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  1. Just do those daily duties if you are leveling slowly they really help.
  2. It’s free until level 60 isn’t it? I’ve been playing this a lot recently, hit 74 on my Black Mage. Trying to get the Rathalos mount, fought him about 25 times today!!!
  3. Had a quick go this morning, seems great, really never thought we'd see this sequel as the first game didn't exactly sell well. If this demo is anything like the first games you'll be able to play it for ages and then just continue into the full game, could even be a rare Monstie hidden somewhere.
  4. It was bad, but ask yourself do Capcom actually need to show anything at the moment, Rise just sold like 5 million copies, they can just sit back and chill. Monster Hunter World 2 mwahahahaha.
  5. I would be very surprised, they've never overlapped Monster Hunter games before, that would be competing with their own fanbase. They work on 2 year cycles, mainline MH game which get content for a year then an expansion, then B team make portable game which is more experimental which also get an expansion around a year later, then the next mainline game which steals any of the good idea's from the B team. I guess they could show something super early but I would not expect MH World 2, which would be MH6, until 2023.
  6. Way too early for that, I would expect to get G rank Rise expansion before we see anything of World 2. Dragons Dogma for me as well, come on Itsuno give us what we want! And a MH Stories 2 demo, but that might be in the Nintendo presentation.
  7. Amazing stuff, the monster designs so far ahead of anything else, epic.
  8. Yep they are top tier AAA, probably the best left standing. And you are correct there are no radio towers in Dragons Dogma and what an amazing game it is. Cannot wait for this or anything else Capcom put out at the moment.
  9. Thought this was an enjoyable terrible film, I watched it in 2 sittings so it's didn't seem too long. At some point they all had a meeting about how Dave is a meathead but he's a thoughtful intelligent meathead, now how do we show this... oh I know lets have him WEAR GLASSES! Also, if we learn one lesson from this film, it's never hire an interpretive dance troupe to play the zombies in your zombie move, esp if they are fast zombies.
  10. That annoying robot has right put me off.
  11. It was def a game where the grunge was used to hide the rough edges and detail was almost hinted at sometimes. Now it’s all out in the open and can look a bit rough like the new texture artists are having to fill in the blanks. I am finding the first game hard going tbh, I remember loving it back in the day, think it was my fave out of the 3 but it has not aged well, I have tried to play for a good long session a few times but I end up looking at my phone while I skip the dialogue and start feeling like I need nap.
  12. Did you use the premade Shepard or make you own? Might be why.
  13. Not sure how you could miss it, it asked when I created the character. 1 questions about where you grew up and 1 about an event that happened to you.
  14. Finished, what a great game, not the biggest first person fan but I really enjoyed this. Perfect length for this sort of game. Capcom can do no wrong at the moment.
  15. Loving this, great camp scary fun. I am in the second section at about 5 1/2 hours in, is the rest of the game super quick or is 10 hours an underestimate?
  16. You can join quests and get the keys done, that's pretty much how I did the whole of High Rank. No need to start a room.
  17. Oh and I think they are def making a PS5 sequel to world, think they already have a roadmap for G rank expansion to Rise next year then Monster Hunter World 2 which is really MH6 after that.
  18. It's always the case on here, very disappointing, a few of the old guard MH players do seem missing from this thread tho. Shame cuz this is prob the best grindy, multiplayer game out there with the coolest looking equipment to craft.
  19. Looking at the horn tree you are going to have to grind up your HR to make that upgrade.
  20. Done upto Teo, love the tweaks they made the the Elders, for some reason I found Chameleos the hardest, might be cuz I haven't fought him since 4U.
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