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  1. I do this constantly and it drives me nuts. was even considering swapping it with/for stealth.
  2. is doooooown! Delicious fun, we ruined him.
  3. Just got the tastiest sword from , needs 40 strength to wield it!?!
  4. Ha, goodbye ! Hit him a couple of times, spirit did the rest and watched him gradually fade away and fall. He couldn't do anything about it. Lovely. Also some co-op for cash (so much fun, I'd forgotten) and mining for stones. So much fun. Must get back to Magrit at some point.
  5. Yep, me neither. Haven't seen a single one work since started which is a shame. Hoping to get back on this today as guests have left. Planning to strengthen some weapons and have a third go at Margit. Or just get completely distracted and wander off who knows where. Also might start a different second build on ps5.
  6. Nope! Had a battle with the but legged it as I ran out of health. Don't think I spoke to anyone in strange armour but that's not saying much with my memory.
  7. Has anyone else found a completely random mirror/portal out in the open world tucked behind some bushes that took them to a bloody ?! Just remembered that happened last night.
  8. I know this is bait but wait, what? So you're level 3?! Edit: To clarify, 3 over where you started from. Comical.
  9. The art direction and thus atmosphere are just incredible. Looks so beautiful at times. And certain times of day, weather and lighting are just stunning. Been out all morning with my daughter and have friends arriving shortly for rest of the day. And all I can think about is this...lol!
  10. This is the place I mentioned earlier that gives off RE4 gone completely bonkers vibes to me. I got the map and to the other side and area(s) and decided to come back later, much later.
  11. Longest lift ever! That's what made me go...WTF, the scale yesterday. Had a good old run round but will come back at a later date. Also found the other entrance in I think. And everyone's favorite, a huge swamp. Noped out of there for now.
  12. Mine happened after getting hammered by the first castle boss a few times after 12hrs+ of play so who knows? Get him half way and think definitely doable but wandered off again. That red place shall we say just gives me RE4 gone mad atmospherics. And the lead up/journey to it. Masterful.
  13. I am now rocking a more classic look with my wretch.
  14. This totally. It's incredible.
  15. I'm so, so tired after staying up far, far too late last night (not done that in ages for a game) but I just cant stop playing. Wonders around every corner.
  16. Here's my wretch who now has some soldier garb which'll do for now and a +1 sword (thank f@ck!): Found a very tasty sword but need a lot more strength to wield it.
  17. Yes. Not had a single one work. Always seems to happen. I'm trying to do some work but all I can think about is this and what I might/could do next. It's overwhelming. I think some levelling then follow the path from the soldier camp up to the castle as I noped out of there early last night and wandered off to see so many wonders for five hours. Just wow. Character pic to come @Dark Soldier.
  18. Right, so much more discovered and got but I must go to bed. I can't keep track of it all. Looking fwd to all your adventures.
  19. This is absolutely nuts, staggering. Just went down to by complete chance. WTF, the scale?!?! And the whole thing is so, so atmospheric. Found a map for but nothing for the rest so far but have an idea. So much I want to talk about. My wretch now has a sword, shield and raggetaggedy outfit but it'll do for now.
  20. This is, utterly, utterly magnificent. I crumbled and started on pc, runs really well for me so far (may be the 3090 brute forcing?) No shield is a complete mare as a wretch but sod it, trying to get enough cash for one from that first ncp merchant you meet. Dinner, kids to bed, coffee and specific gummies () chosen then back at it. No idea where I'm going to go and absolutely love it.
  21. I'm going in, I can't wait any longer. And I'm even Wretching it up as well, god help me!
  22. Has to be coffee for me if on any menu. They don't bloody do it over here, if you ask for coffee cake you get cake that goes with coffee, usually fruit. WTF is that all about?!? Aaaaaaaanyway...
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