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  1. I have gamepass until 2022 so I'm definitely getting the next Xbox with Xcloud action on my phone.
  2. The God Of War series is massively overrated, paticularly the latest game.
  3. I could do with a little advice with trying get back into Destiny 2. I finished the main campaign and did the first mission of Curse of Osiris last year (around when Forsaken came out). When I started it up this week, my light level has shot up to 750 and my Titan has different abilities - Was this something that happened to everyone? Any loot I find is level 750 - is that because the minimum level is now 750? Thanks for any tips!
  4. Q-tips chorus about potatoes and lawnmowers? I thought it was awful!
  5. @Mr Tony have you spent much time playing it out of interest?
  6. Xcloud is 720p, Stadia is 4k (ish) - maybe causing more issues.
  7. The idea of having an Xbox at home for 4k 75" goodness and a pad on my desk for a few Forza races streamed on my phone is very compelling. Saves are all in the cloud so I'm playing the same games. Its even more convenient than the Switch.
  8. The technology works, the issues are more with the business model (and missing features). Stadia launched with 20 odd games for up to $60 each - that you need to pay $10 a month to play. Xcloud is currently free and has 50 games to play.
  9. Spent lunch playing Forza and Halo 5 with minimal lag on the fast office connection. Finding it pretty mind blowing that this is possible with no extra hardware.
  10. Played some Forza and came away really impressed. Soon adjusted to the lag and winning races again.
  11. Did anyone get the SNK stick? https://www.amazon.com/Neogeo-Arcade-Stick-Pro-Neo-Pocket/dp/B07XR9V88V/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=snk+stick&qid=1574169918&sr=8-1
  12. I didn't realise there was a season pass?!
  13. Thanks,was wondering if there was an official solution. Good to know!
  14. Is that an official phone holder out of interest?
  15. Mine did it from new and stopped.
  16. Why does it matter about Xenoblade? This is a flagship franchise for Nintendo. It deserves better. I appreciate historically there has been a focus on new monsters/features/balancing etc. Is that still the case for this game?
  17. What time are the reviews so I know if this is acceptable or not?
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