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  1. Finished, what a great game, not the biggest first person fan but I really enjoyed this. Perfect length for this sort of game. Capcom can do no wrong at the moment.
  2. Loving this, great camp scary fun. I am in the second section at about 5 1/2 hours in, is the rest of the game super quick or is 10 hours an underestimate?
  3. You can join quests and get the keys done, that's pretty much how I did the whole of High Rank. No need to start a room.
  4. Oh and I think they are def making a PS5 sequel to world, think they already have a roadmap for G rank expansion to Rise next year then Monster Hunter World 2 which is really MH6 after that.
  5. It's always the case on here, very disappointing, a few of the old guard MH players do seem missing from this thread tho. Shame cuz this is prob the best grindy, multiplayer game out there with the coolest looking equipment to craft.
  6. Looking at the horn tree you are going to have to grind up your HR to make that upgrade.
  7. Done upto Teo, love the tweaks they made the the Elders, for some reason I found Chameleos the hardest, might be cuz I haven't fought him since 4U.
  8. I think it looks the same. Nice to see Chameleos back, pretty fun fight, carted me a couple of time, maybe I should actually upgrade my armor now we have new elders to fight, but I have made so many sets!
  9. Tomorrow we get info on the first big patch that is adding more monsters, there has been some discussion as to what Capcom meant by several in their tweets, the Uk MH community manager just tweeted one word... Plethora! Hype!
  10. A couple of times I felt I was running out of things to do so I tried a new weapon and was back farming the parts for it. Only prob is Narga weapons being overall best so you end up farming him for ages.
  11. Are those dual blades? Do they work with slugger? And you’ll be back the desire to hunt is too strong.
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