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  1. You moaned about Blops4. You moaned about WW2. You moaned about Infinite Warfare. You moaned about Modern Warfare remastered. Maybe COD isn't the game for you.
  2. This is the only place I believe https://pandorasbox.aliexpress.com/store/937838
  3. Interesting article, didn't realise the Solar issue was ongoing!
  4. 12 months ago you had the same complaints about BO4. Perhaps give this some time?
  5. From the horses mouth: https://blog.activision.com/call-of-duty/2019-10/Announcement-Call-of-Duty-Modern-Warfare-Post-Launch-Approach-to-New-Content
  6. Only the survival mode in spec ops is exclusive.
  7. New Gang Starr album out 1st November!
  8. No chance I am buying this until its proven to not sound like a hoover.
  9. Has anyone noticed how frequently their USB drive is coming on in instant-on mode? I have mine set to sleep when the console is off but the hard drive spins up every 10 minutes - tried a few drives and all are the same. I presume its checking for updates or something? Im hoping its not going to kill the hard drive!
  10. I don't really want a busted wii sitting on my tv unit
  11. The multiplayer was decent though thats why people are upset.
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