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  1. Aww wow this thread. I went to a shop in Norwich called Prim and it had the best synth music haha. I shazam'd them but have since changed phones. This stuck with me though: Also like to put on the Midnight Express soundtrack now and then for some good listening. Also the Vision Quest soundtrack for Tangerine Dream greatness. "Louden Versus Shute" makes playing Counterstrike even more fun. Can't find it on YouTube though.
  2. I like Skrillex. Even Kyoto and Bangarang (the track) are great, and they're fairly recent. But then I also like Knife Party and Datsik so you probably judge me for liking [as] mainstream [as possible for] dubstep music [to be]. I think that makes sense.
  3. I won this game in an online competition.
  4. Oh. http://www.cadred.org/News/Article/154829/ Read that. Game sounds bunk. Basically a console game, being ported to PC, rather than vice versa.
  5. I'm scared this is going to be massively shit. However, I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt because I'm been hoping for a new game (not just an update like Source turned out to be) for a long time. Although saying that, I hope they don't change too much! Hehe. Guess I'll always have good old 1.6 and CS:S to fall back on.
  6. WHAT ABOUT WRESTLING? it's only an extra £20, and you could go dressed as hulk hogan.
  7. Played this for a few hours. My god it's dull.Done, done, onto the next one. Back on Counterstrike Source for a bit for a reminder of good times!
  8. NEW GAME: How many goals will Everton win by? I reckon eleven. :cry: :sad: :'( etc. Shocking, really. Sucks! GOOD NEWS, however! I know for a fact that Fabio Aurelio's wife is heavily pregnant so he'll be missing soon and shithouse Konchesky will play a game. With any luck, he will get very injured.
  9. yeah. Quite funny really: you had to pick which game you said was game of the year 2010 and then everyone who picked the game with the most votes were entered into a draw to win the computer. Good old starcraft 2 - a game I've never even played haha.
  10. Well King's Bounty: Legend (first one) is only £9.99 so will probably get it, just cos it looks alright. Weighing up the likes of Dragon Age Origins, Crysis, Starcraft II (the game that won me the computer!), Oblivion, Napoleon Total War, Metro 2033 (looks amazing!), and probably some others I've already forgot. Shame money's not free, heh. Thanks for the recommendations so far - I look forward to mauling IGN (is there a better site for PC game reviews/screenshots?) tomorrow and picking three or four to buy.
  11. I'm getting a new rig this week with belting specs and wanna buy some (new) games to play on it. The bigger the demands, the better. The only game I play at the moment is the wonderfully amazing Counterstrike: Source. This satisfies my online pwning. I'm looking for some good games to play offline, on my own. Fallout: New Vegas will be getting purchased, cos the first one was a cracker. My brother's nagging me to play the Mass Effect games but I had a quick look at them on the 360 a while back and didn't look very good. I'd play Dragon Age Origins but I believe it glitches if your computer is too good, haha. Are there any new games like the original Dungeon Siege? What's that genre? Fantasy RPG? Like where I can plod along at my own will, assembling a team of characters to kill things. (I realise I'm describing Mass Effect but thats proper sci-fi nerdry, rather than the D&D nerdy I'd like.) I assume Starcraft 2 is similar, only top-down? Just having a browse on IGN/Gamespot. Anyone played King's Bounty: The Legend (and/or the subsequent addons)? Looks fun! Also, FPS. What's the best offline single-player FPS that has been released in the last twelve months? Black Ops (nnng, I mean CoD Blops!) ... or summat else? Obviously anything is going to look better than the CSS graphics I'm used to. Not sure I fancy Black Ops. Are there any non-war FPS worth playing? Also, anything else? Only games I don't wanna play are racing games. Is the new Back To The Future game worth buying? Love the films! I'll stop guessing now and let the experts converse. Thanks for the replies!
  12. I'm taking a photograph everyday and uploading it to the following websites: Facebook Flickr Tumblr The photos will range from lots of different things, depending on what I get upto. NB. Some will be taken using the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone.
  13. If any of you play counterstrike source, you should let me kick you arse sometime: http://steamcommunity.com/id/payztehb1llz/
  14. Better than Lil'Racerz? Pissed off at that cos the update wiped everything and had to start over - F that S. Could Reckless Racing fill the dinnertime void?
  15. Just joined Game Centre. Add me to your friends and watch me sail to the top of the league: Baz9Torres
  16. Anyone played it? I've got it but not played. Obviously not really the type of game I plan on playing on my own... so not sure when I'll spit some barz.
  17. Wow good thread, thanks for the headsup - can't wait to play this. Finally getting round to updating my firmware too so it's gamecentre time!
  18. Is it just me that finds Trainyard boring? And, before you ask, I've done the tutorial levels.
  19. My virtual pro is awesome: http://www.ea.com/uk/football/videos/ugc/41464163
  20. Haha some funny replies in this thread. It's good to read all your reminiscing stories! Makes me wanna play IndyCar...
  21. Completely unrelated to what everyone else is talking about buT if anyone is (still) playing City Story will you please add me as a neighbour? My storm username is Baz9 and would appreciate some city cleaning - obviously I'll return the favour. Thanks. If you've not played it, you should. Cute little sim city rip off. Or if anyone knows a better game similar to it,, even one that's not free, please let me know.
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