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  1. Lucky Saint and Ghost Ship AF are my two favourites.
  2. You see what it's like in Drive to Survive. His staff appear to be absolutely terrified of him. If that's what it's like when cameras are rolling, I can't imagine what it's like behind closed doors. He must be an absolute cunt.
  3. He doesn't really offer any great insight, but he really appears to genuinely enjoy what he's watching and is excited by it. That's good to hear.
  4. Perhaps the funniest part of that is that small Scottish brewery Pilot brewed a Parma Violet beer years before Brewdog that was actually very good.
  5. Both were great, but the second one was an absolute masterpiece. Incredible stuff.
  6. #12BeersOfXmas starts tomorrow. Twelve beers, starting on the 20th December running to New Year's Eve. Started by the good chaps at the Beer O'Clock Show. There's no set criteria, just pick twelve beers and get involved on Twitter using the hashtag. It's genuinely one of the highlights of my Christmas period. A little bit of trimming still needs to be done for mine...
  7. They were both on soft tyres in Q3. It was Q2 where Max ran softs to Hamilton's mediums.
  8. It's been looked at after the race. The penalty was for the going off the track thing that he tried to give the place back for.
  9. Maybe because Hamilton only got the better start because he cheated on the formation lap.
  10. Yep, should have a penalty for that. Likewise Bottas for driving slow under the first safety car.
  11. What about "Mazepin is a threat to the safety of women"?
  12. minstrels

    The Man Utd Thread

    Money. Ole will probably be able to retire very comfortably on his payoff from Utd. Not sure of the exact statistic, but Mourinho has earned more money from sackings than as actually working as a manager or something like that.
  13. Rolling back his apology on the groping incident and being 'escorted' out of a Mexico nightclub last week don't really show that he's trying.
  14. Yep, still use it very regularly. I think I've had about 10 kegs through it since getting it in February. It's definitely a great step up over 5L minikegs. It does it's own chilling, you pour the beer more like a pub would, and it lasts 30 days rather than the 4-5 days you'd get out of a minikeg. The range of beers available is really good, the best of all home draught systems, and reasonably priced too. If you order in multiples of 3 kegs you can get 15% off and free delivery which brings it down to around £2.50 a pint once you take the keg deposit into account. I'd definitely recommend one if you like the look of the range of beers and don't mind spending £250.
  15. Same! I love watching F1 so more F1 is a good thing.
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