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  1. Dunno now, it's too close to Xmas, GameFocus in London said they wont have a copy till the New Year. That or search around on Google for dodgy sites.
  2. Yeah I've been playing the rom as well, but only because nowhere in the UK seems to have it yet. It is fantastic, really back to Treasures best after the dissapointing Tiny Toons game. I had to stop playing tho cuz I didnt want to ruin it when I finally get a copy, before I stopped playing I did fight some pretty cool bosses tho.
  3. I think you'll find Rare already fucked up Starfox last Xmas.
  4. Come on girls, we've all had a drink, lets shake hands and all be friends again.
  5. Not possible. I've not seen the cover yet so I'm not in a position to pass judgement, or indeed be "envious" of the creation. ps. I used "envious" because I can't spell "jealous" either Well mate, if you had read the kind of things I post (not very often on here because of stuff like this) and rememberd me as Gunstar_Red on the Edge forum you would know that I am not the attention seeker you seem to think I am. And picking up on spelling is just fucking annoying and you know it, I know I cant spell for toffee but I sure can draw.
  6. I don't think there is anything wrong with asking how the cover looks if you did and you haven't seen it yet. Reasonable question, if you ask me. Heh heh... I tried "being nice" about it but smacks of egotism. There, I said it Do you see my point? Oh shut up, I was asking because I had yet to see it in printed form. If my post smacks of egotism. Then yours equally smacks of jelousy.
  7. It's very blocky. Seriously, it looks lovely but what happened to the curved surface on the SNES? Cheers. Erm... You'll start counting the number of keys on the amiga and snes next And CurryKitten it's not like the last cover, this time it's just the consoles included in the mag pixel art stylee. But theres tons of cool stuff on my website if you wanna take a look.
  8. It's shit. Who are you? Thanks for that. Can anybody who actually has the mag tell me how my art looks on the cover. Ooooooh! Chill out, bub Er... I'm chilled mate, it was you who jumped in a started telling me the cover was shit.
  9. It's shit. Who are you? Thanks for that. Can anybody who actually has the mag tell me how my art looks on the cover.
  10. More importantly whats the cover look like cuz I drew it
  11. Are you all playing on Broadband connections? I still need to upgrade but once I do I'll join you, esp now that Mau's PC specs have made me confident it'll work fine on my PC.
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