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  1. I've got 80 Days, Battleheart Legacy (I can't see me getting into that, but worth a go), SkyForce and The Creeps. Just loading up The Creeps to resotre all my levelpacks made me happy with nostalgia. Bloody love that game. I'll be surprised if anything else gets a look-in! As for Plague Inc, I've already played that as much as I could. Same goes for Monument Valley.
  2. I think I've played that before. It's the text based one where you look after some people in a village and build huts and explore in the woods? Ehhh I couldn't really get into it.
  3. Right, I've an eight hour flight (and subsequent holiday involving sunbathing) and once I've polished off Steve-O's autobiography, iPhone games shall be played to fill my free time. Sounds like I'll be getting 80 Days, given the reaction here. Was also planning on reinstalling The Creeps (THE tower defence game, in my opinion) but might give Doombad a look. Last holiday was filled entirely with Sword & Poker 2 and Tiny Wings... so I'm a bit fed up of them, especially the latter. Can you recommend anything else? Any style really, except FPS cos having played them for so long on a PC, I just don't quite get it on my phone. It's as if Virtua Cop was crap (which it really wasn't) and has been released on phones to be even crapper. I don't mind paying a bit if it's good, and they've gotta be games that work without 3G or wifi cos who knows what Mexico has to offer! Oh and preferably games where you can listen to music at the same time. Thanks!
  4. Just had my first taste of GTA online with crew with headsets, courtesy if Stevo teh evil. Thanks for the fun.
  5. At what level do you get the sniper rifle? I fear that's when I'll lose all my good sport bonuses and just grief from up high.
  6. i did that with a random. We both drive there but he got there a lot sooner than me and mopped up most of the baddies. I killed one or two when I finally got there and then he set off in the Titan while I sat in the passenger seat enjoying the view.... He then quit and I didn't realise and so I unknowingly flew it into the side of a bridge. Failed.
  7. Spent about two hours looking for one. Couldn't! So jumped off a building. When I respawned I was immediately run over by a Gauntlet, with another one slamming into the back of it. Thankfully I survived and stole the one that hit me, and now it's mine.Afterwards I saw a dominator too so had a quick race around in it before selling it for $3.5k. I noticed when I was in it, about ten of them kept appearing, including two parked outside one of the LS Customs. Strange. Either way, I've got a car that I like woohoo! Tried glitching my way to 500 headshots to get the face tattoo, but got bored on about 170. Would be easy (albeit unrealistic) if more cops spawned and ran into the war zone (where I'm behind a wall that I can shoot through but they can't hit me) but on average only about five come in per minute. Annoying! Did manage to have a bounty on me AND do a 1v1 death match while I was in the glitch though, hehe.
  8. There's talk of a similar glitch on 360, which involves going to the character select screen after you sell the vehicle. Post patch too!
  9. Some random jerkstain pissed me off before. I finally stole a car I liked the look of and felt it handled pretty good. A déclassé Sabre(?) muscle car. I took it to the modshop and painted it red and white, fitted a roll cage, changed both bumpers and had it looking swish. Made it my personal vehicle and off I went, straight to pick up a hooker so I could have sex in my new car. As I was finding somewhere dark and out the way, some bellend rams me from behind (car to car, he wasn't waiting in the backseat or anything) and then lobs a sticky bomb on it. I don't have insurance (when does full cover unlock?) so lost my car for good. Spent about twenty minutes trying to find the same model but to no avail. I did however get in a car that simeon wanted, so I got it respected but then accidentally flipped it into the sea. Rage quit. It wasn't a good day for me in Los Santos. Plan of action next time I'm on is to find a GOOD car. I think I prefer muscle cars ahead of sports cars. They sound awesome. Any suggestions? Also decided I'ma do the invincibility through walls glitch just to get 500 headshots and get the face tattoo. Will take hours!
  10. This will probably the first version I won't buy, since playing Championship Manager 97/98. I'll still play hot seat multiplayer with friends but I just don't enjoy playing it on my own anymore like I used to, up until about 2012.
  11. I only really play online for the co-op missions. I like car races, and I like survival but I'm not good enough yet. And the missions vs other people aren't really for me. But when it's 'you and a gang of mates go and blow up these cars' that's what I like. Good old fashioned co-operative gameplay. Still not done a parachute jump though so might like them too.
  12. I'm on all night, while the missus marks books., If you have an invite going free. Xbox all the way. No headset though.
  13. I'm sick of attracting mugs. In the mission where you must collect two cars for simeon, I started it with a random and set off on my own to get the farthest away car. When I finally got it, the other car was still driving around and the guy had gone afk! I went and got the other car and then planned to go run him over with it, but he disconnected. Cheeky sod trying to get the reward for sod all work!
  14. Yeah I was wondering the same. I've read somewhere that if you do the last, you can make the most money off them because or something. Have I understood this correct?
  15. I played survival with someone from here before (I've forgot your name but to me you were a black Italian man) and we did pretty bad. Second game a randomer snook in and put us to shame. Still didn't get past wave four though. Micro SMG is too crappy, I reckon. The random guy was blowing away chunks of baddies at once with grenades! I'm only rank 8 I really should dig my headset out.
  16. Just had a crew member in my session for the first time. Playin with you mates is getting more close to being real. Unfortunately fizzybenilyn just stayed as 'invited' for about ten minutes, while I hoovered the living room.
  17. Same here. Both for crew and friends. Makes me lonely.
  18. Hitting the Xbox button while armwrestling is the worst.
  19. I had a good sesh of GTA Online today, and it was awesome fun. I really wish I was in some sort of Internet clique though so I could communicate with the other people on my map. I'm in the rllmuk social club so hopefully one day that dream can be fulfilled. (Gamer tag is baz9torres if any xboxers fancy some playtime.) Kitted myself out in the smallest shorts this side of the 80s, and decided to go bare chested and running about in flip flops. I look pretty cool. Did a few co-op missions but there was one were we needed a jerry can to destroy some vehicles but when my mate died (who had picked it up) he didn't drop the jerry can so I was snookered. Also chased a car for a good 20 minutes and when I finally caught it my (real life) phone rang and I had to answer. So frustrating! Next online on Wednesday evening if anyone wants to play.
  20. Crew request sent from baz9torres. I've been itching to play this after my two hour blast on release day. The missus is hinting at going to bed soon so it's hello Los Santos! I don't even care that I have to be up at 7:30!
  21. Royal Mail Track & Trace says delivered. I wish my cat could install it for me so I can play as soon as I'm home from work. Instead I've had a text from the missus informing me her dad has given her a dodgy copy of Elysium and, seeing as I had football on last night, we should watch that tonight. Fuck off! It's a CAM version as well. Will just have to stay up til morning playing it then.
  22. Aww man you made me really wanna get it.............. but I can't remember my Battle.net account details. :cry:Was using my dads email address (formerly a shared one between me and my brother) and it has my WoW keys assigned to it. Don't want to make a new one and lose those in case I ever wanna get WoW back. I did that with Steam and now I can never play CS 1.6 again. Curse you, old passwords! Recovery just says my names don't match. I think it's been stolen. Gaahhhhh i really want Diablo 3.
  23. Okay I never played the first one or the epic Diablo II (cue neg rep) but Diablo III looks like I need to play it. If I liked the first Dungeon Siege, would I jizz my kecks over D3? Cos, like, uhmm, I want it. Looks like it pisses all over Torchlight 2, too. And err.. where's cheapest?
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