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  1. Today! Is this on GamePass or not? Some websites seem to say yes but it's not showing for me when I search for it. Really wanna play it but will be annoyed if I buy it for £34 now and then it shows up as free tomorrow.
  2. Ah, fair enough. I recently acquired 3 cartridges for it, that's all. Would have been nice to have something to use them in!
  3. Hey @MikeBeaver do you come across [m]any Pokemon Minis? google image -
  4. Hmmmmm I’m halfway through the first new episode and not enjoying it at all. Will try again later. Came here expecting to see people bashing it so am quite surprised.
  5. October 12th for Switch and Xbox.
  6. I've preordered this on Steam even though I have Gamepass Ultimate cos I can't get the Xbox app to load on my laptop for love nor money.
  7. I was wondering this but ended up just emulating the Amiga versions of Monkey Island and PS1 versions of Broken Sword, as those were all I was really interested in. would be good to have ScummVM working proper though.
  8. I googled her and have never seen that lady before in my life. What’s up with her?
  9. I did already get the 19XL (well, 2 actually) but thanks for your input. Got them off eBay in the end for about £15 each because I couldn't be arsed going to Ryman. Not done anything with them yet but they seem perfect for my needs.
  10. There was a girl who won a TV competition in like 2000 to be a character on Byker Grove, that I used to fancy. I wonder what she looks like now.
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