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  1. Given that the only version of this I have is the PC one (which seems to hate running on modern PCs), I'll definitely be grabbing this! It has one of the absolute best game soundtracks of all time!
  2. Though I'm not sure how you'd do it on the Steam version (maybe create a shortcut to the .exe on the desktop and rename that), but it is possible to force anti aliasing on the PC version of Mass Effect 2 by renaming the .exe 'UT3', and enabling AA through your Nvidia or ATI control panel. Doesn't seem to have a huge performance hit and makes everything look super-lovely. I'm also downloading Darksiders on Steam as I type. I enjoyed the Xbox version, but it was rather laggy in places. Hopefully the PC version will be better and I'll be able to crack on with it again!
  3. I saw it yesterday and absolutely adored it. Primarily for the visuals really, it was like nothing else I've seen and for that alone I was entertained. It was much darker in tone than I expected, and rather sad too!
  4. Aye, I know. Hopefully it'll be as much set on Earth as Halo 2 was! (Also, Shepherd is clearly female, why do they always get this wrong in the trailers? )
  5. After checking out the ME3 and SSX teasers, it's nice to see something that doesn't dissapoint! Very excited for this one!
  6. I adore the mass effect series, but the main reason for that is the compelling universe it is set in. I'm not hugely thrilled at the prospect of 'defending Earth from an alien invasion'. Bar the final shots, that could have been a trailer for Resistance. Also, the Big Ben clock tower and the London eye still standing? Really?
  7. suzakuseven


    Snowboard adventure game? How to kill my interest on one trailer...
  8. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World gets my vote.
  9. If you dislike the rigamarol of shading and highlighting, what you need is some of this: Quick Shade It's basically a pigmented varnish that you can either dip or brush onto your miniatures (oo-er!). All you need to do is paint the base colours. The results are extremely good, and it makes painting a decent looking gaming army extremely fast: Some examples: (No, I don't work for them, just think it's a great product for those looking to paint up good looking armies fast!)
  10. Managed to register but the client seems to be downloading incredibly slowly (no suprise there). Is there any way I can download it without using the torrenty type downloader?
  11. I just finished the demo on PC and I liked it a lot! I do love the visual style, especially when you sprint and I agree the street scenes look amazing. I think this would be something I'd pick up, especially if I can grab a PC copy for £20 or so. The apparent short length of the single player story is a bonus for me, as I rarely seem to finish long games, thanks to my rubbish attention span (and love of MMOs...).
  12. On the subject of Borderlands, does anyone else have an issue with dynamic shadows enabled? My framerate bombs with them enabled, yet runs super-smooth when they are turned off. Seems odd for a Intel Core2 Quad Q9550 and an Nvida GTX260! Seems to be an ongoing issue that no drivers have fixed so far.
  13. ALPHA-152 from Dead or Alive 4 was pretty ridiculous. Spent well over an hour trying to beat her on normal difficulty. Way worse than Seth.
  14. I'll be giving it a go! I saw it at PAX and it looked like a lot of fun. Didn't get a chance to play it though, as the lines were always massive!
  15. I thought it was the operating system that determined how much RAM was detected and available to programs (4 GB for 32 bit, >4 for 64 bit)?
  16. There have been some excellent gameplay changing features in the singleplayer so far. Day/night cycles that effect how you play, and environmental hazards. The bonus objectives always require you to do something that is against the norm as well, it really helps to mix things up a bit. They've really made an effort to make the campaign more than just a chain of 'build a base, destroy the other base' missions. Very impressed.
  17. Heh, I remember that. You could actually play just using that screen!
  18. Does anyone know if the friends list is region specific? I have two WoW accounts (one US, one EU) linked to my B-Net account, and they seem to have seperate Real ID friends lists. But I assume you can play US players in SC2?
  19. Yes, it's nice to get more than the standard 'it comes in a tin! Has some making of videos and a 10 page art booklet!'
  20. I always found the 'F D DF' moves pretty tough until I realised it's just forward and then a basic quarter-circle. So essentially if you can perform a fireball, just press forwards before you do and it's cake!
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