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  1. Took a punt on this as down to $19 on PS5 here.
  2. Looks fantastic, can't wait for lots of jolly co-op!
  3. Finally subscribed today, sorry it took a while. Kids, life etc. Looking forward to the long read over the weekend.
  4. Does this game ever end? I've just got through the and about to head to the . I'm sure that's going to be delightful. 😳 Jesus, it just gets grimmer and grimmer. I think it's on the one hand incredible but it really does feel too much at times. I think getting older and having kids has softened me up even more. Hard bloody work but surely we're nearly there?!
  5. It really is excellent and was released six years before Alice! Levels were far better than anything I've played in 2 so far. But rose tinted glasses and all that plus tech differences.
  6. To say the least! I am finally nearing the end I think. Just got back from the (and stopped before I re-entered the ), jesus christ. Just when you think it cant get any more gruesome'. That last fight, sheesh. 😳 Amazing stuff (the game not the fight, that was grim).
  7. I finally went back to it last week and after a bit of wtf is going on I'm now back up to speed and trundling along. Sheesh, the descent and ground zero which I'm right at the end of now are...astonishing/terrifying/oh god remember to breathe amazing. Tense is not the word. Really enjoying it again and have taken to playing a couple of hours here and there during the day as too bleak in the evenings. I will finish this soon, I promise!
  8. I did actually think I should get some but couldn't be bothered so my fault I suppose. Still not that enamoured on returning.
  9. I got up to the boss fight at the end of the food cooking bit and after a few attempts where I kept getting done at the last part I just switched it off again, tedious is not the word. So disappointing as I really want to love it but aaarrrggghhhh. Psi is next isn't it then I'm done, if I can bothered to do the boss...again.
  10. Yeh, I'm sorry to report I played further last night, it all opened up, and ended up switching it off after a few more hours as I just got bored of it again. Endless bloody conversations that go nowhere. Just let me bounce around. Not sure I'm going back tbh at least for a while. Eek. :(
  11. Sounds odd, anyone/where else reporting it? I'm playing on PC/OLED so not got it on (I think) as Windows HDR is bobbins usually.
  12. Totally agree with this and usually try and avoid in recent times but with kids sometimes have to just go sod it...then promptly fall asleep!
  13. Played a bit more last night and really really enjoyed it. Big smile on my face, lots of chuckling and oh that soundtrack. Just clicked more I think and maybe was too tired when I started, who knows. But I'm looking to lots of fun ahead. Just got to the end of etc.
  14. Just left I think on a jet to a and stopped just after arriving. I shall keep on trucking...
  15. I finally got round to starting this last night and like others in the thread it was fun and enjoyable but I found myself getting a little bit bored after a few hours which was not what I was expecting. I absolutely adored the original so will keep plugging away and hopefully it'll pick up some more.
  16. I really enjoyed them at the time but not sure I want to play them again thanks. But then again I'm so ambivalent towards any remakes/masters that I'm not really the market they're aiming for.
  17. I was the absolutely the same but did after a side by side comparison. But anyway, try the G9 if/when you can, it's a lot of fun.
  18. Oh I've got kids, I totally get it. It sounds amazing! I'd probably just try and turf them all out the house and fail miserably.
  19. It's so intriguing, I have so many questions.
  20. I can relate to that. Went a bit mad with the 49 one, was crazy town but great fun.
  21. I really enjoy these as well and find it all very enjoyable, informative and relatable, particularly the kids! Must take a look at subscribing properly really, be rude not to.
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