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  1. I tend to agree with him, however not at that part...
  2. Was not sure I was gonna get this, then had a look on shopto to see how much it was and somehow I had £42 credit so it got ordered!
  3. It sounds like your are on the very first mission where it explains the controls, that's very early into the game, I'd try and give it a bit more of a chance. If you can't find that guy tho there might not be any hope for you
  4. One of the best games on the Switch. All MH games are amazing, so yeah it gets a whole lot better, but it's possible you'll hate it until it clicks. Plenty of people in your position have ended up obsessed with the series.
  5. I feel I must say that I do not listen to LBC because of James. I listened to it before he was on and I will listen to it after, there are presenters on there I like and some I hate. I do not parrot their views or let them overly influence me, I actually find it quite interesting to hear other peoples views that I might disagree with politically. I much prefer talk radio to music radio, why would I want to listen to a load of music I do not like repeated over and over all day? It was on in the background my whole childhood, back when Pete Murray was on and Peter Cook used to call into Clive Bull half cut doing stupid characters. There's been some memorable moments on there, I find radio an amazing medium esp for breaking news. I work from home and have done for almost 20 years and it's kept me company the whole time and I've not turned into some crazy fascist loon... yet.
  6. Sorry, but calling me a moron just makes me not want to engage.
  7. Nick Abbot and David Lammy come to mind, and Natasha of course. Maajid before he went insane. The whole point is that it's a mix, it's tipped both ways over the years tho.
  8. He talks bout this quite often actually. I think he's very aware of where he's working and there's plenty of left leaning presenters on LBC. This thread is just obvious who listens to it and who doesn't.
  9. Told you earlier I ain't getting into an argument about Corbyn. Saying he's a moron just tells me you've hardly ever listened to him.
  10. Nah, what do you base this on, the viral clips of him destroying people phoning in? His main problem is none of the people who engineered Brexit will actually call in, JRM did once and they sort of cancelled each other out. He's not punching down on purpose it's just the only people who are foolish enough phone in and defend Brexit end up like fish in a barrel. He did stop doing it for a while but on occasions someone will call in and he'll get tempted to ask them about why they voted to leave, it's quite interesting sometimes to find out why.
  11. Episode 4 should of been titled Monologue Tennis. Like I said I really enjoyed the first half of the show, it's got more problems than just the monologues tho, esp the last few episodes.
  12. You must be the only person playing it who hasn't queued at some point or you are playing at an ungodly hour. I've lost interest in this now, it's the same old grind.
  13. He has his moments and can be very funny sometimes, but does seem to be on holiday a lot.
  14. Yeah he's an odd one I used to really like him, he's super clued up on some subjects, however he seems to think he's super clued up on EVERY subject. His wife is American isn't she, so I all I can think is he gets a lot of his news and views from over there as they seem at odds with what's going on here.
  15. Midnight Mass - Netflix 7/10 Really good, then really bad.
  16. How long until this becomes another MMO thread with just Flub posting?
  17. He was doing the show in marigold washing gloves at one point wasn't he.
  18. Ok, ok, guys, I get the O'Brien hate, it's a Corbyn thing. I ain't going anywhere near that tho, can already feel the hounds circling.
  19. Not really, I think the world has generally got more political so the station reflects that, gone are the days of movie reviews, I won a really nice horror movie book on there in the 90's.
  20. I've listened to LBC my whole life, my mum use to have it on when I was a kid and I just find it comforting to have it on in the background. I find it weird you all hate O'brien, from some of your comments I doubt you've ever listened to him. Couple of 'zinger' posts in this thread that he regularly goes on about on his show, like how terrible his TV show was. Anyway Eddie Mair, James, Shelagh Fogarty and Nick Abbot are all worth a listen.
  21. Fishing is one of things I wanted to try but I couldn't find any of the fibres you need to make the fishing rod.
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