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  1. I’ll get one, it’ll sit under the downstairs TV, but not at launch. Local multiplayer and such. I’ve got a TV connected to my PC upstairs for joypad games.
  2. Microsoft will spend a fortune getting a reasonable lead, Amazon will tick along being generally a bit naff but not expensive with occasional big hits added, Google will lose interest and close Stadia down. Alibaba will have more users than all 3 put together, but only about 7 users in the UK so will be completely ignored.
  3. I’m really not sure Square Enix can always afford projects like that. They have hits, but they have a hell of a lot of quite expensive misses too. They might need it.
  4. The company withholding it get a good chunk of their development costs covered. I suspect there are a few games that get the OK, or perhaps slightly more dev time, because of that.
  5. Based on Xcloud, my connection just isn’t good enough. A fun novelty, but useless to me. Maybe in a few years, but realistically they need to be pushing performance boundaries beyond what a home system can do before it becomes tempting.
  6. Rev

    Xbox Game Pass

    If you install a game when it hits the service and actually play it, if you’re still playing it months later when it goes you’ll not begrudge paying for it. All that’s happened is that you’ve had a demo that’s lasted for 6 months and you’re going to be able to get it cheaper. There’s really no down sides.
  7. It’s always seemed to me like timed exclusives are mostly a waste of, er, time. They sound like a big deal, but games go to the top of the charts on the other platforms when they release there so clearly plenty of people wait. It’s just like waiting for a film to come out on DVD rather than motivation to buy the other console for 99% of people.
  8. Rev

    Xbox Game Pass

    They give a 20% discount on a game when it is about to leave, but you’re apnoea always better waiting for the next sale. Also, some games leave the service and then rejoin a few months later, although some never come back. It’s hard to guess which way that’ll go. EDIT: Also, if you’re on PC you can mostly just find the save and open it on a version you’ve got from another store. That’s not 100%, but it’s worked for me so far.
  9. There’s EU and UK friendly shipping. There shouldn’t be any extra customs regardless of the government. Doesn’t make it cheap, obv, but at least predictable.
  10. There are about 150 million console sales in a generation. Assuming Microsoft can get half, and all those pay for Ultimate then they’d be making a bit over a billion a month, so they’d be able to pay for Bethesda every 6 months towards the end of the generation. So it’s probably fine. But that’s never been the point anyway. If every kid grows up with a Windows PC for Gamepass, then it’ll be Windows (or at least Microsoft) they want to use in the corporate environment in 25 years. If that works, then they don’t ever need to make a profit on Gamepass. Microsoft had a 2-3 year
  11. It would have been on the Bethesda launcher first, surely? And that is just a Microsoft platform now, so why not PC Gamepass? It’s not even on steam to preorder yet, is it?
  12. The only thing I can’t see mentioned - will Deathloop now be on PC Gamepass on day one of PC release? Pretty much the only nextgen game that’s looking properly good and it’s clearly a PC game, not a console one.
  13. It looks awful in renders and even worse in photographs. All they need to do is reveal that it’s got RGB, which is what I suspect they mean by customisation, and it’ll be the worst looking console ever. The Series X isn’t far behind, mind.
  14. Deus Ex and Dishonored are probably above it, but you could probably shuffle those into a different sub-genre that involves puzzles. But even just being in the same conversation as them is enough to show how good it was as a game.
  15. I was thinking about this earlier, and I think that Crysis might well be the best “big” game that a lot of people haven’t played, apart from where there are mitigating factors (such as rarity, price, etc.). I think it quickly got a reputation as “just graphics” which meant even people who have booted it up haven’t gone far in it, and obviously most people haven’t got that far. It really was an utterly, utterly magnificent game at the time. I’m not sure it’s quite better than Halo, and probably Goldeneye, but it’s very very near my list of top FPS games. Assuming this version is good
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