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  1. I did the last boss a few days ago. You need Dixie all the way to the end. Keep trying, you'll do it! On the lava drop, be prepared to get off the platform your on if it's the first to go.
  2. The DLC looks great I think.
  3. Despite what Wikipedia might say.
  4. They've never said anything about Snes games coming.
  5. Trying to stick together as a squad with wall running would be tricky as well.
  6. I agree - for me Mario Bros 2 was the one big game that I though was missing. Hopefully they will move onto SNES games in March. I really hope the Starfox GP rumours are true. In my head its amazing!
  7. Have they said its a Garden Warfare game?
  8. Is Mirage one of the locked characters on the selection screen? I was wondering how you unlocked them.
  9. Super Mario Bros 2 and Kirbys adventure are the nes games coming on 13th Feb. The best Mario game
  10. My first round of pubg I won. My first round of apex legends, I also won The embodiment of beginners luck!
  11. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-02-04-respawn-explains-apex-legends-surprise-release-and-why-there-are-no-titans So, no titanfall 3 or at least it's not in development
  12. It was underrated if anything!
  13. I'm more nostalgic for SNES games, N64 Games, a port of the Windwaker remake even. Anything that I couldn't play already on my phone or Vita.
  14. FF7 is a weird game to use for a Switch advert. Glad its on the way though!
  15. The shovelware flood continues.
  16. Looks like a great issue. What's behind the square?
  17. https://www.gamerevolution.com/features/484959-mortal-kombat-11-interview-switch-gear Some details on the switch version.
  18. I've not seen an "avoid" on Eurogamer before.
  19. Has this been scrapped? It's all gone very quiet.
  20. Best Premier beat in a while.
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