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  1. Was made for me this direct, amazing stuff, both games shoot right to the top of my most wanted list.
  2. I must say the commentary has raised a few chuckles 'that drive reminded me of smooth jazz' my fave so far.
  3. Loving the Yokai event, nice to actually see fates active, I've already got most of the minions, two weapons and the first mount, fun stuff.
  4. Melon_Bread

    NIOH 2

    Obsessed with this at the moment, took me a long time to understand it, there is so much to take in. Still on my first playthrough tho so still learning stuff.
  5. Did anyone manage Alatreon? Took me about 20 extra hours of tries with randoms to down the git, probably hardest fight in the game, good fun tho.
  6. Nice it’s probably the best of the traditional MH games before World came out, my fave one, tho i have fond memories of 3.
  7. The original is one of the best games ever, the GBA sequel not so much.
  8. Yep I didn't realise all those +s quests open up stuff so got tons of them to do.
  9. I only just finished Heavensward! This really is the ultimate sidetrack MMO. I really should just knuckle down and get thru the story on my Black Mage but I end up getting distracted, do a dungeon, think a class looks cool try that out a bit, discover ocean fishing and leapfrog all my characters with my fishing level, discover there's a gathering hub and level gathering and crafting for a bit, Astrologian looks fun, level that for a bit. And then there is my ultimate aim, get the Rathalos mount!
  10. Knew I bought this iPad pro for something, looks amazing on it, enjoying this it's quite relaxing, we need a Corp.
  11. Also back into this, on the Lich server. Discovered Ocean fishing a few days ago, love it . Leveling summoner in potd, my blm is 60 now but need a degree to remember the rotation. Might try a melee dps or try tanking, agree about the tanking nerves a lot of the bosses are simple but then you get the odd one with crazy mechanics that you really need to watch a vid to understand, on the whole people are nice in this game tho.
  12. Just you I think, it gets covered in mud and blood tho.
  13. They need to fix the lightning pronto, think of all the lightning bolt going thru sword pics we are missing out on!
  14. Oooohhh new page screenshot time...
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