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  1. What shocks me is how few people know its a phone. Ask people in the street and I bet the few people that don't tell you to fuck off will tell you they think its just a console. For that fact alone - Nokia are idiots. See - I found a good reason to call them Idiots without needing to resort to battery removal...
  2. Bear in mind that I haven't read it for a couple of issues... Things that bug me in Games TM: The "columns" always seem to have been written by a writer who isn't very profecient. Also why have 2 pages - when the top half of both is a picture. Usually unrelated to subject matter. 1 column, 1 page. Much neater - something Edge does better than you. Some reviews read "like a kids diary". Others are great - I don't have examples to hand unfortunately. I've written enough reviews to know that they aren't plain sailing of course...but the quality seems to vary. Ditto articles. Art is hit and miss - that 2D periodic table, was great. A front cover that is a photo of some Star Wars figures isn't. Basically photo's in Games magazines bug me as they are largely inappropriate for games. New sections obviously require them - but some articles just don't seem to fit...Some well drawn art is much nicer generally - see Computer Arts. The retro section. I love the idea - like many do. But I honestly think the magazine would benefit greatly from either tripling it in size or completely scrapping it. It never does the subject matter justice. Generally most of those have a flip side - it is the second best magazine out there as far as I'm concerned. Reviews, look, style - all not quite as good as it's obvious competitor - but better than the majority. Basically - a good magazine. Not perfect - but what is? PS. Any jobs you've got going....let me know!
  3. Indeed, examples being Cat Stevens and The Flaming Lips or Wire and Elastcia Then why the fuck haven't Radiohead sued David Gray? High and Dry -> Babylon Pretty sure David Gray was making similar sounding songs well before High and Dry. So it should have been the other way around. Plus theres the minor matter NO ONE PATENTED THE SONGS. Thus you can't sue anyone. I'm wholeheartedly behind Sega on this one. EA made money from a Sega game design. While this kinda thing happened lots in the eighties it's a different matter now. Millions have been made for EA - not a few quid Millions. As the patent document was so precise - I think that gives them the right to sue. However, presentation methods -FP prespective, camera buttons- shouldn't be allowed to be patented as it harms other games. My opinion.
  4. Rev

    Shenmue 2

    I phsyically hated Shenmue 2. Hated it. Hated it. Hated it. I loved Shenmue though - but 2 got rid of everything I liked. I enjoyed waiting for buses. It felt original and fun. But in 2 you just click "Wait". And the job in the first one compared to the crappy excuses for mini-games thats in the second one... And don't even get me started on those bloody planks. Buy a Dreamcast and Shenmue 1. I wouldn't bother with 2 though...
  5. It's an xbox game converted to PC - the xbox version is the lead format. So no conversion problems on the console version obviously.
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