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  1. That's fair enough and I'm not really arguing. I'd just got a point last night with it that I was so hacked off and the mission started I just thought I'm running in to get it over with as quickly as possible as I just don't care. Obviously not the correct way to play the game but there you go.
  2. Has anyone posted this yet? Someone in the Nvidia discord did and I can't stop laughing, I'm in tears.
  3. @ThorLol, say you what think!
  4. I played some more yesterday and sat on 6h+ it says now and I really just think it is an absolute, terrible mess (technically and otherwise). I don't think I can carry on any further. It's so boring. Someone mentioned the Scotland Yard mission earlier and yes, you can plan away but I literally just ran in the front with my crappy starting character, crouched in a room till they came to me and shot them all. Got what I needed and walked out. It was so unfulfilling. I think this just may not be for me.
  5. I'm sure I read somewhere today that they've recognised the framerate issues on RTX cards and a hotfix is incoming tomorrow. May have imagined it though.
  6. Yeh, I don't know what's going on. I was getting 120fps yesterday with everything maxed and since the last patch and latest drivers now just hit 55-60 like yourself. This on a 3090.
  7. Yeh, I stopped playing and watched my daughter drive a bus round London (well I say drive, smashed more like) and to be fair it does look quite nice in parts but then really jarring in others. It's very, very odd. I'll give it more time and hopefully it'll improve somewhat. Failing that my daughter can use it to go sight seeing.
  8. Got this free with a card and it's just not very good at all so far. I've got it cranked up to max on everything and I don't even think it looks that great in fact it just looks a bit odd/off. And the actual game is so bloody dull. Played a couple of hours and it's so uninteresting. Also, why on earth can't I listen to those audio files outside of the menus, terrible decision? I think someone else brought this up. The character models are so so bad and whole thing feels ropey and dated to me. Not next gen at all.
  9. Aah, that's a shame. Were up for ages on the US site but page totally disappeared now. They do definitely release in waves on there so hopefully back soon..
  10. 3070FE's been sat ready to order for ages on BB, no one going for them it seems.
  11. Nvidia did another large drop on Best Buy here few hours after the AMD show. 3080 and 90. It was quite funny to see many people in the discord channel who had been, how shall we say, less than favourable to the green, fall over themselves to get the FE.
  12. N00000000....oh. Fine. More time for the 3080/90 hunt to continue!
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