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  1. Also loving this, one of the best JRPGs I’ve played in years, it’s so confident in what it’s doing, story is interesting, characters are cool, the battles system is addictive. I find myself going out for of my way to fight stuff it’s so much fun, and if there’s one of those elite rare monsters and I cant quite take it down it sticks in my mind and I am like ‘I’m coming back for you, you mudder!’
  2. He was tweeting the hell out of it and going on about tweaking the script for voice actors so I think he’s involved in some capacity.
  3. Pretty much. I was also surprised they didn't even touch on the mixed reaction to this episode. I listened to the last two and they were pretty cool with lots of insight into the making of the show and how it all connected to BB and little Easter eggs they crammed in.
  4. Don't bother with the podcast this week unless you want to hear a whole lot of backslapping and everyone telling each other what a genius they are.
  5. Enjoyable, not quite what I was expecting, def feels like the calm before the storm. It did make me fancy...
  6. Yeah bizarre post, stick it in spoilers and explain yourself or just don't bother.
  7. I listened to the podcast today they discussed a lot if this stuff, its def worth a listen.
  8. I could watch Fring… was a great episode, a perfect juxtaposition to last weeks.
  9. Quite a lot of stuff left tho, as we close in on the BB timeline...
  10. Enjoyed it, a welcome return, one thing...
  11. Looking forward to this, I binged Breaking Bad (never watched it before) then went straight into Saul and watched that right up until a few weeks ago, then had to wait for it to come back. Loved all of it, it was pretty cool to go straight from BB into this, sort of glad I waited and watched them like that, was almost like one massive series, albeit one with a massive tonal shift in the middle.
  12. Great thread this, been playing my Analogue Pocket a lot and will def check out some of these Gameboy games.
  13. Finally got Bullet Barrage, it's the cherry on the cake of the Gunlance. You surge forward after loading everything, wyrmstake, wyvern's fire, all bullets, the lot, and then unload it into the monsters face all at once!
  14. It's been good so far, and I haven't even got the new move everyone is raving about yet.
  15. Done 2 of the brand new monsters now loved em both. Just hit MR4 rocking the gunlance. I get some major Dragons Dogna vibes from the follower quests and general look of the new hub and the armor the villagers wear.
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