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  1. You pretty much get killed over and over trying different direction rolls until you find the one that works.
  2. Some of them are hostile NPC's.
  3. Add me to the Godrick gang, fun boss, very much enjoyed exploring the castle, def missed a few bits and sort of want to farm those knights for some new armor, so I shall pop back tomorrow.
  4. Give up now and miss out or stick with it until it clicks and fall in love so deep nothing will ever quite come close to a Fromsoft Souls game. Your choice.
  5. nah this doesn't work, I have to 2 hand it to get weapon art out, which is a pain cuz but the time I've done the art, swapped to the shield the weapon art is starting to wear off. There is an art that removes all skills from the shield even the parry, with that equipped I think you can do the weapon art with shield out.
  6. Entered the castle last night, great stuff, also cleaned up a few sidequests. Any who uses a shield, have you got the art that...
  7. Bloodstains started working for me, scared the life out of me, was in a dungeon, and thought I'd been invaded. Also manage to get onto the...
  8. This thread makes me think theres some kind of psychological thesis to be written about how different people play this game. some wonder off, some do what they are told and head straight for certain death at the castle, other jump around one shoting everything hating on the game. its hilarious.
  9. Haha i did him around level 30 with 15+ hours on the clock. If someone tells me to head for a scary looking castle I’m off in the opposite direction to have a nose around for 15 hours.
  10. I tried this and he smashed the wall down and kill me thru whatever was left of the church. Got him in the end tho, he's a right pain.
  11. I also do this a lot, it’s very annoying
  12. Took Margit down on my 3rd try, love how you can use the open world to out level the bosses. we killed each other at the end tho, I saw he was almost dead ran in all gung ho trying to finish him off, he got me but as You Died popped onto the screan the ticking poison from my Jellyfish companion took him down, it was a fitting end. Now I have a castle to explore.
  13. This is how it’s been for most of us from the start, where the hell did you go.
  14. yes I just did that bit, it's actually not random, did you... Absolutely loving this, having a nose around ruins and diving into dungeons is my jam. Around level 25 and have not even seen the first proper boss yet, shudder to think about big this game actually is.
  15. Assuming it works like Dark Souls then the loot is not random, chest would have specific items and yes some enemies would drop thier weapons and armor.
  16. In these games following a guide to get some op gear is completely pointless if you do not take the time to level up your actual skill at playing the game. It’s like buying a katana and expecting to be a samurai.
  17. Quick lunch break come back... mizzay (319,024,330) mrben09 (297,939,400) Melon (221,967,130) bradigor (181.851,230) Parappa (181,559,510) Cheeko (148,689,070) Mortis (87,891,810) When this table flows it's amazing fun.
  18. He's a good watch, very entertaining, kinda looks like a pinball Paul Rudd. Also, it's good to see the pro's have a lot of bad games before they hit those big scores.
  19. Yeah, it's great, and because we are choosing 1 table each week you actually get to spend time learning them. I wasn't keen on Pirates but I loved the Getaway and Fish Tales. We need to do Medieval Madness at some point.
  20. Fun table, but bloody hard. getting there tho. I especially like this one cuz it's a Mark Ritchie table, just like Diner the table my dad used to have. mizzay (319,024,330) mrben09 (297,939,400) bradigor (181.851,230) Parappa (181,559,510) Cheeko (148,689,070) Melon (143,749,440) Mortis (87,891,810)
  21. I totally love how bad George's website looks, I bet he made it himself. He's got the money to have the slickest of websites, but no, he'll stick with something that looks like a blog from 20 years ago, quite possibly is just that.
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