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  1. yeah, it's got a nice cast of diverse characters. I did notice they eat well in Chainscrape as well, a good variety of body types, that Chef must be making a fortune.
  2. On my TV (nothing special) it looks so much better in resolution mode, and I can't play a game like this knowing it's not looking as good as possible, so I've stuck with that.
  3. Yeah, it didn't look Sekiro brutal, thank god.
  4. I watched some of the streamers who got to play this yesterday and, oh boy, if you think it's gonna be easier you better get your big boy pants on.
  5. Enjoying this a lot, also paying in Resolution mode as it just looks way better. I didn't really get on with the 1st game, not sure it was the game's fault, there was always something better to play and I could never settle into it, a shame Elden Ring is going to do exactly that next week. It really reminds me of Monster Hunter sometimes, not the Monsters ironically, but the environments and some of the armor and design of that 1st little town you go. That was straight out of MH World, even the Chef guy had a little MH style cutscene. That's all a plus for me tho.
  6. Omizzay (792,300,050) mrben09 (446,076,070) Melon_Bread (326,075,550) Mortis (215,754,310) Parappa (150,638,950) bradigor (91,305,820)
  7. First go, this is the polar opposite to the Getaway, where your game could be over in minutes, this one is almost too generous with it's multiballs and shoot again.
  8. I think everyone is on different severs, you didn't have much choice you just took what you could get. I ended up on Sceptrum.
  9. Best so far, it's a great table, has some of the sounds from Diner so that makes me happy, can be very frustrating tho as there is so much payoff for setting things up right that messing it up is really annoying. I suck at hitting the left orbit for some reason.
  10. All about gunlancer for me.
  11. Up for a bit of this.
  12. Yeah, you are right. I was with my daughter at a bday party over the weekend, right near the arcade in Bournemouth, so we popped in after it had finished and stuck a load of money into the Stern Jurassic Park machine, mainly because of my renewed interest in pinball via VPX. I must say virtual pinball is fantastic but there is nothing like a proper machine, playing it felt fantastic and I will always have a few goes if I see one out in the wild.
  13. Cheers. Actually found it!
  14. I couldn't get the ACDC table working said it needed a 170hc rom and I couldn't find it.
  15. Thank you. Luck played a bit part for me, it all snowballed from that one Edge Retro cover, not that I wasn't drawing all the time my whole life but I still needed that big break. Then I ended up freelancing for over 15 years and, who knew, drawing everyday for a job actually makes you a lot better at it. Now I am full time working in games which is what I always wanted to do. So there is hope.
  16. Didn’t strike me as odd at all, seemed like a really nice, softly spoken bloke.
  17. It's quite easy actually, grab the latest version, they call it X it's version 10.7 something I think. Go to the table downloads and choose the VPX option, grab a table stick it in the table folder, grab the rom and stick them in the mame/roms folder. Some tables tell you what roms it needs others dont. Fire it up, a lot of the tables need you to start twice to get them to work, like it sets up the settings first time then a restart makes it work. 5 add credits, 1 starts the game, shift is flippers, return to shoot the ball.
  18. Try hitting the END key then 8 and 9 should adjust the volume. And yeah that service menu is confusing.
  19. Think you can sort your problem if you get into the service menu and use 8 and 9 (I think) to turn the sound up or down. Mine works fine until you shoot the ball then all sound stops apart from the flipper and ball sounds. I also get whiteout graphics on the playfield and side bumpers. It's a bit buggy I guess.
  20. I couldn't get the sound working on that LotR table, downloaded a ton of roms as well, was hard to find the right ones I needed so just grabbed all of em.
  21. Never really understood the dislike of bosses, bosses are awesome. Prob why I like MH so much, cuz it's non stop boss battles. Cannot wait for this game, I am in a sort of gaming holding pattern at the moment playing anything just to pass the time until this comes out.
  22. Yeah the village in Rise is super easy, online you'll die, or cart as we call it, for sure.
  23. You might be slightly dissapointed if you are expecting weapon synergy in multiplayer it's more of a hugh bundle, esp in Rise. MH online is fun tho, every hunt is different, you'll get hunts that go super smooth, hunts that go badly wrong but you just scape through. And you'll see someone with a super cool weapon which will make you want to try that out instead of what you are using. I say jump right in.
  24. The older games did have more prep and were slower, but they have been getting more and more streamlined, and Rise pretty much boils it down to boss rush as you say. Rise is made by the second MH team and they tend to make faster more experimental MH games. I would def recommend checking out MH World if you can it's halfway between Rise and the older style MH. Also, the Gunlance in Rise is amazing fun, and it is actually very mobile esp once you open the move where you fire yourself across the screen like a rocket.
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