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  1. £20 for a cracking 360 game I can play on the go seems like a bargain to me.
  2. The first game is on the card, so I wouldn't say its useless.
  3. @Harsin could you ask if people have coil whine as well? Really interested to see how widespread it is.
  4. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/4746872 Finally under £100!
  5. Yup, I have logged in a us and uk account and downloaded games on both.
  6. It varies by console and people's sensitivity to the noise. It's a real issue for those who can hear it over a game. Many Ps4 Pros had it and it never got better.
  7. Is it coil white? I.e does it get louder when you're playing a game?
  8. It shouldn't affect the lifespan, I'm just going to live with it. I think they probably all have it to a degree (sensitivity to it differs between people as well).
  9. It stayed throughout the life of my Ps4 Pro
  10. Mine has coil whine too, seems really common. Does it get louder when playing a game?
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