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  1. Fully pre-ordered up here. Very excited if I'm honest. 


    I had an original Vive all ready to go on pre-order in 2016 then had the realisation that my daughter was due to arrive a month later and very, very sadly (but sensibly) cancelled it. Been waiting and waiting and waiting to jump back in and even had another kid in the meantime!


    Tempted to go the high end PC route but sod it let's try this first. :)

  2. And done, thank god!


    That really began to outstay its welcome by the end. Came very close to jacking it in a couple of times but stayed to the end.


    Still adore the world, music, combat and even some of the characters. But oh my god, what a boring by the numbers actual game once it reveals itself. The former things save it. Definitely no dlc for me thanks (got it with the ps5 upgrade) and hoping for a much improved outing game mechanics wise next time.


    Great but hugely flawed, imo.

  3. On 12/04/2022 at 21:14, Len said:

    I need to do the very same thing (started on ps5 after finishing TLOU2 and it just felt so clunky after that so stopped to come back later) at some point.


    And finally, finally, I did!! 


    Been playing this all week and, well, it's a funny one. I can totally appreciate the absolute beauty of it all, properly stop and stare at times. And I'm really enjoying the combat. But after Act 1 and then I began to feel it and now mid way through Act 2, well, it's a bit repetitive/boring isn't it? I'm really struggling to muster up the will to finish it if I'm honest. Literally A to b or fetch quests the whole way through.


    Please tell me there isn't an Act 3 (there surely is)? ;)

  4. Still waiting on an invite over here. Best Buy did a normal stock drop online yesterday but didn't get one unfortunately. Definitely enforces my view that Nividia have the stock and are purposefully trickling them out. Next few weeks or sooner should turn up. And the invite system seems absolutely random from various  golden ticket winners who have commented.

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