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  1. Xbox 360 Marketplace update The following game titles may be removed from the Xbox 360 Marketplace. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Assassin's Creed® III Assassin's Creed® IV Assassin's Creed® Liberation HD Blood of the Werewolf Blue Dragon Breakdown Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Call of Duty: Ghosts Castle Crashers Cloning Clyde Counter-Strike: GO Dark SoulsTM Darksiders II DAYTONA USA Defense Grid Eets: Chowdown Far Cry® 2 Final Fight: DblImpact Iron Brigade Jeremy McGrath's Offroad Jet Set Radio Left 4 Dead Left 4 Dead 2 LIMBO Lost Odyssey Mass Effect 2 MONOPOLY DEAL Mutant Blobs Attack N+ Outpost Kaloki X Peggle ® 2 Phantom Breaker:Battle Grounds Prince of Persia R.U.S.E. Sega Vintage Collection: Alex Kidd & Co. Skate 2 South ParkTM: The Stick of TruthTM Spelunky SplinterCellConviction Star Wars Battlefront Star Wars KOTOR 2 The Orange Box The Raven Episode 1 https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/help/xbox-360/store/xbox-360-marketplace-update?ocid=Xbox_360_Sunset_ema_rmc_xbo_January_2023&UID=10F7E3A08DCBF65A06ED07484609D096DF
  2. Which online retailers sell physical Xbox gift cards? (For a gift)
  3. Speaking of which, did NZ series 3 ever recover from the bad start that was reported on here?
  4. Has anyone got one of these? Worth it? For watching blu ray
  5. Are X and Pearl worth watching? I know nothing about them.
  6. From the discord I downloaded some custom textures that are a) higher quality (supposedly) and b) replace the PlayStation button prompts with Xbox ones. Great for my five year old daughter.
  7. Could you get some moisture absorbing bags like silica gel or those pingi style ones that are meant to keep a car from misting up.
  8. Just picked this up again for the Series X. Gonna start again, having not played it since the black and white days of PS4, having originally played it on 360. Any tips for someone starting from the beginning, with very little memory of the story? Also came with some kind of card that’ll give me $4m to piss about online with, once I’m more used to the controls.
  9. No it wasn’t. This could be great. Also if anyone hasn’t watched the TV show “An American Saga” about the Wu Tang Clan (Disney+) it’s certainly worth a watch.
  10. I've been severely lied to, as the same article ruled Alisson out too.
  11. Darwin Nunez ruled out and Cody Gakpo set to start. INJECT IT. 🤤
  12. While looking into this I saw some posts on HotUKDeals saying to do the trick in the first post but buy Xbox Live Gold 12 months Xbox Live Key TURKEY and use a VPN to activate it, negating the need to ask my mate to pay with his Turkish card. What's stopping people doing that and buying the Turkish 12 months for £25.89, rather than the UK one for £37.99?
  13. If you do the trick in the first post for three years, what does it work out monthly? Trying to weigh up if it’s cheaper to do it like that or via my mates Turkish bank account. I think I’d prefer the ‘one and done’ approach, but still interested to know the difference.
  14. Spent an ungodly amount of time updating the roster of Here Comes The Pain on PS2, with dreams of creating Kenny Omega and playing through the campaign/story/season mode, only to find out I’m absolutely dreadful at the game.
  15. I'm still loving this NA beer. Got a big box for Christmas.
  16. Yeah they go down fast. Honestly the Patreon starts at £1 and is worth it, even if you just pay a quid, grab the latest downloads and then cancel it. 🤷🏻‍♂️ And no you can’t share Patreon links (not that I would, honest) cos the process is once you’ve “donated,” you DM him your Xbox email address, get whitelisted and then the links work for you.
  17. Don't listen to me. I didn't like Kuyt when we signed him and by the end he was my favourite player. Even got him to 104 rating on a PES master league once. Hopefully by 2024 I'll be singing his praises and forcing my kids to have 27 on their shirts. (Fun fact: Gillingham's number 27 shares my surname, it was meant to be!)
  18. I’m actually giving this a decent amount of my time to set up properly (previously I just dumped a massive batch of ROMs into RetroArch and barely played anything properly) and the videos and available content for the likes of XBSX2 and Dolphin has blown me away. So excited to have RetroPass setup to use those two + Flycast, with all the settings, cheat files and HD texture packs. That Archades Games YouTube channel is a goldmine, as is the Xbox Emulation Hub Discord. Seems they’re migrating some of the discord content to a forum in the new year, presumably to monetise it (don’t blame them) so hopefully that takes off. Would be good to get the GBA Temp and Dolphin forums content in one place as a, er, emulation hub.
  19. Is this hard? I’m very bad at racing games, despite being an excellent driver in rl.
  20. World of Warcraft (Classic, at least. I don’t play Retail) has crap maps inside instances/dungeons/raids, so the first time you play them it’s easy to get lost/miss stuff/fail. Praise the lord for addons.
  21. I got a free trial of the Priority tier of this through my LG TV. Installed the app on my TV and synced my Steam, Epic and Origin accounts and let my daughter look through the games. Of course she picked Goat Simulator but it just kept telling me I don’t own it. I dunno if I do but why’s it showing if I can’t play it. So then we chose Garfield Kart or whatever it is called and my god it was unplayable with the lag. Even on the lowest graphics settings. Because I’d “promised” she could play it, I’ve had to install it on my [AMD] mini PC to play it. Glad I’ve not paid £45 for this tbh
  22. Please can someone tell me the exact bios(es) I need for PS2? Will set up XBSX2 later and that’s been the first stumbling block.
  23. My sub is on Valentines Day so hopefully it’s not “fixed” anytime soon.
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