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  1. I wouldnt worry about the rattle, its probably the ball bearing that tells it what position the console is in. I was in a panic when I heard mine rattle
  2. What a game Not seeing much game gear love in here
  3. Sorry forgot to say, But I ment you
  4. Ill be up for some, Ive hardly played it though so go easy.
  5. Let me know when Ill make sure im about.
  6. http://www.spinemagazine.com/music/january...ace/biggirl.mp3 Another fish scale snippet from spine.
  7. ."..size 12 mediums, high top wallys on straight from england..." Is the second line I think?
  8. Im really looking forward to it, and the scala is a pretty good venue What did you think of the latest album? Im still not convinced, but everything up to that point is quality.
  9. Thanks for all the gifts people, I didnt expect such generosity I look forward to visiting other towns in the future.
  10. Sorry folks Im going out in 10 minutes, so do what you can!
  11. Added everyone who has asked. Thanks for the generous gifts!
  12. crashed again!! Anyway to stop that happening? And I lost the 99 000 bells present Thanks anyway.
  13. ooer, apologies im coming back now.
  14. I have added friend codes and opened the gates anything else I should do?
  15. Jonster, I have added you as well. Hopefully Ive done it all ok this end.
  16. Sorry I havent been online before so im just getting it going. My code is 1289-1176-8492. edit: Ashley from Ashton, my gates should be open and I have entered you chaps. If anyone has any spare apples, pears or coconuts that wolud be lovely
  17. Mine are 552 and I sold them yesterday for 116!! Edit: I do have my dongle here, ill try and set it up if anyone is desperate to sell
  18. Got my tickets to Atmosphere and brother ali at the scala wooooooo!!
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