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  1. Madlib doesn't keep track of the samples he uses
  2. Looks great, but apparently you can only share levels with friends.
  3. Its a bit rough but playable. The best thing going for it is the convenience factor.
  4. First battlepass I'm actually going to finish, mostly done playing handheld on Switch
  5. I still hoped he had one more good album in him, he sounded good on this last year: RIP to a legend.
  6. I'm enjoying it on Switch, even managed to win a couple of games (cross play is off though).
  7. Im after a second dock for my desk - is the genki one worth getting?
  8. Overcooked or Moving Out.
  9. I like the focus on his early life - its an hour in before they get to the ready to die release. Lots of new footage as well.
  10. This new Biggie documentary on Netflix is really good.
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