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  1. I have tried playing it a few times since launch and I'm still struggling with the controls - I changed to type 2 and I found it a little better, but like you I keep moving the right stick!
  2. I think they have reverted to not charging for pre orders.
  3. Resi 0, 1 and 4 are on sale currently for £19.79. Mario & Rabbids is £11.
  4. Maybe the finest example yet of the problem.
  5. But why limit it, when all it needs is a cable to the TV?
  6. I would argue 70% of people wanting to play docked or both modes doesn't justify a portable only console.
  7. Nicked from resetera (apologies if posted already). There are a few here I want to try: Matt Thorson (Celeste): Q43-GXB-WHG Joakim ‘Konjak’ Sandberg (Iconoclasts): H4C-K63-7RF Dan Salvato (Doki Doki Literature Club): 974-00B-RSG David Hellman (Braid artist): FCC-5P4-12G Patrick Klepek (Waypoint): 2HW-5V2-LFG Dan Ryckert (Giant Bomb): 8KH-RN7-4RF Jeff Gerstmann (Giant Bomb): HB8-N3D-XJF Ben Pack (Giant Bomb): 5KQ-SFX-4KF Chris Kohler (Kotaku): 6SC-KMX-T0H PangaeaPanga (Mario speed-runner): 96T-FTR-BRG Zac Gorman (Magical Game Time): 9MD-9GP-D3G
  8. The Game Collection have some good pre order price currently (5% off under £75, 10% off over £75)- I just ordered Pokemon Sword, Luigis Mansion 3, Astral Chain and Mario Maker 2 for £36 each.
  9. The Treehouse gameplay really sold this to me, I didn't realise there was such a variety to the gameplay.
  10. Im new to Gamepass - Can you preload new releases?
  11. It does look like a dreamcast game which is exactly how it should look!
  12. I thought that was a great show. Gamepass is making itself essential.
  13. The offer for Insiders to convert Xbox live to include Gamepass for £1 is on at the moment. I got 3 years for £1 This thread contains the details: https://www.resetera.com/threads/xbox-game-pass-ultimate-1-per-month-for-insiders-delta-tier.121700/
  14. What a weird tweet. Why shouldn't they be used as part of a marketing strategy?
  15. I think its unfair to not allow the team who have worked on a project to announce it. Would Jason Schrier be happy if someone announced his next book before he had a chance to?
  16. And its on the uk eshop with that date and £5.99.
  17. A year of nintendo online!
  18. Nope, unfortunately not: "If you pre-order Super Mario Maker 2 Limited Edition via Nintendo eShop, you’ll receive a My Nintendo Store code on your digital receipt that you can redeem in the My Nintendo Store for the Nintendo Switch stylus."
  19. The Mega Cd and 32X don't actually work though do they?
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