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  1. W00h00! Give us a shout when you're going on and will jump on if possible on as it far less unforgiving, of sorts, in a group than on your own. Which is absolutely terrifying to start with but amazing.
  2. Yeh, what's with everyone banging on about spoilers again? Just ignore it, avert your eyes if needs be and wait it out, please.
  3. Len

    The Division 2

    Can't go wrong at that price. You'll get hours and hours out of it and only becomes annoying in late, late game. Great fun with mates.
  4. Yes, yes it is! I'm with you all the way.
  5. Not embedding for some reason. Anyway, latest trailer. Really looking forward to seeing this, in IMAX, someday! edit: There you go!
  6. Same here! I really enjoyed it I have to say. The remastered version came with my ps4 many moons but just never got round to it until my recent replay.
  7. Fantastic stuff and exactly how I felt in my replay. I'd even forgotten some of the later, oh fuck, moments which made it even better. How many days?
  8. I've still hopefully got the huge limited edition HL2 flimsy cardboard box, gold edition (pic below but no idea if as rare as they seem to think) with game, book was it, hat and god knows what else in the attic in our flat in London. I dearly hope it's still alright up there. I fear the rain may have destroyed it along with most of my old Edge collection but that's another story but will find out one day. What a fantastic game and wonderful memories, another stone cold classic.
  9. Agree with all the above. Looks absolutely lush and I can't wait to explore the island. But does feel a bit ac'ish. Hopefully lots more to see.
  10. Len

    PGA Tour 2K21

    God I remember that so well. Played it to death, so so good.
  11. I wouldn't worry about it, I'm all over the place with my shaky left hand (tm) but still have fun. And it's just practice in the end.
  12. Sadly not a goer at all. There are so many keys and options. Use your kb and come play!
  13. That really i s a bugger that bit though. Drop it down or persevere. Once you're clear of that it's much less painful imo.
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