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  1. Yep, gonna be exact rerun I reckon. Give it a whirl though then just keep eyes peeled for one on run up to Cyberpunk (hopefully) and beyond if not. Stock will turn up eventually.
  2. Oh my days...eeek! Looks utterly fantasticc . Can't come soon enough, please 3090 gods, smile on me!
  3. Snap! Couldn't resist any longer at the reduced price on Amazon US.
  4. I'm looking forward to having a good read of these over my morning coffee.
  5. Yes, all of what @Uzisaid regards EVGA. I've bought them over here (US) for years and years and always been excellent in all departments. And their top end cards usually are best you can buy for out of the box AIB overclocks.
  6. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B088HH6LW5/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 In stock still but this is Amz US. Deliver next week.
  7. Odyssey G9's back in stock on Amazon, so very, very tempted. They can't confirm if they are the new, fixed versions from Jluy/Aug though yet so I think I will wait a little longer, maybe.
  8. Ooh, lmk how you get on as that is the plan for my 4 year old. She loves playing on the ds4 pad but hands not quite big enough so hard work at times and also really wants to play AC and Mario etc. So was thinking Switch Lite but maybe another year so she can read it all?
  9. Umm, is this real (seems so) ? That's an, err, interesting design if so. Series S:
  10. That's what I'm talking about! Not enough room for me sadly but I may take another look when I get home from hols.
  11. I thought the same till I went bigger (Samsung CRG9)!
  12. Yeh, my problem exactly. Only have one desk and that had to be made to order so no way can fit another screen in. Aah well, I'll stick with the OLED in the living room and big monitor in study. I do love the ultra ultrawide I have to say and looks amazing so I'm just being a bit greedy.
  13. In theory but I think if you have a screensaver and you're always flicking between stuff etc it would be fine in practice.
  14. 48CX. That Odyssey G9 is becoming the defacto choice I think.
  15. Thanks @Thor (or anyone), out of interest what does windows actually look like when you boot it up? Does anyone else use an OLED for work then or should it be permanently scratched off the list? I can't really find much comment on it past a few reddit posts where it's either fine or awful. I just haven't got the room currently for both otherwise would do it.
  16. Do you actually use it to work on your pc though or just gaming? If so what is it actually like to use Windows on it? I asked layte this the other day and he has a separate monitor for work. I would be highly tempted to get the 48CX but I do a lot of work on my pc as well as gaming so if it's not good then it's a non starter annoyingly.
  17. What arms are you looking at? The Ergotron HX is what I've nearly gone for a couple of times for my monitor but I managed to sort a much deeper (42") desk recently so now unsure whether I need it.
  18. Yeh, the ultra, ultrawides (is that what you call them?) are a bit nuts admittedly but the usual 34" suspects are fantastic. I had one before this and really liked it. Extra screen space is great with work and multiple windows open and to address your point or question about games, you quickly adapt to the width and I really feel enhances your experience. Certainly worth a try I'd say.
  19. LG are good definitely but go for the G9 once they sort their issues out. I am!
  20. They're amazing, haven't looked back since got my first 5 or 6 years ago. Currently have the Samsung 49" monster (LC49RG90SSNXZA) and love the extra real estate. Can't recommend it enough, particularly for gaming. Like @pulsemyneI couldn't go back. Got my eye on its successor the Odyssey G9 but looks like production issues currently so will wait till new year.
  21. Ergotron are what I'm thinking off for a monitor arm (HX but there a smaller ones) if that's what you mean. Not cheap though as professional grade and for large monitors. Not sure I need it now after getting the new desk but we'll see.
  22. I still haven't decided. Will wait till back off hols and maybe even black Friday to take the plunge.
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