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  1. You really don't have to but I would thoroughly recommend you do (play HL first).
  2. Do CEX buy import stuff off you these days? Just thinking of dumping my Wii and games but I have a vague memory of them getting a load of grief off Nintendo a few years back and not selling 'grey' imports after that.
  3. I've still not played thi co-op with anyone...how depressing! I'm on the US version, sl 62. Saw off 5-1 last night on a quick play through, god it's horrible that place. I really need to do something with my weapons I think. I've collected loads of special ones but still just use short sword + 5 or 6 and buckler + 3 or 4 I think it is. Any recommendations would be much appreciated... @Loop: I think I sent you a friends request a while back Loop but didn't get a response, feel free to add me: LenH
  4. Lol...exactly what I did first time round. The baddies (I'll not name them) are wonderfully designed, horrible horrible things in 3-2...shudder I finally got the boss of 3-2 and that was just a complete mare tbh, there's no bloody room to move at all is there...? And also agree regards the world tendency, always looks the same to me whatever happens...
  5. Couldn't agree more. I creeped round there with a knot in my stomach, my heart in my mouth and on the edge of the bloody sofa before I conquered it. Coupled with the great level design it does you in.
  6. All this talk of the Thief Ring and amazingly it's the one ring I still haven't got and I'm up to lvl 67 now....oops! I best go back and find it...
  7. Finally beat Flamelurker last night after spending quite a time levelling up via many runs through 4-1. I'm up to lvl 51 now I think. Thought I'd have a wander in to 2-3, got about halfway down the passage and just got too freaked out by the screeches...lol! I'd been repeating levels for a while and had become accustomed to them but the fear was back big time. Most pleasing(?)... Also made some progress in 3-2, but not sure what to do next. I'm still not especially happy with my character build, particularly the clothing and weapon setup I have. I'll post up what I've got later on and would appreciate any comments on it. Anyway, onwards for more... p.s. Brilliant and hilarious description on the previous, previous page Uzi, great stuff.
  8. I still haven't seen/met her and have been through 1-1 loads of times, where exactly does she hang out again...?
  9. Lol...fair enuff but still doesn't explain why I couldn't drop my blue stone though. I was human and hadn't completed the level. Does that not make it possible then from what you said Curtis..? Confused...
  10. Yeh, I'd like an answer from that if anyone knows. So still no co-op for me...b000! Was really annoying. It wouldn't let me drop my blue stone either, option was just greyed out. I assume you need to choose it from your inventory and drop it or do you add it to your down button and use square to use it...? I was trying both to absolutely no avail. I managed to get up to the boss of 4-1 as my Soul Ray now tw@ts the normal skeletons in one shot which is soooo satisfying. I was a sliver of health away from killing him when I thought don't rush in, wait for the moment, avoid his tongue(?) and of course promptly died. Then did my usual trick of trying to rush back there and getting done over by simple enemies. Always, always your own fault when you die. The amount of names and swearing at myself has increased expontentially since playing this game...lol! @Carlospie: Just keep chipping away at the levels like you say, they seem huge at first but soon make total sense. There is a logical path through all of them. And if your having trouble making progress go back to one your confident in and get some souls to level up and so make yrslf more powerful. Give 3-1 a go, it's terrifying but v satisfying once you work it out. I'll happily come along and 'help' you, if that's the right word...
  11. Lol @ Uzi! Defo up for some 4-1 later ph0rce. Gimme a shout when you get on...or anyone else for that matter. We can die together... My PSN is LenH, feel free to add me anyone.
  12. Great to hear other ppl's trials and tribulations. I only managed a quick go over the wkend (bloody DIY!) and really had to rein mysel in and take my time as discussed previously. I went through 2-2 a few times to gather some souls and have now upgraded to Soul Arrow but not had a real opportuntiy to use it yet. Freaked myself out though, went down the left hand tunnel lift on 2-2 and chased afer those crystal geckos, got half way down the tunnel and the camera lock on was all over the place. Anyway, I was like 'what's that noise, sounds like footsteps/running'...? Unlock the camera, turn round and there's two bloody bearing down on me! I've never seen them before when going down the lift, I assume they only turn up when you go down the larger tunnel...? Prompty panicked and died but went straight back and sorted them out...most pleasing. I'm feeling more confident about taking on Flamelurker now so will give it a go tonight. Then I'm considering a go at 4-1 but after my past exeprience I'm not too keen. Those skeletons are brutal! And lastly, had a horror moment in the Nexus. Was looking to upgrade with Freke but apparently didn't have the required Demon's Soul, I was like I'm sure I've got these and then thought omg have I dropped all the Demon's Souls I've earned so far!?!??! Panicked for a bit then rememebered evreybody's friend Thomas. Went to have a chat and thx god he had them. Disaster averted... Would be well up for some time tonight with other players as still not done any co-op yet. Also can you use voice comms with it...?
  13. Well I legged it home and rushed into the game. Took the right tunnel at the start of 2-2 and dropped down to get to the boss quickly, got my souls back and promptly died...fair enough. I then rushed back again and fell to my death...twice, losing everthing and all my own fault. I had totally the wrong mindset and was trying to get somewhere waasaay too quickly. You have to be so careful all the time. As they say, fools rush in. I'm going for another attempt now, this time at my leisure...he says...
  14. Stop it yr confusing me now! I have enough trouble deciding which one to use as it is. I'm sure this will come with more playing though. I'll take that as definitive Curtis.
  15. Thx for the conflicting views Tom and Ingy...lol! I'll see what happens... Not had to fight any other ppl yet (thx god) but that sounds like exactly the sort of thing I'd do Ingy. Man Im itching to to get home and play but I know the missus will drag me out, aah well...
  16. I'll add you to mine along with any others. I sent you a request Droodling - you get it...?
  17. Good stuff, I'l let you know how I get on. @Stolly - Fair point but I just wanted to see what he looked like...ahem... @Imp - Will give that a go.
  18. So can you cast evacuate whilst in a boss fight then or not as it could be my salvation...? Anyone...?
  19. Lol... I know but I wouldn't have it any other way. @Curtis - I may well give you a shout later on. That said you can easily clear around 10k souls on the way to the boss so not the end of the world if I don't get them back but he wasn't messing about so I might tap you up. I'll have to check my soul level but it's nowt special, maybe around 30 if I'm lucky. @Uzi - Agreed, the sound is amazing, I really need to hook up my ss this wkend as been too lazy to sort it since moving. 3-1 freaks me out as well with that little triangle(?) 'ting' as your wandering around and things falling/breaking(?) in teh darkness. It really does root you to the spot sometimes. And your description of peering into the darkness and gripping the controller is spot on. And lastly, I found Sake in the end in 3-1. Wasn't that well hidden just me being blind, I blame the darkness! Does he turn up in the Nexus as he was banging on about getting back there or does he stay in 3-1...?
  20. Oh good god, curiosity got the better of me and I just blew 20k+ souls....I had to switch it off I was so disgusted with myself. Basically played through 2-2, died a cpl of times deep in the mines but found my way back, each time promising to evacuate out and go spend my souls. But oh no, each time I had to just see what was round the corner. Eventually got to what I just knew was the boss fog as it were. Told myself to leave now with my souls but thought I'll just see the boss then evacuate, what harm can it do...? Entered the fog, boss turns up, bit scared I cast evacuate but nowt happens, boss twats me twice and I'm dead. Sod losing the ingame souls, my soul was screaming...what a fool! Anyway, quick qu, can you use the evacuate miracle whilst in a boss fight...? Just I think I stupidly didn't have enough MP to use it or maybe it just doesn't let you...? Anyone...? So I've got one chance to get 'em back and I'm really not that confident, I shall return tomorrow. Also got to say, I spent most of 2-2 in a state of abject fear whilst stumbling round the tunnels. The sound in the game just gets under your skin and freaks me out totally. Great stuff...
  21. Which is weird as I beat the Tower Knight on my first attempt late last night. Was relatively simple, for me anyway. Glad you explained the archdemon bit though as I was looking fwd to 1-3. Another reason the game is so good, different challenge for diff ppl and diff classes. I finally got my evacuate miracle so most pleased about that. Now I need to go back and try and find that Sage bloke in 3-1, I can see him but can't remember for the life of me how I got to him the one and only time I met him. Ta for the advice Polmon.
  22. Interesting, thx. I'm happy to admit I had absolutely no idea what on earth was happening...lol! What are the circumstances for this to happen then or is it random...?
  23. I'm soooo glad it's not just me then. Exactly same thing happened to me the first and only time it let me drop my blue stone and tried to summon. I was like really...wtf is going on?!?!?!! It dropped me back to the start of 3-1 though after a few seconds. Most odd... Then wouldn't let me drop my blue stone any more even after becoming human again. Also couldn't see any of your blue summon signs. Anyway, I managed to beat the bird in the church and her many forms so all good. Now just weighing up going fwd or back to the Nexus, got 15k+ souls and really really want the miracle which takes you back to the Nexus anytime but I'm 5k short...typical. Maybe I'll just boost my ststa and suchlike... Thx for the attempted assistane though ph0rce and cheers for the msgs as well Curtis. p.s. Yr right, the bp wasn't scary at all, it's just me freaking myself out...great great game and most odd.
  24. I'll add you now and maybe you can come give me a hand with 3-1 as just about to meet the Black Phantom apparently and I've got the fear...lol! How do I invite you specifically in...?
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