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  1. Anyone wanna join Last Man Standing? First round is tomorrow!
  2. Anyone wanna join Last Man Standing? First round is tomorrow!
  3. Anyone wanna join Last Man Standing? First round is tomorrow!
  4. Anyone wanna join Last Man Standing? First round is tomorrow!
  5. Anyone wanna join Last Man Standing? First round is tomorrow!
  6. Anyone wanna join Last Man Standing? First round is tomorrow!
  7. CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST Anyone fancy a game of this? £10 entry. I’ll host. You start with 3 lives. - You pick a team every week and if they lose or draw, you lose a life. - If someone fails to pick in time they get they highest league positioned team they have yet to pick by default. - You can only pick a team once. - If you've chosen all 20 teams (ie played 20 rounds and still have lives) your teams reset. - Will be limited to Premier League fixtures every week. - £10 entry - Last man standing takes all the money. - If we all reach 0 before there is a last man standing, nobody wins and there is a rollover. - In the event of a rollover, everyone must pay the entry fee again and it gets added to the pot. - In the event of a rollover, newcomers may join. However, people cannot join once a game has progressed beyond round 1. Pay £10 to join. Here are my payment details: Week 1 Nottm Forest vs. Liverpool Everton vs. Crystal Palace Man City vs. Brighton Chelsea vs. Man Utd Aston Villa vs. Brentford Leeds vs. Fulham Southampton vs. Arsenal Wolves vs. Leicester Tottenham vs. Newcastle West Ham vs. Bournemouth Post your selection below, don't bother PMing. Deadline is 12pm on Saturday 22nd October. If we don't get 10 players I’ll sack it off and refund you.
  8. On FIFA 22 there was an option to turn off all music for streaming purposes. I never tried it so don't know if it completely silenced all music, but I imagine that and a combination of fiddling with the 'audio' settings, it is achievable.
  9. Can I play steam games on an iPad if the iPad is on a different network to the computer with steam running? ie when I go on holiday.
  10. Just looked this up and I’ve no idea if I’ve seen the first three. I feel like I must have but I’m not sure if I’m mixing it up with the Poughkeepsie Tapes.
  11. I've been watching this and enjoying it. I'm weird so don't think it's that bad to watch. The episode with the deaf guy was very good. Sad its all true, of course..
  12. 20 21 Jump Street 19 The Foot Fist Way 18 Office Space 17 The Wolf Of Wall Street 16 The Big Lebowski 15 The Inbetweeners Movie 14 National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 13 The Hangover Part 2 12 Clerks 11 Wayne's World 10 Dumb & Dumber 9 Black Dynamite 8 Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back 7 A Chump At Oxford 6 Superbad 5 Napoleon Dynamite 4 Coopers' Camera 3 Kevin & Perry Go Large 2 Jackass Number Two 1 Ace Ventura When Nature Calls
  13. Looks like we're getting a version of Rick Remender's Uncanny X Force, with the grey suit.
  14. Fair enough. Why is the new one called Modern Warfare 2 again?
  15. What’s the difference between this and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered?
  16. I’ve tried this but not really getting on with it, and after getting two episodes into season two I don’t think I’ve laughed out loud since ‘word poor’ in episode one. It probably says more about me than the show but it’s not relatable to me at all, and the modern-day character seems like a complete and utter bellend. Also, Addy supposedly being the coolest of the group in episode one (admittedly purely down to how much he smokes) to being a complete and utter dweeb in every other episode is a bit jarring.
  17. Twitter thread on beer advent calendars: Has anyone here got any personal recommendations? I was bitterly disappointed with last years Brewdog one (and it was free) so looking to push the boat out and get a good one this time around.
  18. Wasn't gonna get this but literally everyone loves it so I might have to. Also wondering the same as above. I've played MI1&2 but not for a long time.
  19. I’ve also just watched Speak No Evil. Fuck me. Regarding the spoiler Fuck. Me. Would have been better without the impending doom music from the get-go, I think. EDIT:
  20. Can’t wait for this. Something I thought someone like Logic might do but I’ve a lot of time for Kid Cudi.
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