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  1. I didnt think it actually sold it in the end!

    Phoroahe was ok, although pretty much going through the motions, as I think its getting towards the end of the tour. Pretty cool as I got their early to set up my pitch and he was going through the set, so I got to see him perform then as well.

    Next month is now confirmed as theodore unit, klashnekoff and shortee blitz on October 14th.

    Ill let you know when tickets are on sale, cos you cant afford to miss Ghostface :)

  2. Rawganics came through with a really good show last night. Skinnyman was probably the highlight. Shame I was working all night as it looked good fun down the front.

    Security was a little excessive as well, with people getting thrown out for little more than energetic dancing :) .

    Anyway bring on Ghostface :D

    @Devil-Goh: Did you make it down there last night, as I didnt notice you?

  3. Yep that O.C reissue is a god send. Had a few copies in me shop and they flew out! Got a few copies left on CD, so I may have to get one for myself :rolleyes: .

    Couple of albums on BBE dropping this month (in the Uk anyway), Foreign Exchange - Connected and Masta Ace - A Long Hot Summer. Both of these are quality, so dont sleep.

  4. :lol: usmaan is no big loss!

    Be a shame if Supa T had given up, I too am a fan. Perhaps those are just odd verses he has done, but dosent plan on doing an album. Tell IQ to keep on at him to do an album! I stock IQ`s mixtape in my shop actually, hes a cracking DJ.

    I rated Scorzayzee as well and then he went and found religion. Shame he didnt release the ep that he had planned.


  5. Nah supa T hasnt quit! . He has a verse on the upcoming universal soldiers album and he is working with the diversion tactic crew, there is a tune at the moment floating around called grizzly by sundragon and zygote.

    You sure thats not usmann that your thinking of as he has quit now?

  6. I think the gig is actually gonna be Theodore unit with support from Klashnekof. Dunno how they managed to get Ghostface. The thing is the guys who run rawganics do if for the love of hiphop and every penny profit made goes back into the forthcoming shoes. Hence Pharoahe Monche tickets remaining cheaper than the other nights he did over here.

    As far as I know Theodore unit have one other gig when they are over here, but not a lot is being said at the moment. Hopefully it wont turn into another Wu no show. Ill be gutted as Ive never seen any of them live :( Trouble is im gonna be on my stall at the shows, so I wont be able to get to the pit down the front :ph34r:

  7. Probably retreading over old ground, but what do folk think of the little brother/justus league stuff. Really looking forward to that foreign exchange album.

    I loved the listening, really solid album I thought.

    If you think reasonable doubt is "soft", good luck with the 50 cent ;)

  8. New HHC is out with skinnyman and rodney P on cover. Has a top 100 of british rap tunes which makes for interesting reading. Top ten looking like this (Look away if you dont wanna know the score!):

    10. Hijack - doomsday of rap

    9.Silver Bullet - bring forth the guillotine

    8. Mark B and Blade - the unknown

    7.Hijack - Style wars

    6. London Posse - Money Mad

    5.Gunshot - Battlecreek Brawl B)

    4.London Posse - Hows life in London

    3. Blak Twang - So rotton

    2. Hardnoise - Untitled

    1. Roots Manuva - Witness (1 Hope) :)

    This months is a Uk special and the cover cd by Dj excalibah is a nice mix of some large uk tunes of the moment.

    stylee cee feat scorzayzee - want whats yours is ;)

  9. Would be nice to hear a bit more of the unreleased biggie stuff that puffy and mr cee have got hidden in their vaults. Apparantly that Biggie duets album is gonna drop this year so maybe some of it will appear on that. I remember first time hearing dead wrong, was a beautiful moment B) . Wonder if there are any more unreleased biggie tracks of that caliber hidden away?

    Did anyone pick up the recently released remastered edition of Ready to Die? Might be worth it for the dvd.

  10. I think Pharohe is doing a night at the jazz cafe some time around then as well. Next rawganics is on the 4th September. I was speaking to some of the rawganics crew yesterday and they say they are gonna be big this year, with the october line up looking even better than september.

    Been on the forum for ages but never realy ventured into the music folder, but ill check it in future and drop my 2p of knowledge <_< .

  11. Cheers devil-goh, glad you liked the Slipperz. Any artists in particular that your liking on that mixtape?

    Pharohe Monche is being supported by skinnyman, DJ Skully and Inja , so should be a good night in rawganics fashion. Ill be selling stuff so unfortunatley I wont be down the front <_<

  12. I have a day off tomorrow and am going to be hunting cambridge for the new shit.

    There is a dedicated Hip Hop record shop im gonna hit up and see what bargains I can hook up in Fopp.

    See if I cant get some Ghostface in my life :)

    Not sure if you ment me, but im in Cambridge www.etchalon.co.uk.

    (Give me a chance to pimp and ill take it ;) )

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