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  1. Please could someone recommend a nice red wine suitable for a birthday present? She normally guzzles Wolf Blass yellow label [shiraz] but appreciates something “higher end” too. Budget is about £30 but only want one bottle.
  2. There are obviously a lot of similarities to Mogul Mowgli. I didn’t really enjoy that film. Is this better?
  3. Weirdly, I fancied Sarah Kendall when she was dressed as a beekeeper, but have never done so previously.
  4. Do yourselves a favour and get your kids into Teen Titans Go ASAP. My daughters three and we’ve been big fans for a long time. I see a lot of myself in Robin, and my wife is basically Raven, so it’s very relatable. Although my daughter now says ‘the’ before most things, like Starfire. Sunday was ‘the greatest of the days,’ for example. Thankfully gone off Bing, which is indeed the worst thing on CBeebies, and seems to have grown out of Duggee and Peppa Pig already (although got two PP books from the library yesterday so maybe not) but Teen Titans Go is a brilliant failsafe when she
  5. It's not just him being a knob in the studio. He seems like he just doesn't try in the tasks either.
  6. Jamali is just a bellend. Seems like a horrible person and I get no amusement from him at all. One of my least favourite contestants ever.
  7. I’ve started playing this. I’ll only be playing story mode but damn it looks great! Started with Scorbunny and caught a Nicket, purely cos they’re friends in the Pokémon Journeys cartoon and my daughter recognised so. For similar reasons I imagine I’ll end up with a team of clefairy, jigglypuff looking ones.
  8. Cheers for the heads up. Also have £8 to spend
  9. Does ‘capture last 30 seconds’ stop working if you use quick resume? Lost a cracking goal on PES cos the option wasn’t there. Think it told me no games were running.
  10. And if you don’t, I’d very much recommend Gamepass.
  11. Man Down really wasn’t my cup of tea at all, but even in that, Mike Wozniak really stuck out as being amusing, so I was glad to see him on Taskmaster and he’s certainly living upto expectations. The way he responded with Greek dance?! really tickled me, for some reason.
  12. A) how the fuck did he get that balloon back? B) no man can hold 17 eggs in one hand, surely.
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