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  1. If Microsoft announced they were going to drop Xbox One and focus on Series X they would get called out for it. They just can't win.
  2. You're not getting an Xbox series X because they aren't dropping xbox one?
  3. Uncharted 4 has microtransactions, not sure what Kevvy Metal is on about.
  4. Great, I did the same. Will go down that route if I get another dud pad.
  5. Ugh, thats depressing. I was expecting an apple style, "would pass for new" style refurbishment. Did you need to provide a reciept showing what you paid in order to get a refund?
  6. I sent a my mint elite pad off for a replacement due to a sticking a button. The replacement has a really grindy stick, scratched buttons and reeks of smoke
  7. They have said the next forza is at a playable stage already.
  8. For the poor build quality, they are definitely too expensive.
  9. Resetera is great for news.
  10. Aiming for under £750 this year! Jan: -£153 = Sold (-£312) + Pokemon Shield £40 + Animal Crossing £41 + Pokemon Expansion £22 + Witcher 3 £30 + Astral Chain £1 + Skyrim £25 Feb: £0 Mar: £0 Apr: £0 May: £0 Jun: £0 Jul: £0 Aug: £0 Sept: £0 Oct: £0 Nov: £0 Dec: £0
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