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  1. This is £55 on Steam, or £90 with 25 extra DLC songs. I think I'm going to go with "fuck off" as a response to that, sadly.
  2. Their recent GPUs have been very good at what they do, the 5700XT is a very good option compared to 2060s and 2070s, you lose some features but gain some performance for less money, and they're still the default at the very low end. Not competing directly with Nvidia is a good strategy and sensible, as well as providing choice for customers. The latter is pretty much my concern about Big Navi because it sounds a lot like it's going into direct competition which probably won't end that well and it could easily remove their focus on ignored sectors of the market.
  3. Studio monitors aren't meant to sound good, you want speakers for that. (Also, those are pretty cheap studio monitors.)
  4. Yeah, fine. It's bloody great, and not even a massive download. I've given it a couple of hours and I'm pretty sure I've only been on it 20 minutes or so, which I declare a good thing. I decided to go for it on PC, same reason as above, and it seems pretty flawless. I am properly shit at it all, mind. But I think quite a lot of that is from the majority of play time with the original being with characters that had all stats at max. Or at least that's a good excuse so I'm sticking with it. (The new music is mostly a bit shit, but that's about all I'm complaining about and apparently there's a way to filter it to just THPS2, but I've not found it apart from manually unticking things.)
  5. The RRP for that is nowhere near £29.99. £12.99 is a fair price, but it's not cheap. I do have a feeling that TK Maxx is going to really go to town on board games (etc.) for Christmas this year though. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.
  6. Rev


    Is it another of those real-life comedies they make these days like, say, The Trip, or Some Kind of Monster? I do like Metallica, bless ‘em. They can’t help the fact they’re inherently comedic as well as good at what they do. The fact that the only way to get a decent mix of Death Magnetic being via piracy from Guitar Hero was an excellent choice after their fun times with Napster, too. Have they ever officially released a good version of that? And probably better to say nothing about them chugging away in the background as Lou Reed managed to put together some lyrics that definitely would get him cancelled today. Lulu was a bad, bad album, but things like “If I waggle my ass like a dark prostitute, would you think less of me?” and “I will swallow your sharpest cutter like a colored man's dick” were unnecessary in 2011, let alone now. They’re a strange bunch but they are very good when they’re very good. There’s no denying that, and I’m glad that Spotify shows the world how big they actually are. I do think people think of them as “big for a metal band” rather than just “big”.
  7. You need proper reviews to see what the relative leaps between cards are, but I suspect the hop from 3070 to 3080 will be worth waiting for a bit longer. If you take into account consoles getting their performance optimised better, having the extra power of a 3080 should cancel that out and therefore be a good choice for the whole of the next console generation. Admittedly I think that’ll only be 3 or 4 years this time, but that is still a good life for top end PC.
  8. Those are pretty crap prices all round, even without the PSU. The motherboard is fine, but you could easily take £50 off between the CPU and RAM if you wait for a bit and (imho) the SSD probably wants to be smaller or bigger, 500GB is too small for keeping games on but needlessly big for a boot drive.
  9. Apart from preventing leaks, it's also to make sure that coverage gets spread out. There being a favourite isn't ideal, but it makes sense.
  10. Rev

    The Blues

    For anyone interested, but doesn't really know anything, Martin Scorsese's documentary film series The Blues is pretty great: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blues_(film_series) It's not exactly definitive, and I suspect some of it hasn't aged that well as it's a while since I watched it, but it gives you the basic timeline well, features some great music and they're very well put together. I'm not actually sure where you can get hold of it now, mind. I'm also very much one of those people that @Nick R is talking about with regards to old recordings. Honestly, Howlin' Wolf is getting a bit modern for me. Honestly I really got into blues in what you'd have to class The Piracy Era, so a lot of stuff I've got I'm not really sure where it has come from. But I'm a fan of this series: https://sagajazz.com/index.php/saga-blues/ I honestly didn't know there were 50 of them though, so I've definitely got a fair few to buy there. I've probably got 20-odd, I think. Some of them do have the track breaks in the wrong places, mind... Probably ought to put a song, so I'll go with one that I love that people might know:
  11. Rev


    They'll still need to develop a partnership for all the times he gets sent off.
  12. Giving no release date, no price, no launch line up and expecting people to pay £400ish for one of two fairly average PCs in awful cases is the least exciting console generation imaginable. The lack of hands on experience due to covid is a bit crap, but they’re both just being chickens about announcements because they know that in the last two generations early feedback, (the PS3 being expensive and complicated, then a few years later the Xbox One being a posh VCR not a console) made a big impression, but even the losers in those launch battles look brave and exciting compared to this “battle”. I’m retrospect the launch PS3 was pretty great and the machine ended up selling really well, the Xbox One features really wouldn’t have distracted from it being a console even if they hadn’t been effectively binned. Both were interesting, they were trying to do good stuff. Honestly, the new graphics cards coming soon are more interesting than either console. And that shouldn’t ever be true.
  13. There are a lot of good things. It absolutely is a Marvel superhero film so you won’t enjoy it, but I think it’s worth watching.
  14. It’s genuinely floored me. I’ve only seen him in the Marvel films...and he had cancer while filming every one of them. While making action sequences, while doing promotion, while accepting awards...How? Literally, just...How? And they were all brilliant performances too. It was Black Panther that proved that superhero films can make a difference in the way a “serious” film can, but in so many more ways too. It’s the writers and directors as well, but so much of it was on his shoulders and he made it look effortless. I think the bit that hurts is that obviously Marvel knew, so his Black Panther could easily have been given a deserving ending in Endgame, but he clearly didn’t want to be written out of them. It really is just very sad and makes him seem even more impressive than he already seemed, which was already bloody impressive. I just can’t imagine the effort it took. RIP.
  15. Yeah, it was simultaneously really impressive and a bit of a mess. I did want it to go well, both for the fact that they are probably in need of some income and the fact it’d be a fun second event for the year in the future. But I think maybe it was a bit too defensive, OMG we must do everything, when it would have benefited from either being more spread out or more focused.
  16. I mildly rebounded off the roof of a building and still managed a smooth landing yesterday. Quite impressive. Then I crashed my plane into a small bush on my next flight and got immediately game overed. Bit weird after the rebound on my previous flight. (Relatedly, firstly Uluru is a lot more impressive than I expected it to be, and also landing on a strip with literally no discernible features around it makes it really hard to know how close you are, resulting in me being much too fast. I really should have gone around again, but it was bed time so I just went for it.)
  17. The points deduction for Wednesday seems to have the bizarre side effect of meaning that Wednesday suddenly have some money to spend. We previously used the stadium money to ensure we’d made enough profit, but since they told us that didn’t apply we...Seem to be able to just spend money. Not a vast amount, but more than we have had for a while. Combined with an actual clear out of people being paid too much it definitely gives us a chance to fix squad problems we’ve had for years, particularly just how slow the squad was for a long time. We were in third last season just before the EFL launched their investigation, so Monk definitely can get results with us even if there were a lotttt of flukes in that run. It’s just a question of whether the squad has changed enough to put the second half of last season behind us. If so, and with the acknowledgment the points deduction will prevent promotion, we might actually be able to have a calm lower-mid-table season without people flapping. Could actually be quite healthy.
  18. There is a virtual expo happening this weekend. If you're someone who goes for the demos and such, there are a lotttt of events planned. For people who just wander around buying stuff and then sit and eat some food and then wander around and buy some more stuff, ie. me, I'm not sure if there's anything. It starts tomorrow at 6pm, anyway. https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/events/ EDIT: I'll add a few things that look interesting: https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/events/ELD6860-darkest-dungeon/ https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/events/PUB6870-40-years-of-steve-jackson-games/ https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/events/ESP6457-ye-grand-art-fayre-miniatues-showcase-the-barpig-tavern-uk-games-expo-virtually/ https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/events/LIV5922-the-dark-room/ https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/events/ELD6962-play-northgard-uncharted-lands-demo-on-tabletopia/ I also appreciate the fact that there is still an event called Pandemic Demonstrations.
  19. Cynically: Better texture detail is a pretty obvious demonstration that the expensive machine is worth the money.
  20. Are you sure it’s actually downloading anything? I had a fictional patch and no-one on Twitter seems to have another...
  21. To continue my tips thread: Still needed to be closed another twice. Once it threatened to download another 57GB, but either my internet connection has really improved or it didn’t really need to because it took about 2 minutes. Then I needed to relaunch again. And lo! I was in the videogame. I’ve had to turn it off almost immediately because of real life, but based on the first training message with a few sensible options reduced it seems to be ticking along quite nicely at 1080p on Ultra. It’s not exactly a dense environment so that might need further fiddling, but it’s a good start. (3600X, 5700XT)
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