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  1. I’ve tried this but not really getting on with it, and after getting two episodes into season two I don’t think I’ve laughed out loud since ‘word poor’ in episode one. It probably says more about me than the show but it’s not relatable to me at all, and the modern-day character seems like a complete and utter bellend. Also, Addy supposedly being the coolest of the group in episode one (admittedly purely down to how much he smokes) to being a complete and utter dweeb in every other episode is a bit jarring.
  2. Twitter thread on beer advent calendars: Has anyone here got any personal recommendations? I was bitterly disappointed with last years Brewdog one (and it was free) so looking to push the boat out and get a good one this time around.
  3. Wasn't gonna get this but literally everyone loves it so I might have to. Also wondering the same as above. I've played MI1&2 but not for a long time.
  4. I’ve also just watched Speak No Evil. Fuck me. Regarding the spoiler Fuck. Me. Would have been better without the impending doom music from the get-go, I think. EDIT:
  5. Can’t wait for this. Something I thought someone like Logic might do but I’ve a lot of time for Kid Cudi.
  6. Absolutely. My four year old loves the Paw Patrol games. I also pretend I’ve bought her a new game for good behaviour when they get added, cos I’m such a top dad. Will find an opportunity to wheel out DC League Of Superpets after her first week at school.
  7. Do you have to prove you’re family or could 6 random people chip in and share the cost?
  8. Hello, my cousins messaged me saying he son, who plays COD and Fortnite on his PS5, has asked if he can get a keyboard and mouse. a) is this really possible? b) I presume he’ll want wireless. Can anyone recommend some that won’t share the same frequency or whatever, please? And are there likely to be any problems? My hopes are to send links to recommendations and then they’re fine. I’d rather not be free tech support for a console I don’t have or games I don’t play, if possible. oh I’ll ask her budget.
  9. My daughter was playing Minecraft for the first time on my cousin's kids Switch at the weekend. She's now asked if we can get it on our Switch. Is it likely he was just playing the bog standard 'Minecraft' that you can get in Smyths?
  10. I’ve bench boosted and will likely wildcard after the first week but here we are: I don’t fancy Forest to do very well at all but Johnson playing every week and being on pens mean I’ve got him in, for now. The Leicester keeper situation will need to be closely monitored but FOMO has occurred. And the keepers are that way around in case of red cards. Also Rashford is garbage but with no Martial, figured he’s worth a punt and at least any misery caused by United doing well can be counterbalanced by reaping FPL rewards.
  11. Not trying to play devils advocate or however that saying goes but I also didn’t enjoy season 2 and was advised to stick with it and feel like I wasted so much of my life watching this. Season 1 was okay but the rest was rubbish. Don’t persist with something just cos you’re already this committed.
  12. Started watching this with my wife after her dad recommended it. It immediately felt like Doctor Who for adults and I realised once again he'd recommend some sci-fi, which is not my bag at all. Thankfully after a few episodes the story became about so my wife didn't want to watch anymore, and we won't be going back. And I'll be certain to research anything my father-in-law recommends in future. Thankfully I already vetoed The Man Who Fell to Earth last week, and I think he's finally taken it onboard that I don't watch Star Wars or Star Trek.
  13. If Bailey starts games for Villa and doesn’t get injured, my team looks great.
  14. Great win today, even if it was against 10 men in the first half. Then when Haaland came on, he was shite.
  15. She's loving the Peppa Pig game. Thanks for the headsup.
  16. I reckon 80% of primary school boys will want that Barcelona away shirt.
  17. My 4 year old completed PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay earlier. It’s on Gamepass. We’ve “completed” games before, like Adiboo and the Energy Thieves on PS2 and New Super Luckys Tale (also on Gamepass) but they were mostly her running about and then asking me to do stuff to progress, but I literally did no part of this Paw Patrol game. Seems there’s a load of minigames to do now, which she’s pleased about.
  18. Convinced myself I was gonna go heavy on big hitters in defence but I’m struggling to make my midfield worth having. I don’t mind having one bench player who won’t ever feature but having two like that has alarm bells ringing. I just really want Haaland, Nunez and Salah too!
  19. Look at Me: XXXTentacion Completely stumbled upon this by chance while scrolling through my IPTV provider at midnight trying to find something to keep me awake for the next few hours while my baby slept on me, and I feel like I should preface this saying I’m no fan of X but basically knew most of the story already. I thought it didn’t shy away from a lot of the negativity and felt like an accurate portrayal of his life. I say I’m not a fan, but essentially I mean I don’t regularly listen to his music but I have maaaaaad respect for the influence he made and how meteoric his rise was, and what impact it had on those who followed his journey. Quite phenomenal, and it was well told. Call me an idiot but I’m a fan of 6ix9ine. In a way, Xxxtentacion is more interesting but he was legitimately a scumbag albeit with mental health problems, whereas I’ve never shaken the feeling that 6ix’s character is all an act (that eventually he couldn’t escape) to get rich and famous. The stats regarding streaming plays for X’s music shown at the end of the doc are insane though: XXXTENTACION is the first hip-hop artist to have three solo songs with over 1 billion streams each on Spotify and his album ‘?’ is the most streamed album ever on the platform. Especially impressive considering I’m pretty sure they took all his songs down for a bit when the court case was brought to like by Pitchfork. 4/5 made me SAD!
  20. Decided to get back into this. The last thing I vividly remember is the season 3 finale so I'll start with S04E01 even though I know I've watched some of S04. Or maybe I should start from the beginning hmmmm. I don't suppose anyone know which episode starts with a pair of trainers hanging on a telephone wire? Was a good way to show off 4K and I wanna see it on my new TV.
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