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  1. There is an event on from today and I think a free login campaign running at the moment, plus the game has gone crazy on twitch the last few weeks.
  2. No on Lich which is on the Light data centre, bloody confusing in typical Square fashion.
  3. Shame, I moved from Moogle when everyone stopped playing and the general chat seemed to be mainly in French.
  4. I thought it just auto expanded the stable. Maybe for the recipes you do not have the items to make them?
  5. This game has gone crazy on twitch recently, loads of streamers playing it, which means more people trying it and Square running out of digital codes. It’s crazy but good for the game.
  6. Yep they are awesome guys to work with. I am on it full time at the moment, you'll be surprised if you haven't played it for a while it's come on a LONG way.
  7. Shameless plug but you should check out Kynseed, it's being made by some of the guys who made the fable games with yours truly on character design duties... https://store.steampowered.com/app/758870/Kynseed/
  8. yeah Asmongold's stream has been fun, he seems to be really enjoying it. I hit 80 yesterday, first time I have hit the level cap and I have been playing on and off since it came out. I am only about a 3rd of the way thru Shadowbringers tho so way overleveled.
  9. Asmongold is starting to play this today on twitch, he's got 200k people watching at the mo, should be amusing.
  10. I had no idea that book even existed, even tho I had done the lead up quests. There is so much in this game it's easy to miss things like that.
  11. Just do those daily duties if you are leveling slowly they really help.
  12. It’s free until level 60 isn’t it? I’ve been playing this a lot recently, hit 74 on my Black Mage. Trying to get the Rathalos mount, fought him about 25 times today!!!
  13. Had a quick go this morning, seems great, really never thought we'd see this sequel as the first game didn't exactly sell well. If this demo is anything like the first games you'll be able to play it for ages and then just continue into the full game, could even be a rare Monstie hidden somewhere.
  14. It was bad, but ask yourself do Capcom actually need to show anything at the moment, Rise just sold like 5 million copies, they can just sit back and chill. Monster Hunter World 2 mwahahahaha.
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