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  1. Don't worry about it, was just a surprise really. Certainly no need to look in to it.
  2. I got an email saying I had three gift referrals to send yesterday. Went to have a look today and now says I don't. Was that meant to happen @Nate Dogg III?
  3. Definitely. Delicious. Can't wait. Who's got those discord stock alerts to hand?
  4. Back and definitely in for a 4090 for me, can't wait! That pricing is pretty good ($1599). Hopefully lots of stock like you say @Uzi /Signsupforalerts
  5. Why is Jensen doing this in the middle brekkie and the school run? It' s outrageous! I shall be back for updates and final reveal and a date please.
  6. Very surprising but can't blame them if true. Had many of their cards over the years but went FE last time. I wonder/fear if this will cause Jensen to go even wilder with pricing on Tues, in the US market at least. Also, have we heard any more about the rumoured new Titan that may or may not be coming? I would happily wait for that if any confirmation but probably can't resist if something pops up to buy sooner.
  7. Stop messing around and just buy my 3090 when I get the 4090, job done.
  8. Getting Half Life, Serious Sam and god knows how many other vibes from that. Crazy business, high hopes.
  9. Not sure on your budget but Beyerdynamics DT 1990 (or cheaper 990) are phenomenal.
  10. My EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2 is coming up to nine years old end of this year so should do the trick. Though quite fancy a new one.
  11. I'm all in for the 4090 and hopefully will get lucky on BestBuy for rrp like last time (3090FE) when everyone else was on other sites. Christ I was lucky.
  12. This is great news, finally. That's all.
  13. Stanger's Wrath! I knew it reminded me of something but couldn't remember it for the life of me. Man, that was an utterly brilliant game.
  14. So, should we all just agree Covid (it'll do as an excuse and has some validity) has royally f@cked the industry for a few years and move on?! Man, that was so uninspiring. Sad feels.
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