him a bit. I can't wait to see what his mindset is when they arrive in Hungary. I'd expect Lewis to start playing with him a bit. Time for some mind games. I really hope it's a rainy weekend next, heap on more pressure, more variables.
  12. I. Can’t. Watch. This. Guys. Videos. Anymore. Because. He. Talks. Like. This. And. It. Drives. Me. Spare.
  13. Oh yeah, Team Murica as a brand is dead and buried. What American company will sponsor them now after pretty much turning the car into a Russian flag. Right now Hass is almost in that weird period where a product like a detergent has 'soon to be' on the packaging, along with the a small new logo. We all know the change is coming. Because it's been slowly leaked to us.
  14. TBH if he is going to stick around (and let's face it he will like Stroll will) I would like to see him take the path to putting things right, taking responsibility for what he did, putting the work in to pay for his past deeds, changing his attitude on and off the track and becoming a positive voice for good in the paddock. % chance of that happening though?
  15. We need it. F1 has always needed a pantomime villain. Alonso, Seb ( ) have gone all nice these days, so Horner is having to pick up the slack. A task he is doing admirably.
  16. Mine has been gathering dust while I wait for this.
  17. You know what, right now I'd take that. Roundabouts, Ski slope, F1 team headquarters. I mean it's not optimal but take my £100 now for GTA 6:MK instead of 5 more years of meaningless updates (to me) for a game I stopped playing 6-7 years ago and no GTA 6 till 2026/7/8...
  18. Thanks for the belly laugh. Thread delivers!
  19. Sitting in the 2017 Merc in GT in VR for the first time almost brought a tear to the eye. It's such a pity the VR mode in GT Sport was just time trial.
  20. I'd love a PC and VIVE, but I owe a bank half a million quid so my only hope is a PSVR2 and GT7.
  21. Another strategic blunder from Red Bull. As you can see from the pixels, Max (bad) would never has a clear view because Sir Lew is already alongside.
  22. Ahhh. So that is why. F1 need to get him out of that beeb contract then! Glad they still do commentary on 5. The only radio I've listened to in the last 10 years is their F1 commentary when I've been at a race.
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