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  1. There are non solder screen kits, I did one myself and it was fun and pretty easy.
  2. yeah this forum just doesn’t really do Monster Hunter sadly. This is an absolutely fantastic game. I am at the ice wolf now who is bloody hard.
  3. Lets just say I don’t think she’ll be retiring any time soon.
  4. Had a few moments with this last night, going back with a massive fire hammer to wreck that Giant boar, where I was thinking this is just as good as Monster Hunter. Maybe it’s because Rise streamlined so much and this feels more like World.
  5. This is really good, def the first of the MH clones to get the feel right, the hammer weapon is awesome, landing the biggest hit really has impact. It has that committing to a move that MH has were it can almost feel like you are fighting the controls but you are stuck in place while you hammer a giant rooster in the head. Can totally see MH stealing the Fortnite building element as well. oh and @Wiperthe monster parts do break off, and you run back and carve them.
  6. Some people collect the battered cards, they do have a certain charm.
  7. Couple of recent highlights...
  8. Did this for the game I've been working on. Not really for any specific reason just fancied doing something like a Netflix cartoon poster...
  9. Replied in your wanted post, I have a few on the list.
  10. I quite enjoyed it. Had no idea who anyone was for the first hour, the story was a bit of a mess and jumped around a lot, but the visuals and 3D were a step up from what we've seen before, it was almost VR like at points. My fave character was the whale.
  11. I would love a Charmander, I only just did the elite four so missed the raid.
  12. Been playing it recently and I love it, it's my comfort blanket game, the music, the story, even the new voice acting is fantastic. I much prefer it to Xcom and Rabbids, just the whole vibe does it for me. Theres not a lot of games like it, and most of those are made by the same team, it's just one of the greatest SRPG's ever made and I think they did a great job with this version.
  13. It’s def a nice card. I’ve got into collecting these recently and it’s def a money sink. But sometimes its better to just buy that chase card and get it out if the way. I got 2 boxes of the new Japanese set last week and they are a lot more fun to open than the endless disappointment of english sets.
  14. The combat is my fave part of the game, it's got my best sprite work and I got to help out with the design as a whole. It's not turn based it's a realtime reactive system with an ATB elements, so you can move around freely but need to wait for stamina to recharge to be able to attack. It's a little like Mega Man Battle network or a real time Mario and Luigi RPG, with a sort of roguelike progression where you choose to take the easy route or keep going up to harder levels for more rewards. You are not forced to do the hard combat stuff in game, it's optional, tho the story will require some combat, it's also sectioned off in 3 dungeons of increasing difficulty so no fighting as you go about your daily adventures in Quill.
  15. I worked on this for the last 5 years, it’s been a crazy week. Hope you all enjoy it!
  16. Quite partial to Palafin esp when you call him back and he turns into super dolphin. I've been enjoying it a lot, but yeah, like you say apart from sorting out the frame rate a bit I doubt they will do much via patches.
  17. I know, sorry, was feeling argumentative hahah, all good.
  18. It sold 10 million copies in 3 days, doesn't excuse the state of the game but I don't think a couple of people not getting their pre-order from 1 Game is gonna make much of a difference.
  19. There must be Pokemon people have in home that are not in the game so they cannot transfer, they just make home a place to log all your Pokemon across every game, like a master Dex and if those pokemon are in the new rebooted game it you can transfer. I'd scrap home completely hardly anyone uses it.
  20. It's still worth a play. They back themselves into a corner Game Freak, they have this franchise which revolves around 100's of Pokemon in each game, most of which have 3 evolution states, and each of these Pokemon can learn multiple moves, then they make 2 versions of this game, the amount of work is astronomical and ends up with corners cut. If I was running Pokemon I'd reboot the whole thing, cut it back to a smaller Pokedex, only include the fan fave Pokemon (there's some terrible Pokemon now that look like a couple of pingpong balls with a smiley face drawn on them), then make future proof new models for a reduced amount of Pokemon and build from that base, but no, that makes too much sense.
  21. Yeah it’s shockingly bad how awful it looks sometimes, but then I realise I’ve been playing it for hours and enjoying myself. Had to stop trying to farm shinies tho as way over levelled.
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