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  1. Debenhams - sold out online but might have them in store.
  2. There is zero chance those games will be ps exclusive.
  3. Just ordered a SF2 cab for £200. Excited!!
  4. So Doom Eternal will come to Switch but not Borderlands 3 as its too demanding? We'll see...
  5. Borderlands 2 came out on the Vita.
  6. I think ever since he found the brothers who write it now, its felt more like a parody of the original character.
  7. Im still kicking myself for not ordering SF2 when it was $90. Shipping isnt too bad at $25. Edit: code for $20 off CAPCOM99
  8. The Mighty Ash


    Keith flint has died
  9. Where did you buy it? You should be able to go back to the retailer.
  10. 1 match of Apex Legends and about an hour of Trials Rising. Maybe 30 mins on Tetris 99.
  11. For £30 it better be 4k and 120fps.
  12. What I find even more galling, is that they still haven't shown any footage or released any details on which version they are porting but they expect us to preorder at £30.
  13. £30 for each of the resident evil games seems a bit off
  14. Not in Europe, 0 and 1 are getting a physical release in the US as an origins collection.
  15. Resi 0,1 and 4 coming on may 21st
  16. Well yes, they had no problem with latency as they didn't notice it. Streaming isn't for everyone, but it's not aimed at everyone.
  17. There are also lots of people who played project stream and had no issues with latency.
  18. Azure and 5G will improve things. Who knows what else they have managed to do.
  19. I think I'll trust Microsoft and Google in this case.
  20. Cancelled my Switch order. Its looks and feels a bit rubbish, the poor controls seal the deal.
  21. The open beta is live. Switch performance is lousy apparently.
  22. I'm keen to see how well it works with throttle on the right stick.
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