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  1. I'm getting a new rig this week with belting specs and wanna buy some (new) games to play on it. The bigger the demands, the better. The only game I play at the moment is the wonderfully amazing Counterstrike: Source. This satisfies my online pwning. I'm looking for some good games to play offline, on my own. Fallout: New Vegas will be getting purchased, cos the first one was a cracker. My brother's nagging me to play the Mass Effect games but I had a quick look at them on the 360 a while back and didn't look very good. I'd play Dragon Age Origins but I believe it glitches if your computer is too good, haha. Are there any new games like the original Dungeon Siege? What's that genre? Fantasy RPG? Like where I can plod along at my own will, assembling a team of characters to kill things. (I realise I'm describing Mass Effect but thats proper sci-fi nerdry, rather than the D&D nerdy I'd like.) I assume Starcraft 2 is similar, only top-down? Just having a browse on IGN/Gamespot. Anyone played King's Bounty: The Legend (and/or the subsequent addons)? Looks fun! Also, FPS. What's the best offline single-player FPS that has been released in the last twelve months? Black Ops (nnng, I mean CoD Blops!) ... or summat else? Obviously anything is going to look better than the CSS graphics I'm used to. Not sure I fancy Black Ops. Are there any non-war FPS worth playing? Also, anything else? Only games I don't wanna play are racing games. Is the new Back To The Future game worth buying? Love the films! I'll stop guessing now and let the experts converse. Thanks for the replies!
  2. I'm taking a photograph everyday and uploading it to the following websites: Facebook Flickr Tumblr The photos will range from lots of different things, depending on what I get upto. NB. Some will be taken using the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone.
  3. If any of you play counterstrike source, you should let me kick you arse sometime: http://steamcommunity.com/id/payztehb1llz/
  4. Better than Lil'Racerz? Pissed off at that cos the update wiped everything and had to start over - F that S. Could Reckless Racing fill the dinnertime void?
  5. Just joined Game Centre. Add me to your friends and watch me sail to the top of the league: Baz9Torres
  6. Anyone played it? I've got it but not played. Obviously not really the type of game I plan on playing on my own... so not sure when I'll spit some barz.
  7. Wow good thread, thanks for the headsup - can't wait to play this. Finally getting round to updating my firmware too so it's gamecentre time!
  8. Is it just me that finds Trainyard boring? And, before you ask, I've done the tutorial levels.
  9. My virtual pro is awesome: http://www.ea.com/uk/football/videos/ugc/41464163
  10. Haha some funny replies in this thread. It's good to read all your reminiscing stories! Makes me wanna play IndyCar...
  11. Completely unrelated to what everyone else is talking about buT if anyone is (still) playing City Story will you please add me as a neighbour? My storm username is Baz9 and would appreciate some city cleaning - obviously I'll return the favour. Thanks. If you've not played it, you should. Cute little sim city rip off. Or if anyone knows a better game similar to it,, even one that's not free, please let me know.
  12. 1993 Back then, we were happy with our cheap 486SX/25 clone, 512K Trident videocard and tower case in special needs beige with matching keyboard and mouse – a shoe-like device you had to open up and blow the biscuits out of every seventeen minutes. We could think of no possible reason why we’d need more than 1MB free space on our 40MB hard drive, particularly when blockbusters like Doom still came on floppy disks. Who knew what 3D ‘hardware accelerator’ cards would do for gaming; that CDs – those newcomers to the music scene – would eventually lead to the extinction of floppies; how the Internet would change absolutely everything; and that it would be funny to read about seventeen years down the line? Here is the pick of the best hardware circa ’93: GRAPHICS CARD ORCHID FAHRENHEIT PRICE £200 3D cards aren’t on the market so no games take advantage of them. Famous names in 2D hardware include S3, Paradise, Hercules, Cirrus Logic and Tseng Labs, the Tseng ET4000 with VESA local bus known for making your system feel not quite as retarded as everything else. Persons lucky enough to own a Diamond Stealth or Orchid Fahrenheit ‘accelerator’ with its 1MB RAM and support for 32,768 colours at 640x480 have friends and neighbours misting up their French windows in the hope of getting a glimpse. PROCESSOR INTEL 486DX2/66 PRICE £400 Most PCs come with Intel’s omnipresent 80486 processor or a cheap clone made by Texas Instruments, Cyrix, IBM or AMD. Although there are only a handful of flavours on sale, ranging from the 486SX/25 to the 486DX2/66 (the DX2 variants supplied with a mysterious substance called ‘clock multiplier’), to have any choice at all makes the upgrade from the now obsolete 80386 feel even more indulgent, This year also sees the launch of the Pentium the price of which makes any Pentium-based machine at least £3,000. SOUND CARD CREATIVE LABS SOUND BLASTER PRO DELUXE PRICE £165 Anyone tossing their AdLib audio card for an AdLib Gold gets home to find that AdLib filed for bankruptcy. This leaves products from Creative Labs as the only mainstream choice, the menu option for ‘Sound Blaster’ in id Software’s Doom setup cementing its position. Poseurs buy the Gravis Ultrasound instead, allegedly superior because it uses wavetable synthesis and samples, but to make your games work you must smash it to pieces with a keyboard while shouting. SCREEN MITSUBISHI DIAMOND PRO 17 PRICE £1,050 The sight of any monitor larger than fifteen inches invokes spontaneous dry humping, but CRTs such as the NEC MultiSync and Mitsubishi Diamond Pro are the ultimate in gamer cred. Not only do they boast four digit prices, they also make everything else in your bedroom look tiny. Features include an unnerving buzzing noise when you switch on, the sound a familiar prelude to late night gaming sessions. Rated at 70W and with radiator fins stretching back a third of a metre, they also make fine companions in winter. HDD QUANTUM PRODRIVE LPS PRICE £220 Most gamers have an 80MB or 120MB IDE drive, chiefly because high-capacity units don’t leave much change from a half-year of mortgage payments. Utilities such as DoubleSpace and Stacker use on-the-fly compression to help everyone get more out of small drives while simultaneously trashing all your stuff at random moments. Seagate begin offering five-year warranty but disk failure remains part of PC ownership. Micropolis, Conner and Quantum are respected names with significant market share, yet none will see 2010. How time’s have changed.
  13. Someone needs to remix the second one.
  14. I've made a megamix (better than a mixtape) for myself and my friends for when we go away on Wednesday. I'm that damn cool. 8) Even better, you can listen to it if you want. I won't post a tracklist though cos it's a surprise - and I've NEVER posted in here so you've no idea what I might put on it, har har. Only 110MB (17 tracks, just short of an hour) so you might as bloody well do, yeah? Here's the link: http://tinyurl.com/djbazzyb
  15. IT'S FUCKING AWESOME. I posted my thoughts in the gore thread and can't be arsed to copy and paste so I'll just say it again. It's fucking awesome.
  16. I have just watched A Serbian Film. It's awesome. The baby bit was good, made more funny really because I knew it was gonna happen. It was a bit predictable but still raised a few smiles. The ending is hilarious - as in literally the last ten seconds. So, "torture porn" bracket aside (seriously? It's a film, lighten up) I thought it was good. Did everything you'd expect from a film billed as 'so sick it should never have been made.' I disagree with that, mind, cos there's no harm in it. The first drugged sex scene is amazing, on the bed with the chains. Was the only 'oh god... wow' bit, I think. Will he funny to talk about in the pub, but not quite as funny as Begotten. Probably the same level as August Undergrounds Mordum, with classic lines of "sliced her with a knife and bummed her in the slit." Haha gotta rewatch that before I go on holiday.
  17. Sup. A Serbian Film has leaked. No doubt it'll pour onto most torrent sites over the next few days. My download's just finished. blues brothers business, ya dig?
  18. Walt's turned into an asshole. He's proper gay for that black chicken man.
  19. Oh boy! The first Dungeon Siege was awesome. I remember thinking the single player campaign was the best thing ever... until I took that bad boy online. Me and my mate used to spend EVERY night playing Chicken World online with randomers. Was AMAZING! Second game didn't impress me with the demo so never got it, but I always get the urge to reinstall the original now and then - but never can cos my CD's scratched. Dungeon Siege III though? Bring it on, baby! Is it PC only? Can we go online? Anyone else like Chicken World?!
  20. Is that on the internet yet? I really want to see it.There's a very thick line when it comes to "sick" films. There's some (like "August Underground's Mordum") which are just rubbish. My example was found on a bunch of DVD's in the director's car and he was arrested because the police thought it was genuine snuff. Alright that's excellent advertisement (made me watch it, haha) but the film is rubbish. If I wanted to watch ugly people being sick on tied up people, I would... I'd probably turn myself in. But then there's good films, like Martyr's and Au fuck it I'm bored of typing.
  21. Anyone else here like this song? I think it's, er... awesome! YouTube link: Alternate YouTube link: Discuss.
  22. Thank you very much.I've started playing UniWar on my dinner at work cos it's slow-paced and I can play while I eat... but it's boring as hell. Can anyone suggest a game that's slow but actually fun? Any type of game whatsoever.
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