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  1. You know where that sort of thinking leads... Which ones are you eyeing up?
  2. They're all burning them out with a last gasp mine! * *Might not be true.
  3. Yes, definitely. I really like the world and characters, well Jin to be specific. Certainly deserves a full blown and upgraded sequel down the line. I'll persevere and finish it.
  4. Not to me...yet! Proper comedy over here, if you buy on newegg and go to checkout it shows you how many others also have it in their basket. 850+ for an MSI card that came back in to stock very briefly earlier.
  5. And finally, finally, I did!! Been playing this all week and, well, it's a funny one. I can totally appreciate the absolute beauty of it all, properly stop and stare at times. And I'm really enjoying the combat. But after Act 1 and then I began to feel it and now mid way through Act 2, well, it's a bit repetitive/boring isn't it? I'm really struggling to muster up the will to finish it if I'm honest. Literally A to b or fetch quests the whole way through. Please tell me there isn't an Act 3 (there surely is)?
  6. Still waiting on an invite over here. Best Buy did a normal stock drop online yesterday but didn't get one unfortunately. Definitely enforces my view that Nividia have the stock and are purposefully trickling them out. Next few weeks or sooner should turn up. And the invite system seems absolutely random from various golden ticket winners who have commented.
  7. Beautiful. Just an fyi, Nvidia are still sending out the geforce invites so soon, hopefully soon, for us all.
  8. I think that looks and sounds great. Loving the new zero-g maneuverability and I'd forgotten how absolutely excellent all the sfx were.
  9. I reckon they've got stock and will trickle them out slowly in waves like this now. Yesterday was all about the headlines for them. He says...
  10. That's brilliant, good on you. Very happy you got it. You utter b@stard obvs.
  11. Just catching up, got a bit distracted yesterday. Anyone have any joy? I bet @Lying Catgot the lot! Oh... I was patiently waiting for the FE but didn't have the 'secret' add to cart link that got sent round before 6am for the special ppl, I now have it along with everyone else no doubt?! Had three others (MSI, Gigabyte etc) to buy in various carts but I didn't go for it as I really just want the FE if I'm honest and happy to wait. I see Nvidia are sending out links to buy via GeForce Experience today to a lucky few also so fingers crossed for us all. Definitely more stock floating about (here at least) it seems though. I'm currently sat in the checking things queue on BestBuy...again.
  12. It's on... Very confident of them, till they all sell out at 6.01am.
  13. Yeh, that makes sense then as saying 9am EST / 6am PT over here. I was worried I was going to wake up on the West coast and you all would have snaffled them . But like you @Lying CatI also have a meeting (dial in only), 6am as luck would have it, so I shall be ready to go when it kicks off. Good luck all!
  14. I'm glad we are now all on the same page, finally. Let the F5ing begin (/cracksknuckles)...
  15. Looked great fun, can't wait to take my daughter to see it.
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