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  1. Midnight Mass - Netflix 7/10 Really good, then really bad.
  2. How long until this becomes another MMO thread with just Flub posting?
  3. He was doing the show in marigold washing gloves at one point wasn't he.
  4. Ok, ok, guys, I get the O'Brien hate, it's a Corbyn thing. I ain't going anywhere near that tho, can already feel the hounds circling.
  5. Not really, I think the world has generally got more political so the station reflects that, gone are the days of movie reviews, I won a really nice horror movie book on there in the 90's.
  6. I've listened to LBC my whole life, my mum use to have it on when I was a kid and I just find it comforting to have it on in the background. I find it weird you all hate O'brien, from some of your comments I doubt you've ever listened to him. Couple of 'zinger' posts in this thread that he regularly goes on about on his show, like how terrible his TV show was. Anyway Eddie Mair, James, Shelagh Fogarty and Nick Abbot are all worth a listen.
  7. Fishing is one of things I wanted to try but I couldn't find any of the fibres you need to make the fishing rod.
  8. Except nobody on earth talks like that. Thought it might be funny to start monologuing in real life, like I come back from Coop and my daughter asks me what I got her, so I go into a 10 minute story about some terrible thing that happened in my childhood, instead of just saying 'here, I got you a Twix'.
  9. I stopped myself playing this yesterday, played it quite a bit during the day, then it sort of struck me what am I actually doing? what am I aiming for? I feel like I am am just ticking off a list of busy work and it's starting to seem like a big old waste of time. I guess a lot of games can feel like that, but this one more so. It's like they were scared to let you have any sort of downtime, not everyone has the attention span of a goldfish. It's like the game has no rhythm to it, it's just non stop stuff.
  10. It's fun, but suffers from the current obsession with giving you 100's of things to do at once, there seems very little time to stop and admire the scenery, I remember when I first played WoW they gave you time to breath and it really felt like going on an adventure into the unknown, this feels a bit like I'm ticking off a list.
  11. At the moment you will use those precious hours in a queue to get into the game.
  12. Watched all of this now, I thought the first half up to episode 4 was absolutely brilliant, totally engrossing TV with some great acting, but the last few episodes were terrible and had me rolling my eyes. The action parts felt flat, some of the shocking parts didn't hit home, the characters started acting stupid or being generally useless. I couldn't stop watching it at first, but I had to force myself to watch the last episode as I stopped caring about what was going to happen, I ended up reaching for my phone a bit during the last episode to the extent that I don't actually know what happened to the priest in the end.
  13. Think you need to be same faction as well, will make a characters on Una-bara later.
  14. Giving this a go as well, tho I have looked at the login screen longer than I've played it.
  15. Anyway, very much enjoying playing this again, it's a game with a unique atmosphere.
  16. Since the 'Death Stranding' happened, did you read the front of the box?
  17. I have the last episode to watch tonight, it's good and I have enjoyed it but with all Flanagan’s stuff I find the build up is great but gets gradually worse as the full story is revealed. And it should of been called Midnight Monologue, my god do the characters waffle on sometimes, had me rolling my eyes a few times, esp episode 4. the Doctor Muslim Policeman Also...
  18. FF Tactics and Vagrant Story for sure, all VS would really need is a quick weapon swap option. No idea why this hasn't happened.
  19. Melon_Bread


    Saw them at the Astoria and I think Kilburn, bumped into Kurt after the show, he had the bluest eye I have ever seen, while we all excitedly jabber at him someone comes out from backstage and says Courtney is on the phone, my mate Paul makes some comment about what Kurt said about her on The Word and he playfully hit my mate in the stomach and ran backstage, good times.
  20. I find the map in this a bit annoying, the quest markers seem to sometimes work other times not and fast travel will suddenly not work. It keeps downloading the bloody PS4 version every time I start up my PS5 as well.
  21. You need a specific skill to get it working I think, it tells you this at one point, it's called Swallow Blade.
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