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  1. Getting a chicken dinner the first time I played PUBG.
  2. Halo Super Mario World Resident Evil 4 GTA 3 Cod 4
  3. I'm in (for real this time). Looking forward to: Uncharted Botw 2 Splatoon 3 Windjammers 2 Tmnt Purchased 1. Pokemon Legends Arceus 2. GT7 3. Dead Cells + Dlc
  4. https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/fanatical-quest-vr-bundle £14 for: Zombieland vr headshot fever, Ghost Giant, Death Lap, Accounting+, Skyworld Kingdom Brawl, Gadgeteer, SculptrVR, Gloomy Eyes.
  5. Saints row IV is £2.44 and absolutely worth that. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-games/Saints-Row-IV-Re-Elected--1716184.html
  6. On the map, if you go to a yellow icon you can change to night mode. Incredible!
  7. Smash Drums seems great from the demo. Anybody playing it?
  8. If anyone is about to get a Quest, I can do a referral and we'll both get £23 store credit
  9. I'm looking forward to After The Fall next week. Anyone else getting it?
  10. I loved it - such a tough film to do, but about as good as I could realistically expect a modern Ghostbusters film to be.
  11. Played this in a Web browser via xcloud at work today, felt like some sort of magic.
  12. Played a couple of hours of 3 and enjoyed just as much as I did originally. The nostalgia definitely helps. Cruising Liberty City listening to Game Radio doesn't get old. Hearing Guru and Sean Price was bittersweet.
  13. It looks like exactly what I want. A bloated remake in the style of GTA V does not appeal at all.
  14. Some tracks are out, it's going to take a few days to finalise exactly what I imagine.
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