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  1. Oh it's got some quite good ones, not as bad as world for variety. There is a spider, crazy spinning monkey, big frog that is not tetsu and best of all, great big murder bear with knives for hands.
  2. Some of the best tables as far as I am concerned are Attack from Mars, Diner, Medieval Madness, Fish Tales and Monster Bash.
  3. Try this… http://esotericsoftware.com/ 2D with a bone system, used it years ago it’s easy to learn.
  4. Bosses mainly, some more fluid controls, loot, bit of grinding, and a crazy weird story. Mech with a fuck off massive sword would be cool.
  5. Totally up for this! But I hope they do bring in some Souls like elements.
  6. Yes it was fun, doing all those monsters is my jam really. Do stuff like that all day everyday now, what's better than sitting around at home drawing monsters for a living.
  7. I wont touch them cuz I do not want to be cancelled by a community that has been good to me over the years and I have a decent job doing art for games, that's all I ever wanted to do so why ruin it. Also the sketchy environmental impact. I have also had experience of the cryptobro community first hand and it wasn't exactly fun and half the time I had no idea what they were going on about. Just seem to be all about the money and not the artwork, everything is how much this is worth or how much it is going to make you and 90% of it looks total shit.
  8. Looks good, some of the tables def look better than others. Luckily Diner looks awesome, I prefer the renders that look a bit used rather than just a clean rendition.
  9. Yep and HEAVY! I wanted my Dad's table but no room so we had to sell it. We would always play it at Xmas so the sound reminds me of good times.
  10. Seems so, this is also partly because they have to make thousands of the things and they cant afford to pay the artist to make each one, so they cobble any old shit together. Thank god I am full time on games nowadays cuz every illustration job enquiry ends with me asking if it's for NFT's and explaining how I refuse to work on them.
  11. Oh that VPX emu is great, my dad used to have a Diner table, was able to play it last night, almost as good as the real thing.
  12. Finished this tonight, brilliant stuff, last episode was fantastic. An Aussie drama crossed with Tarantino, but both parts are equally as good. And I do love how the universe this is set...
  13. Just delete the save, that's what I have done, I think it still gives you some online stuff which make the start a bit easier but you can def start again if you do not care about your old save.
  14. Yeah about a week ago it was super cheap like Capwn says, for some reason it's not in the current sale. It was so cheap I was going to buy it so I don't have to put in the disc to play it, but it's back up the 15 quid now.
  15. Also playing this again at the moment. It's a great side game as you can dip in for as little or a long as you like. To answer you question, from what I have read, ZZZ is better than stun, and lasts a bit longer. Plus when they wake up they won't go into alert.
  16. If you had watched one more you would of known. You fell into your own trap there.
  17. haha thought the same thing, thread full of positivity = when does it get good. Also throw in a bit of 'I don't understand the disabled'.
  18. The one you couldn’t understand has motor neurone disease. Maybe watch a few more and find out.
  19. Very much enjoying this as well. Apart from the awful save system, tonight I did a load of stuff, beat one of those red eye things, levelled up a bit, pushed the story along a bit. However while I was doing that I picked up some items for a side quest thought oh I will hand that in on my way to the save point, the npc was like thanks for that but now I am going to have to beat your head in with my op fists and kill you all in 2 hits, so now I gotta do it all again, sigh. Good job it’s fun to play.
  20. I have mixed feeling about Roblox, there is def a bit of older generation being out of touch with what the kids are playing. My daughter, who is 10 loves it, but she seems to be avoiding the parts of the game that these articles are highlighting. She is pretty savvy about scammers and spends most of her time hanging out with her cousin messing around trolling people. There's a lot of roleplay in Roblox, the other night they both changed their characters into these little weird looking things, the total opposite of all the other players glamorous characters and started messing around in someone's acting school roleplay, they were laughing their heads off. The rest of the time they spend in this game called Bloxburg which is like the Sims but also has a 3D editor where you can build your own houses, they have made some amazing creations. I have watched her using this editor and it looks like a level design program from a FPS, reminds me of making levels in Quake so I am not going to stop her doing that it's creative and she's pretty good at it. I do keep my eye on things tho, her bedroom is next to my Studio so I can hear everything going on and pop in to have a look quite a bit and she's always telling me what she is playing or what people are doing in game. She'd dabbled with a few games I didn't really like that seemed to boil down to gacha loot boxes as the sole gameplay element, there's a very popular game called Adopt Me, which is like collecting pets in WoW but that's all you do, you collect and trade with other players and then stand around showing off your rare pet, a lot of scamming goes on in that game. She doesn't really play it anymore tho, seems more interested in the roleplay or building aspects. It's certainly a very odd game, it can look terrible and great at the same time and I do not agree with every aspect of it, but some of those articles make it sound like all it's doing is ripping off children when there is a bit more to it than that.
  21. Resi 2, played it over and over and then went out a got a copy and a chipped PS1 to play it.
  22. Crashing a lot for me, shame cuz what I played was fun. Will wait for patch.
  23. Yeah it does somehow lose something with the transition to 3D, will have to play the game to be sure tho. There was something about the first game in how they got such amazing mileage out of minimal animations, I loved that about it.
  24. yep 2. For the second phase with the balls you need to shoot try charging up your shot and standing at the back, this helped for me.
  25. Kraid down, starting to enjoy this now that I am getting into the swing of things, after about a million deaths.
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