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  1. I’ve got half a second in me, not giving up just yet!
  2. I played some of the actual racing last night and it’s a hoot. We should get some forum racing going!
  3. In to the 28 club! Awyeah! Although that is like saying I’ve got a Porsche! Yeah a knackered old 914 with a hole in the roof. Still a Porsche mind. I don’t have a Porsche.
  4. Another meh trailer that shows nothing new.
  5. I'm not so sure about that. We will see.
  6. Interesting comments from Max in a recent interview: Sounds like loser talk someone in their 40's rather than someone in their early 20's ready to do whatever it takes to achieve their goal. Open door here for Lewis to play some mind games over the weekend.
  7. I just subbed to Apple Music again just to listen to the soundtrack.
  8. The music is so good I am just happy leaving the menu screen on in the background.
  9. Just hit the sweet spot on the chicane and took off half a second.
  10. You know what would be perfect for this...
  11. Played an hour or so and I’m hooked!
  12. Apparently not, the Petronius deal is still active for the next few years.
  13. It’s a car park GP. I think it will be about as successful as previous car park GPs.
  14. Not suited to the current cars. Who knows, some of the crap circuits may come to life with the new regs. I remember sitting through terrible races for many years at Hungary and Bahrain, but today both can produce a good race.
  15. I'm absolutely fine with 23. Less so with some of the locations but there you go.
  16. Can I just shock you? I like vaccines.
  17. He talks about it in a very rational way but still. By doing what he is doing he is heightening the risk for the team he works with. I'd get rid of him.
  18. Going to make an assumption Lew will do 22, and 23 and be gone before the 2024 season. George will have 2 years under his belt as a team mate. Plenty of time to judge if he will make the step up to leader. The driver I would go for will have had 5 years in his team by then and will probably be itching to go for a championship - Lando. If Lew does a Rosberg and retires out of the blue what to do? Say he gets 8 this year and doesn't like the 22 car and calls it a day. You have George with 1 year under his belt. Assume Lando, Lec and Max are unavailable. I'd want someone with experience and speed. I'd go left field and get Gasly on a one year. Pretty sure you are getting a very different driver from the guy that did his time at RB. I think he'd be savvy enough to grab the opportunity this time around. The big unknown is Max. If he doesn't win this year or next I bet he jumps ship.
  19. To me Silverstone is just another of those critical moments - just like the bollock drop yesterday. You also have Baku, the points for no racing at Spa etc etc.
  20. Yes because he and the team threw away points in a title battle that is likely to go down to the wire. Every mess up counts this year.
  21. TLDR: Ham will be pissed but it was his own fault in the end.
  22. Another case of the team needing to be stronger telling their driver what to do. They needed to be absolutely sure the performance would be there right to the end if they were going to let him stay out any laps after Perez pitted. If you are not sure, order your driver to stop. Worst case you are 4th. By allowing Ham to dictate and staying out they backed themselves into a corner and could have finished 7th.
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