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  1. No expansions sneaking in the Hive box? Very much depending on price, I’d be interested in Army of Frogs, Getaway Driver, Sensor Ghosts and Lux Aeterna, plus a couple that have been spoken for.
  2. Pretty sure that the pledge manager is opening again between the first and second waves ship, that was certainly the plan. You can probably get on it then. I’m in a similar-but-different position of having backed it but not added anything except a playmat. Kinda thinking I should have gone for more since it’s being well-received.
  3. It will also be available in every charity shop for £1 in a few years, if that helps.
  4. It’s a big shout with a lot of competition, but I’m going for it... I think you might have just made the worst post on rllmuk.
  5. Not necessarily that company, but the same general idea has become pretty much the default for games on Kickstarter. For the big stupid ones with 97,000 miniatures and 49 different tiers to back at it’s basically a requirement for keeping track of the different combinations of things that people want. And if they can cope with those, they can definitely help out with smaller projects too.
  6. Lego Batman is probably the most pure Batman, distilled and focused on his character traits, not his actions. There is literally nothing in the way he acts that is contrary to the established character. That’s why it works so well and that’s the absolute opposite of what Vimes has here. The only times Batman has been fundamentally changed are when the point of the story is seeing what happens to the world with that Batman in it. Vampire Batman, for instance. Which isn’t what is happening here.
  7. Sharing that while The Watch is getting publicity...I absolutely cannot imagine where she got that attitude from. Fingers crossed for it working out.
  8. £15 a match is ridiculous. Sky/BT aren’t really showing matches for the fans of the teams playing, the actual numbers come from the people who were just interested enough to put it on. Like, Villa and Leicester will probably be a good game, you’d watch that if you’re sat on your arse in front of the telly. You’re not paying £15 for it.
  9. Watching the various clips, there’s definitely something there. It’s got a similar sort of chunkiness to the feel of it that could work...Honestly if Terry was still alive I’m sure everyone would watch the first couple of episodes and broadly forget about it until an in-joke appeared in a footnote in a couple of novel’s time. And we’d lol, and some people would do some cosplay and that’d be that. But he’s not alive. There’s not going to be a joke in a future novel, there’s not going to be a rolling of eyes at a press conference. He’s gone and his death has given people who haven’t read the books a glance of the love people had for him and his work. They’ve bought a couple of them on their kindle and not got around to reading it yet and instead they’re going to watch this. And there will be enough of them to justify the budget, and it’ll be a success. But it isn’t the thing that we all loved and all wanted other people to love, and it feels like watching this will put them off. Clearly it’s put off Rhianna. It’s probably something that should be anger inducing, but honestly it’s just sad. Sad that he’s gone, sad that Rhianna and Rob are uninvolved but also having to defend themselves, sad that it’s probably the last time it’ll be attempted, sad that it wasn’t done properly and mostly it’s sad because it could have been joyous. 2020 strikes again.
  10. Well, no. It’s a question of opportunity cost, not cost. It’s basically impossible to make a good financial decision of any kind if you don’t consider opportunity cost.
  11. The last few pages of this have just reminded me of all the shite “limited edition” Xbox 360 faceplates that people were intermittently paying a comparative fortune for. What a load of shite they were. EDIT: They’re still paying a fortune. One went for £100 in the last week! And someone paid £58 for a Virgin Megastore one. Bloody hell.
  12. Rev


    I’ve got Sky Sports on and they keep mentioning it. Glad it isn’t being buried completely.
  13. They’re really, really not similar apart from making cuntery into good fun.
  14. Rev


    How much can he be on per year? A day of Auba’s new contract? It’s a fucking disgrace. Sacking scouts when we bought a scouting company was crappy, but realistically it’s one or the other.
  15. Pretty sure it would ask you to make one if you didn’t already have one as soon as you loaded it up.
  16. EA account, technically, not Origin although they are functionally identical. EA accounts are used on all EA games with an online aspect I believe and you’ve almost certainly already got one if you’ve not been asked to make one. Go to EA Account in the Options menu, iirc.
  17. I think there’s a zero percent chance of that happening, unless they simultaneously developed it and then cut it out for release. Five ship squads and 4 flyable ships does suggest there’s a B-Wing and TIE Defender kicking around somewhere, mind. Actually being able to make money would help it have a longer life before it dies.
  18. If you turn crossplay off, at least on Xbox One, it takes ages, a good few minutes, to find a game. I don’t think there’s much hope of further filtering beyond that unless it sells much better than expected. I’ve moved from X-Wing to the A-Wing, with a few upgrades, and I’m doing better. The playing field does feel more level with crossplay off, even though one person was amazing, but I don’t think I can be bothered to wait that long each time. It’s really fun though, even when losing. It’s a shame PC folk aren’t getting the best experience yet. I had a look through cosmetics too, moved to Red Squadron paint, but they’re very limited. I really hope they’ve got more lined up to keep people interested. It is nice that everything is free, and I’m glad that the ship upgrades aren’t possible to pay for, but I just don’t see why they’re not selling cosmetics. I know that Battlefront controversy isn’t exactly a distant memory, but this is a niche title and even more than if it was made by a nice indie studio it needs to be profitable or support will be dropped instantly. Let me pay 79p to be an Ithorian so there’s a full Season 2 (or whatever).
  19. I think I’ve ended up with a different set up to other people, mostly cribbed from No Man’s Sky. Yaw and pitch on the left stick, roll on the bumpers. That moves repair and missiles to the two sticks, with boost at a flick with the right stick. It works, but I think I’m going to have to move throttle to the triggers because in the heat of battle I keep bashing the left trigger to slow down. On an elite pad I’ll be fine, but I’ve not got that at the mo. I think I probably expected to be better at it than I am, especially multiplayer. I’m getting alright at not dying, but I’m definitely not killing enough. I may at some point allege that there’s some cheating going on, mind. It seems a very odd coincidence that the ones who do best aren’t on the Xbox, as I am. On both teams. It might just be better controls, but it seems a bit odd. It’s a really good game though. If you liked X-Wing and don’t mind finding out that you’re rubbish, buy ASAP.
  20. Most of my gaming on the Xbox One is local multiplayer and backwards compatibility has some bangers on that front, ironically mostly older. Perfect Dark, NBA Jam, Sensi, EDF, a bunch of fighting games. Those will all be among my most played games this gen, with probably Human Fall Flat at the top along with Minecraft and recently Minecraft Dungeons. Losing all those would be rubbish. As noted above, I think it’s a PC gamer mentality to be able to hop back into almost-anything either thanks to the games just working or a dedicated community. Test Drive Unlimited is still a pretty great game on the PC thanks to the community, for instance. @Marlew Microsoft don’t decide which titles are backwards compatible, the emulation is pretty complete. They need permission from the publishers to enable it.
  21. On the plus side, videogames have the novelty of having appalling work conditions for people in rich, developed countries rather than everything else that takes it out on poor countries. As an industry, videogames have always been a pretty pure implementation of capitalism. Profit is chased aggressively, things like gambling are readily accepted. I really don’t think you can support any part of it if you’re trying to be conscientious. Do what you feel is best for yourself, but the industry chose long ago that it didn’t want regulation and so there will always be bad practices.
  22. Just been fiddling with Carrion for a couple of hours. Score another one for “games I would never buy [until they were in a Humble Bundle] but I’m thoroughly enjoying”. I spent a lot of time slurping around the walls and backtracking while not being sure where to go, which definitely isn’t ideal, but it’s so quick and fun to navigate that it’s a lot less of an issue. And you also get the same feeling of being a Horrible Goose, except being a Horrific Amorphous Blob when torturing and tearing apart puny humans, which is great fun. If it cost money (properly) I’d be quite cautious recommending it, but as it’s Game Pass it’s a strong Worth A Go/10.
  23. X-Wing was better than Star Wars.
  24. I don’t think you’re remembering entirely, but you’re not wrong either. Not sure about if you had a three-axis stick, but the default was to bank and loop then hold down a secondary joystick button to roll. I think you’re probably forgetting the holding-down-button bit.
  25. I’ve not played it yet, but is yaw actually needed? Obviously it’s useful in a real plane, but I’m not sure it is in an X-Wing.
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