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  1. That one was a pen. Blatant trip lol.
  2. I hope Dan James never plays for us again. How many chances are we going to give him? Can't cross, can't shoot, can't beat a man and useless in the air. With Telles and VDB we have much better options now.
  3. That was poor from Rashford. He had so much space.
  4. Mate, I fucking hate Liverpool, but don't be such a wanker about the assault your player committed.
  5. Surely that was a penalty for Arsenal? Kyle Walker turned into Bruce Lee then!
  6. How did Arsenal get away with that handball decision?
  7. Dan James is just not good enough. He's found himself in some good positions, but his final is almost always garbage. His shots and crosses are always scruffy and lack any real conviction. Greenwood on plz.
  8. His first international call-up and he couldn't keep it in his pants for a few days. Idiot.
  9. Jesus, what is wrong with Rashford? He's consistently giving it away and fucked up a great chance just before halftime then.
  10. You guys are easily pleased. I thought it was shambolic and Dan looks awful. This shit was clearly not their original plan and it seems like they're just throwing it together at the last minute.
  11. I didn't enjoy that 90 minutes at all. Thank god it's over! Lindelof had his best game for ages at just the right time.
  12. The modern game has changed and the full-backs at the top teams are required to be more than just defenders. He sees a lot of the ball and very rarely does anything positive with it. When playing against the teams who drop deep, we need a more attacking option.
  13. AWB is starting to piss me off. He's amazing defensively, but going forward he has to do more.
  14. We get all the decisions remember??
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