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  1. The io plate/connections at the back are interesting (if true). Looking forward to seeing the monster.
  2. Yes, I think so. I pre-ordered after the original mail, gave card details but no money taken yet. My friend who pre-ordered after Xmas had the cash taken immediately so looks like they're trying to bank it asap. Unless I'm the outlier here? I thought they said would contact you just before to confirm?
  3. That all sounds great. Just need confirmation of HL:Alyx and the world is a great place. Pretty pls!
  4. Time to look for the cheapest ps5 version then. Not played a GT since 2 or 3 maybe, I think. Eek.
  5. Wow, thanks Secret Santa you bloody l00n!!! His sack was full of: Half Life: Alyx Lair of the Clockwork God Disco Elysium: Final Cut Huntdown Tokyo 42 I am so excited to play all of them. Fan-bloody-tastic!
  6. All done, Happy Secret Santa Christmas to you all! 🥰
  7. I'll get on with sorting mine out once we get down to the family on the coast. And to whomever was unfortunate enough to get me, my wishlist is in no discernable order so do your worst!
  8. Fantastic trailer but not sure I can put myself through all that again. We'll see.
  9. Had to nip to the supermarket, what did I miss?
  10. Not sounding as great as I hoped so far is it. Interested to see/hear more impressions and reviews.
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