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  1. 26 minutes ago, Talk Show Host said:

    I am wondering how would people feel if a book they loved would get re-released and rewritten, changing its main story, etc? Would it be ok? 


    Haven't played the game, I am going from what I hear about it and its a genuine question.


    Im fine with it, the original isn't going anywhere.

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  2. 42 minutes ago, wretcherd said:

    99% sure this is because they dont want the story spoiled. Square asked nicely but Naughty Dog know that won't work.


    I think it's more a case of they want to sell as many copies as possible and now isnt the right time.

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  3. 5 hours ago, Ed-E said:

    Thanks for all the Murder by Numbers love here - means a lot to me and the team (and thanks @Laine for clueing me in to this thread!)

    We're aware that there are a couple of QoL issues we overlooked and a few instances where things are a bit screwy, so we're taking notes. The Murder by Numbers team has been temporarily reassigned to other projects until we know what the future holds, but we're hopeful of getting the chance to address the more egregious issues sooner rather than later.


    Best game of year so far, great job :)

  4. 24 minutes ago, Pavey said:


    Just curious, @Charliemouse, @rafaqat and @The Mighty Ash, why did I get negged for this? Do you not believe me?


    It's a daily experience for me, and sways my decision on what console to get next. The PS4 is just so much more stable, in my experience. Each console has enough games for me to enjoy (in the limited time that I have) so for the machine to be enjoyable to use is up there as one of my main purchasing decisions.


    Note, I'm no bothered about the negs as they are a nonsense anyway, would just like to hear your opinion.


    Its clearly faulty!

  5. 34 minutes ago, Stanley said:

    That’s not really the point, it was extremely well received and sold well regardless of your own personal tastes, it’s the type of game MS highly desires and I’m sure Phil Spencer even congratulated them on it at some point, which only adds to his strengths as the boss imo.


    That was a typo - my comment wasn't only about God of War.


    From my point of view Playstation could do with some diversity in their output.


    They have no exclusive racer that competes with Forza Horizon nor an exclusive FPS that competes with Halo.

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