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  1. Are you dual wielding Katanas? I found her fairly easy with Rivers and the Mimic, it stun locked her quite a bit, still had at least 10 goes tho. I was way lower level than you and don't think Rivers was maxed yet. What part of the fight gives you the most problems?
  2. Whole combos while not even touching the controller tho, thats a busted pad or a ghost.
  3. Not seen it myself, apart from the usual ‘commit to animation’ souls thing.
  4. Sounds like your joypad is haunted.
  5. About 75 faith and I had to upgrade the Erdtrees Seal, then got close and let rip with the string. You still have to do some dodging, its not total cheese.
  6. Thanks for this, killed the final boss with prawn silly string. Blood build just wasn’t doing it so a quick respect to faith, blasphemous bladed the first form and silly stringed the last guy. Peasy. Not seen the ending yet tho, will tidy up some lose strands tomorrow and see if I can platinum it.
  7. It's the appear from nowhere beam or swipe you to death move I hate. I had him about 2 hits from death one time. Mimic seems to do very little in that fight, think all the teleporting means it's constantly running after the boss.
  8. I know he's optional but he is total bullshit, 1 shot moves all over the shop.
  9. Will also come back, Elden Ring taking up all my time at the mo.
  10. It's all about pages 16-17 for me this issue (we it would be cuz it's the game I've working on in my spare time for years)
  11. Not heard of 'House Slaves' either, or if I have it never registered. I always thought the House Elves were an extension of the Brownie Folklore, I used to have a book on folklore as a kid and it had a part about Brownies that would live in your house and do all the tidying up over night, as a kid I thought that was kinda cool but can see it being a bit slavey I guess. Tho the house owners would leave out food so they were more like paid cleaners than slaves.
  12. The bow Knights and those guys with the flaming crossbows are the hardest enemies in the game so far.
  13. Nerfs are a little over exaggerated, stuck with my Sword of Night and flame mimic build and still managed to destroy most of the stuff in the capital. The quality never seems to dip in this game.
  14. Elden Ring just nudges ahead of BotW for me, however, if BotW 2 has proper dungeons and decent rewards from chests it might just pull back first place. Basically an eternal struggle between these two games innovating on each other can only be a good thing. I think the NPC's in Elden Ring are a bit lacking, there's no Siegmeyer, Solaire or Eileen, a few I like but most are forgettable.
  15. Another one is Dragons Dogma, I get some serious DD vibes from this. I do wonder if the DD2 team, assuming it's being made, have looked at this and gone, oh shit.
  16. Played this loads over the weekend, got seduced by the Sword of Night and Flame and destroyed a few bosses with it. I do love how you can break this game if you really want to, I hope they don't overly nerf anything, but there are some standout OP weapons and arts.
  17. If you are talking about Godrick there is a grace point right next to him. Or you mean Rennala, you can jump across to the bridge and run back without fighting anything.
  18. Did Radahn last night, the hardest thing was avoiding his arrow at the start, rode around a lot, hit him from behind, almost did him first time then it all went wrong for about 10 more tries, got him right before I stopped playing for bed.
  19. Nope it’s been pretty stable.
  20. How are you quitting out of the game? Cuz going to the menu and doing it the proper way shows how long you have been playing for.
  21. Talking of faith weapons I switched from my trusty sword to the Winged Scythe last night, was destroying stuff, the art that comes on the weapon is awesome like a spinning forward jump. Explored the second area with the big lake, amazing, what a game.
  22. 35 hours in and I finally found...
  23. I don't think anyone ever doubted it would do well, but this is fantastic, I had a feeling it was reaching out to a more mainstream audience when my daughter came home from school and told me all the kids were talking about it.
  24. Yeah and let's see how many attempts it took that level 1 naked guy to learn the fight.
  25. Hmmm interesting, I noticed this as well, thought it was a new thing, a sight reduction in runs each time you get them back. I hope it is a thief, if it is, they are gonna pay.
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