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  1. Why the hell do I have a repuatation in the minuses?!

  2. Wow, ok lots of feedbak, thanks guys. Basically I was looking at the 500D because it seemed a good spec for the price and the fact that my Dad's been using Canon since he was my age and as such has a few lenses of his own which I had designs on borrowing from time to time just because I could. I'd probably be looking at a max of about 800 quid to get started then looking at the tastly lenses a bit further down the line when I'd actually learnt a bit. As for what I'd be taking it's really general, I mean everything from portraits, landscapes and probably a bit of stage as I'm a lifelong am-dram-er. I'm running a Fuji S5800 crossover at the moment, it's good but not much more than a compact with a 10x zoom. It's fairly good in well lit situations but really falls down when it gets a bit gloomy, pictures generally look a bit flat. I've got a meaty Gorillapod and a monopod at the moment but rarely use them. Cheers for the help guys.
  3. Right, so I've actually found a company naive enought to employ me. So, I'm looking at picking up an EOS 500D once the credit card company are happy with whatever I decide to give them. The question is do I stick with the stock 18-55mm lens that comes in the kit or go for body only and pick up an allround lens elsewhere. If I did it'd probably need to come in under the £200 as I want to get a good 70-200mm a little bit further down the line and that will be pricey. Discuss.
  4. I count 12 in total but 5 of those were on the old thread and haven't been seen since, I'll try and get hold of them and into this thread. I suggest looking at a first race around the end of Oct, should give enough time to have a bit of a practice and get a few more signed up (hopefully).
  5. That might well be handy if you could drop it through to twsf86@hotmail.com I'd much appreciate it!
  6. Nice, Mondays and Thursday are complete no-go's for me anyway. Idealy I'd quite like to do it on a Suday eve, post actual races.
  7. This is now the main PS3 F1 2010 online racing championship thread, please ignore the old one on the main message board. Get voting! GH x
  8. Ok chaps, pay attention. I've started a new thread in the [Online Racing] folder complete with poll. Use that'un from now on and get voting. GH x
  9. Yeah, he'd have been a great help to the British hair products industry through the recession...
  10. CM are saying September...watch this space.
  11. So when CM finally get round to releasing F1 '10 who's up for a bit of rllmuk championship action?
  12. I would love to 'do a Juve'. However, do you really think the however many millions that selling Fab would bring in would actually be invested in new (and most importantly established) players? Sure we got Arshavin last year but this was down to Wenger trying to silence the huge noise being made about no top quality players being bought for years.
  13. Alright chaps. It's been a while! You still playing? Any room for a returning uber-rookie? GH x
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