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  1. Played through on Agent difficulty. Loved it, but I can't believe how short some levels are.
  2. Plays great on xbox and holds up surprisingly well. This bit got me right in the nostalgia gland:
  3. You need to change a setting for that, I think it's called aim lock. Left trigger brings up the reticule then the stick moves it around.
  4. Bayonetta 1 - finally enjoying it after starting on switch (having bounced off it previously).
  5. Sure, they're all great but it's been slim pickings since they released.
  6. Graphics aside, thought this was pretty mediocre. Too much stealth, crafting and bullet sponge soldiers for me to enjoy.
  7. I can't play as my phone number isn't allowed
  8. Anyone know - If I buy the battlepass on Xbox will I be able to use it on Switch?
  9. Really enjoying invasion mode. More games should add AI enemies alongside real players.
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