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  1. Muppet Race Mania on PS1. I wish I hadn’t replayed it cos it kinda spoiled my memory of it.
  2. Hard to disagree. Number 2 is one of the funniest movies ever made. I watched 4 the other day, and while it was funny, I wasn’t keen on the new guys. Poopies is so bad. (Although I see he recently had a bad injury involving a shark, which sucks) I also missed Bam. Was a weird feeling when I saw him in the brass band treadmill skit. I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve loved him since I was like 14 when I borrowed my mates CKY2K DVD after I’d mentioned Jackass (or possibly THPS3). Seems he’s doing better now.
  3. Finished this and thought it was outstanding, despite some of the problems surrounding its production. Looking forward to the Pamela Anderson documentary that’s coming out on Netflix.
  4. New Super Lucky's Tale gives you a 5g achievement for watching the opening video, which is about a minute long. (My 4 year old loves it)
  5. And now for something completely different
  6. Anyone got a good Spotify playlist for ‘songs you’ll hear if you go town on a Saturday’ please?
  7. Cheers for the heads up. Will certainly switch to Energy Saver now. With energy prices nearly doubling, every little helps. I’ve also stopped washing, have sold my washing machine and eat only carrots to try and gain night vision.
  8. At waypoint ruins a message said to look up, and a kind ghostly soul was pointing up. Lo and behold there’s an item on a wall. I tried for about 10 minutes jumping off the main structure onto the wall to collect it but couldn’t do it. Anyone know what it is?
  9. Someone gave me a letter to deliver to a man (her dad?) in a castle. What level should I be before I attempt this?
  10. My limited gaming experience has led to a “if you can buy it, it’s not worth having” so weapons and armor from merchants isn’t even worth looking at, for me.
  11. Was this to me? I tried a few times but gave up. Only having piddly fireball incantation, that mostly get lost in the grass, was too annoying, especially when you can’t use them on horseback. I’m doing my best to not melee at all. Just gonna try and run to I presume I can use the spells that require a staff while on Torrent?
  12. Can I buy a staff? Followed a guide to get one from the Demi-Human Forest Ruins in the Weeping Peninsula but it was a massive mob surrounded by about 10 little mobs, which wasn’t possible right now.
  13. My guy I’m starting mine later (got him made and travelled to the “farm” this morning). Any tips? ie spells to seek out, weapons and armor to target and where? Strategies with magic? Looking forward to playing without melee.
  14. Made a wretch. All black, looks like a mining statue. Need to get a staff/that bottle opener looking thing pronto and learn some magic.
  15. Can you play this as a pure “mage”? Ie spell damage only and zero melee?
  16. So far I’ve blundered my way around and cheesed a few levels so really still a total noob getting to grips with the game. Some woman took me to And I couldn’t figure out how to leave without dying, so let some red bloke kill me and went back outside. I wanna go back cos I think there was a lad in a blindfold who sold spells, and I’m really not enjoying melee so want to try magic. How do I get back? and how do I leave there?
  17. Won this in a competition in the local paper:
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